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Uncle Verne, take a bow – you deserve it

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It’s the swan song season for Verne Lundquist doing the SEC on CBS.  I thought it was happening two years ago but it didn’t.  But this time it’s for real.  But get this: he will replaced next season by Brad Freakin’ Nessler!  Going from one legend to another.  Well played, CBS.  Also if you’re Carter Blackburn you have to understand now that you will, most likely, never get the top SEC on CBS spot.  Never ever.

It seems fitting that my 3rd anniversary post (yes I started this blog three years ago…Wordpress reminded me) is a look at what is arguably still the Cadillac of college football broadcasters, CBS.  As much as ESPN loves to say they have the most college football on television, it’s more quality over quantity.  Not saying I don’t love being able to get all those ESPN games (the more college football the better) but for quality games week-in, week-out pretty much nothing beats CBS.  Plus they have Allie LaForce so that has to be considered a plus.

Alrighty then!  Here’s my predicted SEC on CBS schedule for this season followed by news and notes (*denotes already confirmed):

September-03-16 UCLA at Texas A&M* 3:30 PM
September-10-16 Kentucky at Florida* 3:30 PM
September-17-16 Alabama at Ole Miss* 3:30 PM
September-24-16 Arkansas at Texas A&M 3:30 PM
October-01-16 Kentucky at Alabama 3:30 PM
October-08-16 LSU at Florida 3:30 PM
October-15-16 Alabama at Tennessee 3:30 PM
October-22-16 Ole Miss at LSU 3:30 PM
October-29-16 Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)* 3:30 PM
November-05-16 Navy vs. Notre Dame (in Jacksonville)* 11:30 AM
November-05-16 Florida at Arkansas 3:30 PM
November-05-16 Alabama at LSU 8:00 PM
November-12-16 Auburn at Georgia 12:00 PM
November-12-16 Mississippi State at Alabama 3:30 PM
November-19-16 Arkansas at Mississippi State 3:30 PM
November-25-16 Arkansas at Missouri* 2:30 PM
November-26-16 Auburn at Alabama 3:30 PM
December-03-16 SEC Championship Game* 4:00 PM
December-10-16 Army vs. Navy (in Baltimore)* 3:00 PM
December-30-16 Sun Bowl* 2:00 PM

News and notes (and possibly things and stuff):

  • To say the schedule is West Division-heavy is an understatement. Here is the listing of appearances by SEC schools: Alabama (6), Florida (4), Arkansas (4), LSU (3), Texas A&M (2), Kentucky (2), Ole Miss (2), Georgia (2), Auburn (2), Mississippi State (2), Tennessee (1), Missouri (1).  I have Tennessee in quite a few ESPN games so that’s where the disparity is there.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on CBS one or two more times.  South Carolina and Vanderbilt are excluded from this list and for good reason (if you consider last year’s records).  Until they improve, this will continue to be the case.
  • We have to remember that the rest of the SEC’s games are on ESPN, ESPN2, and the SEC Network (and a few on ESPNU I guess) so it’s not like all these teams don’t get a lot of eyeballs on their games. Saying that, at this point, you have to concede that Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and LSU will (and probably should) get the most CBS games unless another team does much better than originally thought and ESPN doesn’t get the games instead.
  • UCLA also appears on CBS the first time in lord knows how long. This is due to CBS getting games back from ESPN for the first two weeks of the season now that ESPN has US Open tennis those two weeks.  The Army-Navy game of course is on here, as is the Sun Bowl and the SEC Championship.  Navy actually gets two games on CBS this season as they play Notre Dame in Jacksonville the week after the Cocktail Party game.  The Jaguars must be on a road trip those two weeks.  Note the odd start time for the Navy-ND (morning football!!!)

Next up is my ABC guesses and, oh what the hell, might as well put in an SEC Network post for people that actually get that.  I can try and piece together a TSN post since there will be a significant enough amount of games this year on the TSN Fabulous Five.  59 days until Cal-Hawaii in Australia and who the fuck even knows what channel it’s on!


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