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I am a Real American (Athletic Conference). Fight for the rights of every man (or Group of Five conference member).

Still a great wrestling theme despite the fact that Hulk Hogan has now become a fucking tool.  A rich fucking tool but a tool nevertheless.

We have now come to the Cadillac of the Group of Five (at least for now), the American Athletic Conference (or AAC for short so that someone can inevitably confuse it with the ACC).  I would say don’t expect that to change but they seem to flip flop with the Mountain West all the time (with the other three conferences a step below).  It almost seems mildly pathetic that these teams battle their hearts out for what is essentially a consolation prize.  Then again, one day one team will have such an amazing year that they sneak in as the #4 and it’s at that very point the entire CFP structure will be changed since God forbid a “lesser” program win anything.  Maybe this year?  Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know about that.  Here are the AAC predictions followed by some Nostradamus-type shit:

              Conference                 Overall
East W L W L
USF 7 1 10 2
Temple 6 2 9 3
Cincinnati 5 3 7 5
UConn 3 5 5 7
East Carolina 2 6 3 9
UCF 1 7 2 10
Houston 8 0 11 1
Navy 6 2 9 3
Memphis 4 4 7 5
Tulsa 4 4 7 5
Tulane 1 7 3 9
SMU 1 7 3 9

Nostradamus-type shit

  • There will not be some crazy turnarounds at UCF and SMU…yet. Next year I could see some good moves up the standings from both of these schools and both should be bowl-eligible, especially with the coaches they have.
  • East Carolina will hit a new low this season I am sure. It’s going to take the top end of the conference regressing back to the mean a bit for the Pirates to become a contender again.
  • I have UConn just missing the bowl season but you never know with this conference. The Huskies destroyed Houston’s somewhat legitimate CFP hopes in a massive upset.  It could happen again on some other unsuspecting team.  They could get DIACOED! (Meaning they are put into a rivalry game, complete with trophy, without them knowing or consenting).
  • In the East, it seems like it is a clear battle (again) between USF and Temple. Many have Cincy as the best team in the East but I don’t see how they can get past both the aforementioned teams.  This time, Temple will again beat USF…wait, what?  Yes you heard me right.  However, I also have Temple losing to Memphis and, well how about that, Cincinnati!  The Bulls’ only loss will be to the Owls and they will sneak through the back door to win the AAC East and go to the title game where they will face…
  • …Houston again. With Memphis losing Fuente and Lynch, they won’t be near as good.  This means Navy is the only real competition for the Cougs out west and UH should dispatch of them like they did last season.
  • This year, I don’t see Houston running the table (I think they lose a close one to Oklahoma) and I also don’t see them winning the AAC. I think USF finally attends to the top of the mountain (so to speak) and beats Houston in Houston to win, well, nothing much since neither team would have a shot at the Group of Five New Year’s Six spot (I will explain in a future post).

Next up is the other big-shot Group of Five conference, the Mountain West.  I was going to say that is where my first pretty scorching hot take is but then I found out that Phil Steele had the same scorching hot take which makes it a lot less scorching really.  We are under the 40 mark now!  39 days away!  I can taste it…that sounds gross actually.


4 thoughts on “I am a Real American (Athletic Conference). Fight for the rights of every man (or Group of Five conference member).

  1. Out of the schools mentioned for Big XII expansion, which two are the most likely to move from the American Athletic Conference? My guesses would be Cincinnati & Memphis (if they have another good season without Justin Fuente). If Memphis doesn’t have a good season this year, I could see BYU being the second school moving to the Big XII.

    They should have went for Cincinnati & Louisville when they had the opportunity a few years ago.

      1. I checked out your latest post just now. Great point regarding Houston. They could very well be in the Big XII because of what has happened at Baylor. Nothing surprises or shocks me anymore in regards to college conference realignment.

        Also heard & saw that earlier in the week the ACC will be starting a full network in 2019. As for Notre Dame, why don’t they just join the conference since they play against five of their member schools every year?

  2. You can partially blame NBC for that. They have that college football contract for ONLY Fighting Irish games. My guess is, though, that in the next few years there will be a bit of a shift thanks to the Big Ten having part of their games on FOX and getting a boatload to do so. NBC may look at that and think “Hey, if we add an ACC game of the week (for example), along with Notre Dame we will make a killing.” I can’t see this making ND happy since they love the exclusivity. It’s going to take something major to have them join a conference and it’s all about NBC at this point and that contract doesn’t end until 2025. So until at least five or six years from now, expect no change on that front. Frustrating for sure but fans will have to just deal with it for now.

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