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Super Bowl 50 Preview and How Did I Do? Part I

superbowl 50

One of the very few NFL/College football split posts that I do. I try to keep them separate.  I would like to say it’s for your (the reader’s) sake but it’s mostly for mine.  I don’t want to confuse myself any more than I do as of this point.

Let’s start with the Super Bowl preview.

First off, if you didn’t know, the actual game is on CBS, starting just after 6:00pm on Sunday. I don’t know how you couldn’t know that but anyway.  Jimmy Nantz (does anyone call him James?) and idiot mitten Phil Simms will call the action.  When was the last time that we had a number one crew for any network that consisted of two of the best at their craft at that time?  I am thinking Al Michaels and John Madden when they were together doing Monday Night Football and then Sunday Night Football through the end of 2009.  Other than that pairing and Summerall/Madden (the greatest of all-time pairing), when we have had any broadcast team like this in the past thirty years.  I don’t think we have.  Says more about the networks themselves than the broadcasters who, for the most part, have very little control over who they work with (unless they become a big deal and can dictate more of what they do).

Alright, now let’s talk about the game. I won’t get into much detail since the pre-game show started six-and-a-half days ago so you should know about all the players’ bowel movements by now.  The reason I am combining this with a college football post is because I don’t have a lot extra to contribute that hasn’t already been said.  Here’s my preview points:

  • The NFL got what they wanted for the most part. The top seed in each conference made it to the big game. On top of that, the top two seeds were in each of the conference championship games. If it wasn’t for the Panthers’ annihilation of the Cards, it would have been a full ratings coup for the shield.
  • MVP Cam Newton (he should be MVP no doubt) and his offensive weapons should be interesting for the Broncos defense. I don’t know if Denver has seen anything like what the Panthers will bring on Sunday. Expect at least 24 points but don’t be surprised if they go past 30.
  • If Peyton Manning doesn’t die on the field, then let’s consider that a victory. I do hope, win or lose, that he retires after the game. I think it’s about time to call it a career. Not that he can’t still play at a high level but that high level comes in short bursts nowadays, not in full games (or even halves).
  • I believe the Carolina defense is a bit underrated to be honest. Denver better get their run game up to speed for this one since it looked somewhere around terrible against the Patriots. Can’t rely fully on the pass.

I have a few more points but why bother. Let’s just get to the meat of this preview: my prediction.  I predict it will be close for at least 2.5 quarters, maybe even through the end of three.  At some point, though, the Panthers will pull away and give that franchise their first Super Bowl win.  I have the final score as 34-21.  Now watch me be totally wrong.

OK now for the possibly pathetic part of my post. It’s How Did I Do? The 2016 Edition.  Part 1.  Again we are using the method concocted on the site  This site reviews all preseason predictions for college football for the various magazines and websites that do so.  Usually Phil Steele is near the top of the list and a few websites have started to stake their claim to the top spot in the past few years.

The point system is based on how far you are away from what the actual conference standings were. It’s probably the only quantitative way to do this.  If you want to know the methodology of this calculation, you can find it here.  For the 2015 season, Phil Steele was again the top magazine with a score of 131.  The top overall predictions belonged to the website Arena Fanatic who had an amazing score of 127.5.  So after much calculation, my score is (drum roll…)

HOLY SHIT it’s 132!!!!!!

Wow! This is easily the best I have ever done.  I have a feeling it was a bit of a fluke but I am going to take it.  I will go into greater detail in the second part of the How Did I Do? series (that may only have two parts and probably doesn’t warrant being called a series but I digress).


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50 Preview and How Did I Do? Part I

  1. Phil Simms is absolutely horrible. I just might have to mute the sound on my television and listen to the radio broadcast.

    I found a two part article that you might have read in the past seven days. If not, here are the links:

    Another complaint that I have regarding NFL coverage on CBS is their theme music which I am NOT a fan of. It would make my day if they brought back the Frankie Vinci theme “Superbowl”… even if it’s only for the big game.

    I also think that Carolina will win Super Bowl 50. If the Panthers jump out to a big lead in the first half, it will probably be very difficult for Denver to storm back and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. So the Broncos defense will have to force turnovers early and throughout the night.

    Great job on your College Football predictions this past season! Mr. Steele will have to step up his game for next season!

    1. I read that article the other day. To be honest, it has got to the point that very few broadcasters truly add to the game. And when there is one who can (i.e. Nantz a lot of the time) he is paired with someone who makes for some cringeworthy analysis (i.e. Simms).

      The days of the great themes done by networks is long gone. ESPN’s theme for college football, in my opinion, was sub-par this season and it shows most networks don’t care. I am kind of happy FOX has stuck with their original theme for when they got NFL football back.

      Thanks for the kudos as always. I look forward to Phil Steele’s magazine in the summer for sure and I hope my predictions this year weren’t a fluke (spoiler alert: they probably were).

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