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Hey at least Joe Buck isn’t announcing college football…yet

Fox_College_Football_logojoe buck

It’s time for my network predictions now and who better to start than our friends over at the FOX network.  OK maybe friends is a strong word since everyone seems to have some sort of hate for FOX (and especially for Joe Buck).  While I don’t fully understand the hate (some of it is warranted, much of it isn’t), I can understand the hesitation to consider FOX a big timer in the guise of college football broadcasting.  Well the wait for that is over: next year the Big Ten moves half their games to FOX.  What does this mean for us?  Well it means that chances are we will miss some good Big Ten games starting next season because we are no closer to getting FOX Sports One than we are to landing on Pluto.

Let’s be honest, GUS JOHNSON! calling the games is the one major thing FOX has going for it.  Pairing him with Joel Klatt is brilliant as they have to be considered one of the top five broadcast tandems in college football.  Beyond that it kind of falls off a cliff (although the studio crew has been improving).  So maybe not having FOX Sports One isn’t a bad thing.  I fully expect FOX to poach someone from ESPN to do the secondary FOX main network game starting next year since they will go to doubleheaders almost every week at the least, unless MLB playoffs intervene.

Alright, here are my FOX guesses for next season with a tiny bit of analysis afterwards (*denotes confirmed):

September-10-16 BYU at Utah* 7:30 PM
September-17-16 Ohio State at Oklahoma* 7:30 PM
September-24-16 BYU vs. West Virginia (in Landover) 4:00 PM
September-24-16 California at Arizona State 7:30 PM
October-01-16 Oregon at Washington State 5:00 PM
October-01-16 Arizona at UCLA 8:30 PM
October-08-16 Arizona at Utah 7:30 PM
October-15-16 Kansas at Baylor 12:00 PM
October-22-16 TCU at West Virginia 4:00 PM
October-22-16 Utah at UCLA 8:00 PM
October-29-16 Baylor at Texas 12:00 PM
November-05-16 TCU at Baylor 3:30 PM
November-05-16 Oklahoma State at Kansas State 7:30 PM
November-12-16 Stanford at Oregon 7:30 PM
November-19-16 Oregon at Utah 3:30 PM
November-19-16 Stanford at California 7:30 PM
November-25-16 Washington at Washington State 3:30 PM
November-26-16 UCLA at California 7:30 PM
December-02-16 Pac-12 Championship Game* 9:00 PM
December-03-16 Baylor at West Virginia 12:00 PM
December-03-16 Big Ten Championship Game* 8:00 PM


  • The Pac-12 and Big Ten championships are on FOX this season. The Pac-12 goes Friday night in the weird 9:00 timeslot which didn’t go over too well the previous time FOX had the conference championship game.  The Big Ten gets the much better Saturday primetime timeslot.
  • 6 doubleheaders are in my schedule. Right now it seems like 5 confirmed doubleheaders will happen.  I have included November 5th.  The first half of the doubleheader may be moved to FOX Sports One.
  • I have eight Big XII games and eleven Pac-12 games on the main network, not including conference championship games (not that that is a Big XII concern at this point).
  • Teams showing up multiple times on FOX: Baylor (4), Utah (3), West Virginia (3), Cal (3), Oregon (3), UCLA (3), BYU (2), Arizona (2), Washington State (2), TCU (2), Stanford (2). Baylor may end up changing depending on how well they start their season.  If that whole shitshow in Waco affects them, FOX may move some of their games to FS1 and move other games onto main network timeslots.

Next up is CBS and the Uncle Verne swan song and then ABC who will suffer the losses of Sean McDonough and Brad Nessler.  I know ABC will still have some of the better play-by-play guys and analysts but it’s a wonder who will backfill games on, say, ESPNU.  Please no Pam Ward, ESPN.  Don’t subject us to that.


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