College Football

Hey, let’s expand. Wait, no, let’s not. Let’s expand. How about we wait? Let’s go for it. I’m nervous. The Days of our Big XII Lives.


Or All My Big XII’s.  Or Guiding Big XII.  Or any other soap opera since this conference is a bit of wreck.  Shit or get off the pot I say.  If they don’t want to expand then fine.  I don’t agree with that but whatever.  But they have to make a decision one way or another.  Whatever they decide to do not only affects them but a lot of other conferences and to say nothing is a disservice to many and borders on disrespect (despite the fact it’s probably fully an organization issue).  Then again, this is a conference that was created with four teams from the biggest shitshow of a conference ever, the Southwest Conference.  So maybe we should back off a bit knowing what they’re working with.

Funny how I did a random draw and the first two conferences selected are the Power Five and Group of Five conference we see the least of in this area, respectively.  We get way less Big XII games than any other conference, at least in southern Ontario.  I’d like to get more games but no FOX Sports One means at least a game a week in the Big XII we will never receive.  As I have said before, I would pay a premium to get most of the Power Five games each week (along with what we already receive which is not a whole lot more).

Alright, time for the standings followed with some points to ponder.  No, not Sam Ponder although I like the way you’re thinking:

Conference Overall
Oklahoma 8 1 11 1
Baylor 8 1 11 1
TCU 7 2 10 2
Oklahoma State 6 3 9 3
Texas 5 4 6 6
Kansas State 4 5 6 6
Texas Tech 3 6 5 7
West Virginia 3 6 6 6
Iowa State 1 8 3 9
Kansas 0 9 1 11

Points to Ponder

  • Ho hum. Iowa State and Kansas in the 9 and 10 spot.  Big shocker.  Thankfully they both have good basketball teams.
  • HOT TAKE: So many people have Texas making a big move up the standings. I don’t see it.  Maybe they could pull off a win against Baylor since they could get through all this unscathed or become a complete gongshow, Waco-style.  I have them BARELY making it to a bowl game and nowhere close to the Big XII title race.  Maybe next year Horns fans.  Maybe next year.
  • Another HOT TAKE: I don’t think Baylor will miss a beat. They are going to be a double-digit win team under Jim Grobe this season and they should make it to a New Year’s Six bowl game.
  • The conference will come down to Oklahoma, Baylor, and TCU (sorry Pokes fans). I have the Sooners beating both of those teams and again losing the Red River Rivalry, giving Horns fans around ‘Murica salivating at their conference title hopes only to have those hopes completely shit on when UT lays an egg at Kansas State two weeks after.
  • Seven bowl teams and perhaps eight if Texas Tech could pull out a victory over Arizona State (I don’t think they will since it’s in Tempe).
  • Even with Oklahoma being as hot as they were last season (including a season-opening close call victory over Houston), many will still talk Big XII expansion unless the conference makes a decision either way before the season begins (which they would be wise to do).

Next up will be the ACC.  Hmmmm, it’s like I am starting with the conferences that get that most smack talk thrown their way.  Oh well.  It was random (for the most part).


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