Conference Championship Recap & Super Bowl Preview – Sponsored by a new champion


Yes, we will have a new Super Bowl champion this season. Am I glad about this?  Yes.  Yes I am.  I always prefer having a new champion every year.  Something about a team repeating as champs rubs me the wrong way.  And plus, let’s be honest: if you aren’t a Patriots fan, wouldn’t it be really shitty to hear all those Patriots fans going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about WINNING ANOTHER SUPAH BOWL and TAWM FAWKING BRADY IS THE BEST FAWKING QUAWTUHBACK EVAH and all that shit?  The answer is it would get real annoying real fast.  I don’t know a more annoying fanbase than Patriots fans.  I still find it amusing that almost anyone I talk to who is a Patriots fan has always been a Patriots fan (according to them).  Yet, before the Pats first Super Bowl win, at least in this province (Ontario), you probably couldn’t find a single one.  If it weren’t for the Lions, Cardinals, and Buccaneers, the Patriots would almost have to be considered the worst team of the 20th century.  But hey, history is told by the winners and boy do we ever hear about all of that Pats storied history (of the last decade-and-a-half…before that we hear crickets).  OK enough ranting and on to the recapping:

Denver 20 New England 18 – Was Tom Brady and Peyton Manning playing a game of “Who Can Play the Worst?”  It was kind of painful watching the two of them.   I will give full marks to both defenses in this one, especially the Broncos defense which pressured Brady relentlessly all game.  Still, you would have expected one of them to break out and neither of them really did.  On top of that, neither team could run the ball.  For over three quarters, the longest run for both teams was by Brady and Manning respectively.  Despite the defensive prowess, it doesn’t escape the fact that both team’s offenses were quite sloppy in this one.  I don’t know the reason for it.  In the end though we got a fantastic finish and CBS’s ratings for this game were through the roof which makes sense considering this is probably the final chapter of Brady vs. Manning.  What a great way to end.  To be honest, no matter who won I was hoping it wouldn’t be a blowout since that would be the worst way to end this rivalry.  Now all we need is for Peyton to FUCKING RETIRE ALREADY.  After the Super Bowl he should just be done.  He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer (if that is even a term in football) and one of the top five quarterbacks of all time.  He doesn’t need to prove anything else.  Then again, neither does Terrific Tom but at least Brady doesn’t look like he’s about to stroke out on the field.

Carolina 49 Arizona 15 – As soon as the Panthers went up 14-0 this felt like it was over.  There was no way they were going to do the same thing two weeks in a row: big lead, followed by desperately holding on at the end.  Carolina is really in a different league than any other team this season.  They are truly catching lightning in a bottle.  Not saying they don’t have talent but almost every one of their starters is having a career year (or close to it).  Cam Newton has clinched the MVP in the most no-doubt MVP vote in a while.  Luke Kuechly should be defensive player of the year (I don’t know if he will be but he seems to be the most dominant defensive player right now…yes, more than J.J. Watt).  In this game, the Panthers dominated in every facet.  It was quite surprising since many (including myself) figured it would be a relatively close game.  Going into the Super Bowl, the Panthers have to be considered the overwhelming favourite.  I think the people in Vegas are being very conservative with the 4.5 point spread as of this moment.  Expect that to creep up towards 7 or 8 by Super Bowl Sunday.

As for my picks for the Super Bowl from the start of the playoffs, I was close. I had three of the four conference championship teams correct (I had picked KC to beat New England).  And then Carolina beat Arizona so I have that one correct as well.  With KC already being eliminated, it didn’t matter who won the AFC title game since I would have been wrong with my pick anyway.  Still, three out of four is damn good I must say.  I say this now knowing my college picks were probably a bunch of horseshit.

This coming Sunday we have the God awful unwatchable Pro Bowl. I promise not to watch a minute of it.  Even if there was nothing on (which is impossible nowadays) and nothing to do I STILL would not watch it.  It’s dumb.  Let it die.  I am sure Hawaiians will find something else to do during the off-week.

Since there is almost no information left to discuss (except the Super Bowl stuff which I will only do a preview and a recap post and that’s it). Over the next few months you can expect a post here and there but probably no more than a post or two a week since there is no point in bombarding you about stuff like spring games which I never watch (nor have much access to).  Examples of upcoming posts include:

  • My mediocre-to-terrible college football predictions
  • Issues and storylines about college football going into next season including any potential impacts on television viewing for us
  • A few mock NFL drafts
  • Draft coverage (around the time of the draft)
  • Perhaps a look at the CFL
  • A random post or two on miscellaneous crap

Then we will be into June and I will start looking at the 2016 college football season (schedules, biggest games, predictions, etc.). And now you know.  And knowing is half the battle…………..GI JOE!!!!!!!


One thought on “Conference Championship Recap & Super Bowl Preview – Sponsored by a new champion

  1. I will NOT be watching a second of the Pro Bowl either. Thankfully, at least Sportsnet One will be showing an NBA game that starts at 7:30 between the Warriors @ Knicks.

    My conference championship predictions were both wrong. So you did better than me.

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