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Conference USA better thank the Sun Belt…otherwise they’d look in the mirror and see the worst FBS conference


And to be honest, I find SBC football more exciting to watch than C-USA football…namely because I see more of their games.  Conference USA has the worst TV contract, by far, of all the FBS conferences.  At least you can see some #FunBelt and #MACtion games starting in October during the week.  Not the Clusterfuck USA conference.  Oh no.  You may get a game on MyTV in this area unless they have a HOT Patriot or Ivy League game to show instead.  As much as I rag on the ACC and Big XII, this conference would be my selection to be absorbed by other Group of Five conferences since, as a whole, it suck-diddly-ucks.

Alright, it is time for my conference predictions.  Last season I actually did pretty well with these.  I am guessing It’s a fluke but hey, let’s ride the wave of positivity and go for two in a row!  The random draw starts this off and I see Conference USA got the nod.  As I have said above, we in this area see less of Conference USA than any other conference in FBS.  And really, other than the top three or four in the conference, it’s a bit of a wasteland.  Teams that don’t want to start in the Sun Belt but aren’t good enough for the American or Mountain West fall here.  And it shows.  If conferences could get along, they would talk with the Sun Belt and put all the Eastern teams in one conference and all the Western teams in another so they could be more regional than either of them are now.

I am going to do things slightly different this season.  Instead of going over each team individually I will post my predicted standings, followed by some notes on what the fuck I was thinking.  So here goes nothing:

Conference Overall
East W L W L
Marshall 7 1 9 3
Western Kentucky 6 2 9 3
Middle Tennessee 6 2 7 5
Florida Atlantic 3 5 5 7
Old Dominion 3 5 5 7
FIU 2 6 4 8
Charlotte 0 8 1 11
Southern Miss 8 0 10 2
Louisiana Tech 6 2 8 4
Rice 5 3 6 6
UTEP 4 4 7 5
UTSA 2 6 3 9
North Texas 0 8 0 12

Notes and Things

  • The bottom of the conference will stay the same. Charlotte and North Texas will scrape the bottom of the barrel.  And when UAB returns in 2017 there is no guarantee that the 49ers and Mean Green will leapfrog them.  I give Charlotte their due since they are new here (for the most part) but North Texas (Forty) has fallen on hard times.  Hopefully a new coaching staff can turn things around there.
  • Seven bowl-eligible teams from this conference including UTEP. Yes, UTEP.  No I am not drunk.  The Miners’ schedule is one of the easiest in the conference.  It helps when you have New Mexico State, Army, and Houston Baptist on the non-con schedule.  Who do these guys think they are with this schedule, Baylor?
  • I have Florida Atlantic and Old Dominion juuuuuuuuuuuuuust missing out on bowl eligbility at 5-7. FAU has a bit of a rough conference sked having to play Marshall, MTSU, and Rice all on the road.  Also, the Shula Bowl is at FIU.  They also get Miami and Kansas State in non-conference play so there’s six losses (probably) right there.  ODU, on the other hand, should start 4-2 but then get WKU, Marshall, and Southern Miss in three out of four weeks in the middle of the season.    That will probably kill any momentum the Monarchs have.
  • In the West, Southern Miss seems to be the clear front-runner to win the division title. LaTech and Rice have dropped off a bit, UTEP isn’t a contender yet, and UTSA and North Texas are brutally bad.  So barring any injuries, the Golden Eagles, in Jay Hopson’s first season, should roll to the C-USA Championship game.
  • Out East, Marshall, Western Kentucky, and Middle Tennessee will be in a dogfight for the division crown. Marshall lucks out, getting the other two at home and winning both games to clinch the East division title.
  • I think Southern Miss has become the class of C-USA (at least for this season) and will roll Marshall to win the conference pretty handily. It doesn’t really matter in the end because 10-2 is not nearly enough to get the Group of Five New Year’s Six bowl spot.

I will show all my bowl predictions in one of the last prediction posts.  Expect that in about a month or so.  Next up is the Big XII who may or may not expand to 12 or 14 teams for next season.  Just make the decision already (at least for 2017) and stop fucking around.  We are all getting sick and tired of it.


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