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NFL Divisional Playoff Schedule – Sponsored by whatever Hue Jackson was thinking

hue jackson

Look I know Hue Jackson shouldn’t have been let go as Oakland Raiders’ head coach. I get that.  I know he also wanted an opportunity to be the head guy again.  He was arguably the best offensive coordinator out there available for interviews.  But the Cleveland Browns?  Geez Hue were you drunk when you made that decision?  I will give him this though; he has already started figuring out ways to get this franchise out of its funk.  First idea?  Get rid of Johnny PartyAnimal.  That’s a good start.  Honestly he could get rid of 3/4ths of his roster and they would all be good decisions.  Good luck Hue.  You’re gonna need it.

Alright on to the schedule this weekend:

4:30 Kansas City at New England CBS/CTV
8:00 Green Bay at Arizona NBC/CTV
1:00 Seattle at Carolina FOX/CTV
4:30 Pittsburgh at Denver CBS/CTV

That’s pretty easy right? All four games are on CTV or you can check them out on their various networks.  I find it interesting that NBC took a FOX game and not a CBS game.  I wonder how that was determined.

Now some short n’ sweet previews:

Kansas City at New England – Despite the fact that Patriot homers are convinced that “TAWM Brady is gown ta bring tha SOOPAH Bowl back to BAWSTUN”, I wonder if they even get out of this round.  You have the hottest team in the NFL versus arguably the coldest team in the playoffs.  Brady is Brady.  Gronk is Gronk.  Belichick is Belichick.  I get all that.  They are always a threat to win.  But I really do wonder if any team can stop this Chiefs juggernaut.  Andy Reid is gonna eat twenty cheeseburgers in bed with the Lombardi Trophy if KC wins the Super Bowl. Prediction: Kansas City 30-23.

Green Bay at Arizona – Was last week’s game the resurgence of A-a-ron Rodgers and the Packers or an indication that the Redskins weren’t exactly the team everyone (especially Redskins fans) thought they were.  Anyway, the Pack takes a MASSIVE step up this weekend.  Arizona is probably the deepest team in the league so I can’t see them losing this but this is the Packers who, like the Patriots, seem to win games every so often that they shouldn’t just because they actually have experience winning the Super Bowl (sorry Cards fans).  Still going with Zona but it will be close. Prediction: Arizona 38-35.

Seattle at Carolina – If there is any game this weekend that looks like it won’t be close it’s this one.  The Seahawks barely got out of frigid Minnesota with the win (LACES OUT!!!!).  Now they face a team that ran roughshod over pretty much everyone this season.  I think the magic runs out for Seattle here. Prediction: Carolina 28-7.

Pittsburgh at Denver – Is Tim Tebow coming out of retirement for this one?  His one shining moment of his sorry professional career was his winning touchdown pass in overtime to beat Pittsburgh in the Wild Card round in 2011.  I remember watching him play against the Bills two weeks before that and he was awful.  There was no doubt this kid was not going to be long for the NFL.  Anyway where were we?  Oh yes, the Steelers who somehow won their Wild Card game over the Bengals in a game everyone should probably forget happened, get to play the Broncos and probably Papa John Manning.  I foresee the last bit of Manning Magic in this one for Denver, propelling them to the AFC Championship. Prediction: Denver 27-17.

I would have been 3-for-4 last week had Blair Walsh not miss that easy kick. Then again I would have probably gone back to 2-for-4 unless the Bengals released Adam Jones before the Wild Card game.  So it all evens out in the end I guess.  Enjoy the games this weekend!


2 thoughts on “NFL Divisional Playoff Schedule – Sponsored by whatever Hue Jackson was thinking

  1. The reason why NBC has an NFC game this weekend is that the NFL has a rotation. You might recall that NBC had an AFC game (Ravens @ Patriots) in the divisional round last year.

    1. That makes sense. I was too lazy to actually look back and figure that out. I do, however, find it odd that NBC gets two rounds yet ABC/ESPN only gets one. Then again, it’s all about how the contracts are laid out.

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