college football TV schedule

And here come the pretzels!

I mean the rest of the TV schedules.  For the very first time I am going to do schedules for the SEC Network (for Bell subscribers), the Big Ten Network (for Rogers subscribers), the ACC Network (which appears on WSBK out of Boston for most of us), and even a stab at the TSN schedule (which should be way off but I digress).  I’ll also include the NBC Notre Dame schedule.  I’m not putting in CBS Sports Network or any games on MyTV from ASN.  I don’t think I would even come close with those schedules.


Let’s begin with our friends (and I use that term loosely) at the SEC Network.  A reminder that almost all SEC Network games are on the specialty pack for Bell customers (and a few others).  In the past, a game or two has somehow crept its way onto one of the TSN networks.  I don’t foresee that happening this season but you never know.  So here is your SEC Network schedule (from what I see so far) (*denotes game and time has been set):

September-01-16 Appalachian State at Tennessee* 7:30 PM
September-03-16 South Alabama at Mississippi State* 12:00 PM
September-03-16 Louisiana Tech at Arkansas* 4:00 PM
September-03-16 Massachusetts at Florida* 7:30 PM
September-10-16 Prairie View A&M at Texas A&M* 12:00 PM
September-10-16 Nicholls State at Georgia* 12:00 PM
September-10-16 Wofford at Ole Miss* 4:00 PM
September-10-16 Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt* 4:00 PM
September-10-16 Eastern Michigan at Missouri* 7:30 PM
September-10-16 Arkansas State at Auburn* 7:30 PM
September-17-16 Ohio at Tennessee* 12:00 PM
September-17-16 New Mexico State at Kentucky* 4:00 PM
September-17-16 East Carolina at South Carolina* 4:00 PM
September-17-16 Texas State at Arkansas* 7:30 PM
September-17-16 Georgia at Missouri* 7:30 PM
September-24-16 Delaware State at Missouri 12:00 PM
September-24-16 South Carolina at Kentucky 4:00 PM
September-24-16 Kent State at Alabama 7:30 PM
October-01-16 Florida at Vanderbilt 12:00 PM
October-01-16 Memphis at Ole Miss 4:00 PM
October-01-16 ULM at Auburn 7:30 PM
October-01-16 Alcorn State at Arkansas 7:30 PM
October-08-16 Georgia at South Carolina 12:00 PM
October-08-16 Tennessee at Texas A&M 4:00 PM
October-08-16 Vanderbilt at Kentucky 7:30 PM
October-15-16 Missouri at Florida 12:00 PM
October-15-16 Vanderbilt at Georgia 4:00 PM
October-15-16 Southern Miss at LSU 7:30 PM
October-22-16 Middle Tennessee at Missouri 12:00 PM
October-22-16 Massachusetts at South Carolina 4:00 PM
October-22-16 Tennessee State at Vanderbilt 7:30 PM
October-29-16 Tennessee at South Carolina 12:00 PM
October-29-16 Kentucky at Missouri 4:00 PM
October-29-16 New Mexico State at Texas A&M 7:30 PM
October-29-16 Samford at Mississippi State 7:30 PM
November-05-16 Missouri at South Carolina 12:00 PM
November-05-16 Tennessee Tech at Tennessee 12:00 PM
November-05-16 Vanderbilt at Auburn 4:00 PM
November-05-16 Texas A&M at Mississippi State 7:30 PM
November-12-16 Kentucky at Tennessee 12:00 PM
November-12-16 Vanderbilt at Missouri 4:00 PM
November-12-16 South Carolina at Florida 7:30 PM
November-19-16 South Alabama at LSU 12:00 PM
November-19-16 Austin Peay at Kentucky 12:00 PM
November-19-16 UTSA at Texas A&M 4:00 PM
November-19-16 Chattanooga at Alabama 4:00 PM
November-19-16 Alabama A&M at Auburn 7:30 PM
November-19-16 Presbyterian at Florida 7:30 PM
November-26-16 Tennessee at Vanderbilt 12:00 PM
November-26-16 Georgia Tech at Georgia 4:00 PM

The first three weeks are littered with alternate games and crappy non-conference schedules.  It makes you wonder why you wanted these games in the first place.  Then it picks up big time and other than that one Saturday in November (that we should never speak of), it’s a pretty good schedule the rest of the way.


You know, I wish we could just get all the FBS games we wanted and be able to pay a premium for it.  Right now it’s $100 for the U.S. College Sports Package through Bell for the year.  I would easily pay $150 if not a bit more if I was assured to get, at the very least, all Power Five conference games.  But as for now we have the CRTC running the show.  One of the C’s has to stand for Communists.  Anyway…

Here’s the BTN schedule for you Rogers/Eastlink customers.  Asterisks denote games that are set.  Alternate BTN games (which would end up on the Super Sports Pack) are denoted by (alt):

September-01-16 Oregon State at Minnesota* 9:00 PM
September-02-16 Furman at Michigan State* 7:00 PM
September-03-16 Bowling Green at Ohio State* 12:00 PM
September-03-16 Howard at Maryland*(alt) 12:00 PM
September-03-16 Kent State at Penn State* 3:30 PM
September-03-16 Murray State at Illinois*(alt) 3:30 PM
September-03-16 Fresno State at Nebraska* 8:00 PM
September-10-16 Cincinnati at Purdue* 12:00 PM
September-10-16 Howard at Rutgers*(alt) 12:00 PM
September-10-16 Akron at Wisconsin* 3:30 PM
September-10-16 Illinois State at Northwestern*(alt) 3:30 PM
September-10-16 Iowa State at Iowa*(alt) 7:30 PM
September-10-16 North Carolina at Illinois* 7:30 PM
September-17-16 Temple at Penn State* 12:00 PM
September-17-16 Georgia State at Wisconsin*(alt) 12:00 PM
September-17-16 Colorado at Michigan* 3:30 PM
September-17-16 Duke at Northwestern* 8:00 PM
September-24-16 Nevada at Purdue 12:00 PM
September-24-16 Wake Forest at Indiana 4:00 PM
September-24-16 Nebraska at Northwestern* 7:30 PM
October-01-16 Wisconsin at Michigan 12:00 PM
October-01-16 Minnesota at Penn State 4:00 PM
October-01-16 Michigan State at Indiana* 8:00 PM
October-08-16 BYU at Michigan State 12:00 PM
October-08-16 Iowa at Minnesota 3:30 PM
October-08-16 Purdue at Illinois 8:00 PM
October-15-16 Illinois at Rutgers 12:00 PM
October-15-16 Minnesota at Maryland 3:30 PM
October-22-16 Purdue at Nebraska 12:00 PM
October-22-16 Wisconsin at Iowa 3:30 PM
October-22-16 Michigan State at Maryland* 7:30 PM
October-29-16 Maryland at Indiana 12:00 PM
October-29-16 Penn State at Purdue 3:30 PM
November-05-16 Indiana at Rutgers 12:00 PM
November-05-16 Purdue at Minnesota(alt) 3:30 PM
November-05-16 Michigan State at Illinois 3:30 PM
November-05-16 Iowa at Penn State* 7:30 PM
November-12-16 Ohio State at Maryland 12:00 PM
November-12-16 Rutgers at Michigan State 3:30 PM
November-12-16 Minnesota at Nebraska* 7:30 PM
November-19-16 Wisconsin at Purdue 12:00 PM
November-19-16 Maryland at Nebraska 3:30 PM
November-19-16 Penn State at Rutgers* 8:00 PM
November-26-16 Purdue at Indiana(alt) 12:00 PM
November-26-16 Illinois at Northwestern 12:00 PM
November-26-16 Rutgers at Maryland 3:30 PM

All the teams will appear at least once on BTN, exactly like the SEC Network.  And also like SECN, the schools on the bottom rungs appear more often than the better schools.  For example, I have Rutgers appearing six times on BTN, whereas I have tOSU only appearing twice.  Again, a lot has to do with how good a program is this season.  Plus, it seems like BTN is showing a few more games this season (quite a bit more games with alternates) so more teams have to appear more times.


I don’t know if WSBK is now MyTV out of Boston or not now.  But it’s out of Boston which makes sense since Boston College is in the ACC.  It will be very interesting to see if they somehow come out with a true ACC Network (like the SEC Network or BTN), if it would change this schedule.  My guess is, from history, that it definitely would.

But for now, we have the normal 12:30 start time which is great when you are watching games live.  But when you’re not it sucks because you can never PVR it.  So here is the schedule.  You know the deal with the asterisks:

September-03-16 Liberty at Virginia Tech* 12:30 PM
September-10-16 Troy at Clemson* 12:30 PM
September-17-16 Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech* 12:30 PM
September-24-16 East Carolina at Virginia Tech 12:30 PM
October-01-16 Louisville at Clemson 12:30 PM
October-08-16 Virginia Tech at North Carolina 12:30 PM
October-15-16 Virginia Tech at Syracuse 12:30 PM
October-22-16 Syracuse at Boston College 12:30 PM
October-29-16 Army at Wake Forest 12:30 PM
November-05-16 Louisville at Boston College 12:30 PM
November-05-16 Georgia Tech at North Carolina 12:30 PM
November-12-16 Miami at Virginia 12:30 PM
November-19-16 Clemson at Wake Forest 12:30 PM
November-19-16 Florida State at Syracuse 12:30 PM
November-26-16 Kentucky at Louisville 12:30 PM

I do think there will be a couple of high quality games on the ACC Network this season, including Louisville at Clemson.  More of the conference networks are trying to get at least one or two good games a season.  Probably to justify their existence.


So basically the Notre Dame home game/neutral site schedule.  Except for the game against Navy in Jacksonville.  Here it is:

September-10-16 Nevada at Notre Dame* 3:30 PM
September-17-16 Michigan State at Notre Dame* 7:30 PM
September-24-16 Duke at Notre Dame* 3:30 PM
October-15-16 Stanford at Notre Dame* 7:30 PM
October-29-16 Miami at Notre Dame* 3:30 PM
November-12-16 Army vs. Notre Dame (in San Antonio)* 3:30 PM
November-19-16 Virginia Tech at Notre Dame* 3:30 PM

I have two primetime games in here.  Don’t know if that is allowed under the current contract or not.  Also I have put no games on NBCSN.  Who knows whether one will be moved there or not since last year’s game against Boston College at Fenway was moved there interestingly enough.


This is a bit of a long schedule and very much a crapshoot.  I am basing this on last year’s broadcasted games since TSN really increased their college football schedule from the previous year (all due to Rogers’ insane NHL contract).

Now with issues surrounding simsubbing (I will be honest and I say I do not know whether these are already enforced or not), many of the games already appearing on ABC may be removed from the schedule altogether or replaced with other games from the ESPN family of networks.  This could have a trickle-down effect to the specialty packs which may a) make it less valuable to have if the cost to the consumer is the same and/or b) make it so including new networks (i.e. FOX Sports One or Pac-12 Network) has to be considered by Rogers and Bell.

Alright here is the schedule.  The asterisked games are games that are already appearing on ABC.  There are no games set on the TSN networks as this is almost always done on a week-by-week basis:

September-03-16 LSU vs. Wisconsin (in Green Bay)* 3:30 PM TSN3
September-10-16 UCF at Michigan* 12:00 PM TSN4
September-15-16 Houston at Cincinnati 7:30 PM TSN3/TSN5
September-16-16 Baylor at Rice 8:00 PM TSN2
September-17-16 Florida State at Louisville* 12:00 PM TSN5
September-22-16 Clemson at Georgia Tech 7:30 PM TSN2
September-24-16 Penn State at Michigan* 12:00 PM TSN3
September-24-16 Pittsburgh at North Carolina 12:00 PM TSN1
October-01-16 Rutgers at Ohio State* 12:00 PM TSN1
October-01-16 Baylor at Iowa State 12:00 PM TSN3
October-01-16 Utah State at Boise State 10:15 PM TSN2
October-08-16 Maryland at Penn State* 12:00 PM TSN5
October-08-16 Iowa State at Oklahoma State 12:00 PM TSN3
October-08-16 Indiana at Ohio State 12:00 PM TSN2
October-08-16 Alabama at Arkansas 3:30 PM TSN2
October-13-16 Navy at East Carolina 7:30 PM TSN1/TSN4
October-13-16 UCLA at Washington State 10:30 PM TSN1/TSN4
October-15-16 Iowa at Purdue* 12:00 PM TSN3
October-15-16 Kansas State at Oklahoma 12:00 PM TSN2
October-15-16 Northwestern at Michigan State* 3:30 PM TSN3
October-29-16 Northwestern at Ohio State 5:30 PM TSN2
November-01-16 Bowling Green at Northern Illinois 8:00 PM TSN4
November-03-16 Oklahoma at Iowa State 7:30 PM TSN2
November-05-16 Virginia Tech at Duke* 12:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
November-05-16 Georgia at Kentucky 12:00 PM TSN1
November-05-16 Maryland at Michigan 12:00 PM TSN3
November-08-16 Eastern Michigan at Ball State 7:30 PM TSN1
November-12-16 Penn State at Indiana* 12:00 PM TSN4
November-12-16 Ole Miss at Texas A&M 12:00 PM TSN1
November-12-16 Pittsburgh at Clemson 12:00 PM TSN2
November-12-16 Northwestern at Purdue 12:00 PM TSN3
November-12-16 Illinois at Wisconsin* 3:30 PM TSN4
November-12-16 Texas Tech at Oklahoma State 3:30 PM TSN1
November-12-16 Baylor at Oklahoma 3:30 PM TSN2
November-12-16 LSU at Arkansas 7:15 PM TSN1/TSN4
November-12-16 California at Washington State 10:45 PM TSN1
November-15-16 Ohio at Central Michigan 6:00 PM TSN3/TSN5
November-17-16 Louisville at Houston 8:00 PM TSN2
November-19-16 Indiana at Michigan* 12:00 PM TSN4
November-19-16 Northwestern at Minnesota 12:00 PM TSN2
November-19-16 Ohio State at Michigan State* 3:30 PM TSN4
November-19-16 Duke at Pittsburgh 3:30 PM TSN2
November-19-16 Missouri at Tennessee 7:00 PM TSN4
November-19-16 USC at UCLA* 8:00 PM TSN3
November-24-16 LSU at Texas A&M 7:30 PM TSN5
November-25-16 NC State at North Carolina* 12:00 PM TSN2
November-25-16 Baylor at Texas Tech (in Arlington) 6:00 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN5
November-26-16 Michigan at Ohio State* 12:00 PM TSN4
November-26-16 South Carolina at Clemson 12:00 PM TSN5
November-26-16 Duke at Miami 12:00 PM TSN1
November-26-16 Michigan State at Penn State 3:30 PM TSN5
November-26-16 UCF at USF 3:30 PM TSN4
November-26-16 Navy at SMU 7:15 PM TSN5
November-26-16 Mississippi State at Ole Miss 7:30 PM TSN3
November-26-16 Notre Dame at USC* 8:00 PM TSN1
December-03-16 AAC Championship Game* 12:00 PM TSN4
December-03-16 Conference USA Championship Game 12:00 PM TSN1
December-17-16 New Mexico Bowl 2:00 PM TSN2
December-17-16 Camellia Bowl 5:30 PM TSN2
December-17-16 New Orleans Bowl 9:00 PM TSN2
December-20-16 Boca Raton Bowl 7:00 PM TSN2
December-21-16 Poinsettia Bowl 9:00 PM TSN2
December-22-16 Idaho Potato Bowl 7:00 PM TSN2
December-22-16 Foster Farms Bowl 10:30 PM TSN2
December-23-16 Bahamas Bowl 1:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
December-23-16 GoDaddy Bowl 8:00 PM TSN2
December-26-16 Independence Bowl 5:00 PM TSN2
December-27-16 Holiday Bowl 7:00 PM TSN1/TSN3
December-27-16 Cactus Bowl 10:15 PM TSN1
December-28-16 Russell Athletic Bowl 5:30 PM TSN2
December-28-16 Texas Bowl 9:00 PM TSN2
December-29-16 Alamo Bowl 9:00 PM TSN4
December-30-16 Liberty Bowl 12:00 PM TSN4
December-30-16 Orange Bowl 8:00 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
December-31-16 TaxSlayer Bowl 11:00 AM TSN4/TSN5
December-31-16 Peach Bowl 3:00 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5
December-31-16 Fiesta Bowl 7:00 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5
January-02-17 Outback Bowl* 1:00 PM TSN2
January-02-17 Cotton Bowl 1:00 PM TSN1/TSN3
January-02-17 Rose Bowl 5:00 PM TSN2
January-02-17 Sugar Bowl 8:30 PM TSN2
January-09-17 National Championship Game 8:30 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

I would say the majority of the Noon ABC games have been on TSN in the past, especially last season.  That could all change with new CRTC simsubbing rules.  So what I can say is this: the amount of games, including the amount of bowl games, being shown on TSN overall is probably pretty close to correct.  The actual games could be very wrong though (and probably will be).

Alright, done.  No more schedule stuff until mid-August at the earliest.  Now it’s prediction time which will take up all of the next month or so.  It’s getting close guys.  Now that Cal-Hawaii has been slated for an ESPN network, this means the start of the season is 52 days away!  I can feel it!!!!!


5 thoughts on “And here come the pretzels!

  1. TSN can still show games that are already on ABC if they choose to do so. However, Bell Fibe & Satellite CANNOT simsub these games.

    If the Bell and/or Rogers specialty packages begin to include games from Fox Sports One and/or the Pac 12 Network, it would be great. Here’s hoping that will happen… this year.

    1. That’s an interesting distinction. I guess they can’t stop TSN or Sportsnet from broadcasting another network’s live sports broadcast themselves since that would take out, in some cases, a lot of games that could be shown.
      I can see the Pac-12 Network games being included sooner rather than later since it’s independent (wholly owned by the Pac-12) and the CRTC has signed off on the network being allowed in Canada. Would be easier to get the network itself but to be honest, other than the football games, I have no interest in the network as a whole.

      1. It’s the same with TSN airing Sunday Night Football games on NBC or Sportsnet airing MLB games on Fox. I remember turning on the NBC feed out of Boston on my Bell Satellite system last November prior to that night’s Patriots @ Broncos game and saw advertisements from NBC while watching that feed whereas in the past TSN would get the simsub on Bell.

        Thank You for this post. Especially with your guesses on which games TSN will show this year.

    1. This is becoming a problem with setting non-conference opponents so far into the future. IIRC, there have been games set up for the year 2031. 2031! That’s insanity. There should be a limit like no more than five years ahead. So for now you could schedule games through 2021 (non-con ones). That would be fine by me.
      Don’t get me wrong, Michigan-ND games are usually great. However, I hate it when schools cancel on other schools because you get situations where the school that got cancelled on usually has to add an FCS school to the mix which destroys their strength of schedule. Look at North Carolina last season. I forget who cancelled a game on them but they could only get another FCS school and it probably cost them a New Year’s Six spot.

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