College Football

Non-conformists step right on up! Time for some Independent predictions, you hipster IPA-loving smelly bastards.


First off I don’t mind IPA beers.  It has gotten way out of hand though.  All these so-called hoppy beers are mostly terrible.  And double IPAs?  Seriously?  Get the fuck outta here.  I get that making an IPA is the supposedly cool thing to these days but it’s gone overboard.  Besides, Innis & Gunn is still the greatest of all-time so choke on that.

Ah, Independents.  Even I remember when that term was relevant in college football (up until the early 90s).  Then Penn State, Florida State, and South Carolina joined conferences and it all went to shit after that (at least for Independents).  Slowly, the rest of the Independents realized that joining a conference made more sense in the new college football world than staying as an outsider with conference championships and stricter bowl tie-ins.  So now we are to the point that it seems very likely that there will not be independent college football teams one day.  Yes, I am even talking about you Notre Dame.  At some point you will cease to get special treatment from any bowl organizer.  Hell, if any of my realignment scenarios come to fruition then you will almost be forced to join a conference just to get access to better bowls.  It’s inevitable.  Don’t fight it.  Oh, and Rudy was offside.

Alright, here is the short list of predictions followed by feelings and stuff:

Notre Dame 11 1
BYU 8 4
Army 4 8
UMass 1 11

Feelings and Stuff

  • UMass, now out of the MAC, will be bad. I am still waiting for their future “shocking” decision to move back to FCS football.  Sorry Minutemen fans.  They tried FBS, it didn’t work.  They don’t have an FBS-sized following.  It is what it is.  This is part of the reason why I welcome a change at the top for the schools that have great fan bases, large crowds, and successful programs.
  • Army will have one of those seasons again: they won’t be terrible but not nearly good enough to make a bowl game. Plus they will lose to Navy (again).  It’s amazing how much worse they are than Air Force and Navy.  I honestly don’t understand the large discrepancy.
  • BYU will again get around eight wins but it will be a bit of a struggle this season. The first nine games of their schedule are pretty tough.  No layups there.  Luckily they have a pretty good home advantage out in Provo.  Once they join the Big XII (just invite them already!) then it will be interesting to see what they do with a Power Five conference schedule.
  • And now the schedule of schedules. Even with Notre Dame’s weird ACC scheduling agreement they still somehow have a very tough schedule this season.  I do have them getting to the LA Coliseum at 11-0 (and at least #2 if not #1 in the rankings) and then having their national championship hopes crushed by the Trojans.  They will still, again, go to a New Year’s Six bowl but after all that it may end up being a bit of a letdown.

See?  That was quick and painless.  Helps that there are only four independents left (for now).  Next up is the former Big East, now generically named American Athletic Conference.  Hey, at least they were the best Group of Five conference last season and was an exciting conference to watch (except for UCF…good lord).  Countdown continues…42 days!!!


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