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National Championship Recap – Sponsored by Roll F’n Tide

saban gatorade
Are we sure that’s not blood?

Yep. Evil Saban has done it again.  And he did it with style.  That onside kick in the fourth quarter is the stuff of legend.  It will now go down in lore as the play that basically won Bama its fourth title in seven years.  If that doesn’t make them a dynasty I don’t know what does.  Other items from last night’s 45-40 Crimson Tide victory over Clemson:

Ciara’s dress – Why is it that so many are outraged over what Ciara was wearing when the national anthem was sung?  Who gives a shit?  She sang it well and that’s all that matters.  First off, we may be seeing more of her than Russell Wilson ever does.  And secondly, people are all up in arms over this yet we turn into bloodthirsty fans wanting “hard-nosed football” and some “good battles in the trenches” that will lead to “possible concussions and broken bones?”  There is something seriously wrong with society (mostly American society although Canadians somewhat fall into that category).

Either Clemson’s horrible special teams play or Alabama’s fantastic special teams play – Your choice.  You could go either way on this one.  I figured the Tide would have the edge on special teams but not like this.  They dominated that part of the game and it was the key to victory.  Without Kenyan Drake’s kickoff return for a touchdown and the onside kick heard ‘round the world, it would be Clemson celebrating their victory right now.

Was OJ Howard invisible until he caught the ball? – It was insane and completely out of the blue how OJ Howard played last night.  What the hell were the Clemson secondary doing on Howard’s catches?  He was so wide open on two of them you could have fit a yacht between him and the nearest defender.  Talk about broken coverage.  How about shattered coverage or non-existent coverage.

Two of the three Heisman finalists showed why they got a trip to New York a month ago – Derrick Henry and Deshaun Watson both put on a show worthy of being Heisman Trophy finalists.  Henry was pretty much the only reason Bama was still in it at the half and Watson was the only reason (almost) that the Tigers were in it late.

Even though 85 points were scored, the defenses weren’t half-bad – The defenses, especially Clemson’s Kevin Dodd who had a crazy good night, were actually pretty good last night.  Problem was they seemed to give up the odd big play and almost every time those big plays either directly or a few plays later, lead to scoring.  If it wasn’t for those big plays, no chance either team hits 30 points.

The VY Comparison – It was almost getting eerie how much this game was mirroring the 2006 Rose Bowl game.  You remember that one right?  The one where Vince Young broke USC’s hearts at the end.  Even the score in this one was mirroring the score back then.  And the Watson-Young comparisons came from everywhere all night and rightfully so.  If Clemson repeats what it did this year, Watson could very well walk away with the Heisman next year (that Young deserved the year his Horns won the title) and be one of the best college players of this generation.

Those refs again – They’re at it again.  What in the hell happened near the end of the first half?  The clock wasn’t run properly, leading Dabo Swinney to go apeshit and rightfully so.  This is easy stuff.  Find out what the clock should have been at and put it back at that spot.  Nope.  Can’t do that.  And they wonder why officials in college football are probably treated with less respect than most other sports in North America.  It’s not the fact it’s college and not the pros.  It’s the fact that these types of mistakes are dumb and shouldn’t happen.  Yet they do on a near-weekly basis.

Another season over. I am so sad now.  Lost.  What do I do now?  Work more productively and not think about college football?  Hang out with my kids when they’re with me?  Socialize with others?  Hmmm…this sounds like addictive behaviour almost.  I am obviously kidding but from late August until early January my mind does wander a bit to college football and I do spend less time on other pursuits because of it.  I have seven-and-a-half months to make up for it.  The 2016 college football season starts September 1st so we are 233 days away.  Damn.

In the meantime, there are a few more college football games to be played. Yes, I’m serious.  I am talking about the few all-star games that are still around as showcases for draft-eligible players.  Here they are:

  • Dream Bowl (Jan. 18, Noon, ASN) – The Dream Bowl is the showcase game for non-FBS players. Usually it’s mostly FCS players but sprinkled in are the best from D-II and D-III. The reason it’s this coming Monday is because all Americans (except people in Arizona because who the fuck knows why) are off for Martin Luther King Day. It is supposedly on ASN but at this point I do not see it on the guide. It may appear later this week but we shall see.
  • EastWest Shrine Game (Jan. 23, 3:00, NFL Network) – This is the granddaddy of all college all-star games (along with the Senior Bowl). As far as I can tell this should be on the NFL Network here as well but I know the Canadian version of that channel can be a bit screwy.
  • NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (Jan. 23, 5:30, ESPN2) – Another newer college football all-star game. At this point, there is no knowledge whether this will be on the specialty pack (or even on a TSN station although I doubt it).
  • Senior Bowl (Jan. 30, 1:30, NFL Network) – This one we should definitely get on the NFL Network since I remember last year’s game appearing on there as well. This is the final chance for draft-eligible seniors to show their stuff before we get into draft season and the combines.

So there you go. A bit of college football to whet your appetite through the month of January.  Then for February through August, nothing.  Sorry.  I wish I could help you.  I really do.  Seriously.


4 thoughts on “National Championship Recap – Sponsored by Roll F’n Tide

  1. Roughly seven and a half months is a long wait for college football. But I look forward to your posts during the offseason. Particularly your predictions on which games will end being aired on ABC (WKBW Channel 7), Fox, SEC coverage on CBS and the top games of each week.

    Have you ordered Phil Steele’s College and/or NFL Preview Magazines for next season yet? I might very well do that sometime before the end of this month. Also, here’s hoping that Marc Lawrence’s Playbook will be available for purchase in Ottawa in the summer. I tried finding it last year with no success.

    1. Thanks. I should go back and see how I close I was on my TV schedule predictions. Some could be very close (FOX, SEC), whereas I am sure I am almost completely wrong with ABC.

      I haven’t ordered the Phil Steele magazine yet. Can you pre-order it already? I thought you had to wait until March or so to be able to do that.

    1. Great. The problem I encountered the last time I got the NFL magazine as well was that to save on shipping they sent them both at the same time. So I didn’t get the college magazine until a month after I would have normally got it which I hate.

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