College Football

There always has to be a bottom conference or last place conference. ACC, Come on Down!!!


Well, at least in football.  This is why I have advocated for football to be thought of separate to all other sports.  Mostly because of revenue but actual performance in those sports is also an important factor.  So it could be debated among the Pac-12, Big XII, and ACC which is the low man on the totem pole, but I see it as the ACC just below the Big XII.  The Pac-12 is firmly in the middle and can only ascend towards the SEC and Big Ten if they can just structure their Pac-12 Network properly instead of the gongshow that currently exists (and that we may get soon enough here!).

Alright then, it’s time for some ACC predictions.  Here’s a conference we at least get to see quite a bit of…maybe too much.  I’ve heard enough people complain when an ACC game gets a prime ESPN spot.  To be honest, I don’t really give a shit as long as I get a good cross-section of games that are heavy on Power Five conferences.  I still don’t like the Notre Dame one-foot-in-the-door scheduling situation with the ACC considering I don’t think they will ever join the ACC for football even at gunpoint but it is what it is.  It means we get the Golden Domers playing teams like Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, and…um….yeah.  OK enough of this: on to the predictions followed by random musings:

Conference Overall
Atlantic W L W L
Florida State 8 0 12 0
Clemson 7 1 11 1
Louisville 6 2 9 3
NC State 3 5 6 6
Wake Forest 3 5 6 6
Boston College 1 7 5 7
Syracuse 0 8 2 10
Miami 6 2 9 3
North Carolina 6 2 10 2
Pittsburgh 5 3 8 4
Virginia Tech 5 3 7 5
Georgia Tech 3 5 6 6
Duke 3 5 5 7
Virginia 0 8 2 10

Random Musings

  • Virginia and Syracuse are going to be bad. They will need at least one year of Bronco Mendenhall and Dino Babers respectively to become good teams in the ACC.  It will happen but give them some time.  I am pretty sure their fan bases will do that (up to a point).
  • I have ten out of the fourteen teams making it to a bowl game from the ACC. That means only four don’t make it.  The aforementioned Cavs and Orange, along with Boston College and Duke.  There is no conceivable way that BC can go from last year to going to a bowl.  As for Duke, their schedule doesn’t do them any favours.  Take almost any other schedule and the Blue Devils are going bowling.
  • HOT TAKE: Wake Forest will be bowl-eligible in 2016. Yes I mean it.  No I’m not high.
  • Miami will finally do it. They will finally make it to the ACC Championship!  It only took them over a decade after they joined the ACC.  And they are the reason we have these ridiculous conference names and setups: because the powers that be figured the Noles and Canes would meet most years in the ACC Championship if they did that.  Fucking idiots.  Go with North and South and be done with it.
  • The FSU-Clemson game will be as massive as it was two years ago when the Seminoles won in overtime without Famous Jameis. This will settle the ACC Coastal?  Atlantic?  Fuck it, that one division.  It also will (probably) tell us who will go undefeated out of the two since barring major injuries, I can’t see how either of these teams wins less than 10 games (at worst).  I have FSU winning since they are at home but it could go either way.
  • The ACC Championship will again be a close affair as one upstart team (Miami) will make things difficult for the big favourite (Florida State) and put the game in doubt until about 3 minutes to go. This will get a lot of eyeballs if one of the teams is undefeated (or even in the top four of the Committee’s rankings).

Next up are the hipsters of college football, the Independents.  They either think they are cool mostly because of what they did years ago (Notre Dame and BYU) or want to be part of the cool crew and don’t want to be in just any conference, bruh (Army and UMass).  43 days until Cal-Hawaii in Australia.  If you don’t have the specialty pack or are not THAT much of a college football fan (or have a life of some sort in the Autumn that doesn’t revolve around college football) it’s 49 days.  We’re closing in folks!


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