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The one G5 conference I don’t mind seeing a lot of games from – even if it is the old WAC


Yes, the Mountain West conference is technically the old WAC (with a few other additions).  But it is more like 1980s WAC from what I have seen from other people’s recollections and some old YouTube videos.  I was born in the late 70s so I didn’t get to really experience that as I only started being even remotely interested in college football in the early 90s.  It helps that what we could watch in this area was woeful pretty much until about a decade ago.

So yeah I love watching those late night MWC games on Friday and Saturday nights (and even the odd Thursday night affair).  It is the icing on the cake for me to purchase the U.S. College Sports Package.  Without those games on there it would feel a bit weird to finish my viewing just before midnight like before I had that option.  It also makes it so that about half the Saturdays I am up until approximately 2:30 in the morning watching college football.  So yes, I am a lunatic, thanks for asking.

Alright, down to the task at hand…predictions!  I have a feeling the Mountain West will again ascend to the top of the Group of Five mountain this season.  The MWC and the American have created quite the divide between them and the other three G5 conferences.  As you will see from my predictions, this could be THE G5 story of the season.  So here we go followed by the feats of strength:

               Conference                   Overall
Mountain W L W L
Boise State 8 0 12 0
Air Force 7 1 10 2
Utah State 4 4 6 6
New Mexico 4 4 7 5
Colorado State 2 6 4 8
Wyoming 1 7 3 9
San Diego State 8 0 12 0
San Jose State 4 4 5 7
UNLV 4 4 6 6
Nevada 4 4 6 6
Fresno State 1 7 2 10
Hawaii 1 7 3 9

Feats of Strength

  • I don’t think Tim DeRuyter is long for this Mountain West world. Ditto for Craig Bohl.  For DeRuyter he caught lightning in a bottle a few years back with a team made up of guys he didn’t recruit.  Since then it’s been dark times in Fresno.  I think Bohl is regretting his move from North Dakota State now.  He could have easily got a coordinator job at another school (even a P5 one) but now I can’t see how he keeps his job after this season.
  • It’s official now: Colorado State misses Jim McElwain. Also, even with a new stadium for 2017, I can’t see how CSU gets invited to the Big XII.  One season a good program does not make.
  • I have predicted seven bowl-eligible teams in the Mountain West this season, including, yes, UNLV. No I don’t have brain damage.
  • The main storyline will be Boise State in the Mountain division and San Diego State in the West division. Because they don’t play each other, the possibility that both teams go to the Mountain West Championship undefeated is fairly good.  This is what I have predicted, thought it was a bit crazy, then noticed Phil Steele also predicted that so I feel a bit better now.  This is where CBS must be kicking itself since ESPN has the conference title game this year.  Chances they move it later on in the night so at least the second half is unopposed for viewers?  Likely if the G5 spot (and outside shot at the CFP) is on the line.

I am starting to get seriously excited about the upcoming season.  Doing this prediction posts.  Reading Phil Steele and Athlon.  Just getting pumped overall.  I may have a problem.  But at least that problem only lasts a little over four months, am I right?  Anyone?

Next up is the conference of conferences, the SEC.  This is where some pretty hot takes are bound to happen as I look at that set of predicted standings right now.  Should be interesting.  38 days until the very first game of the season.  For you non-specialty packers, it’s 44 days.  Sorry guys.


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