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Wild Card Round Schedule and Playoff Outlook – Sponsored by the 500 (or so) teams moving to L.A.

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So we have the Rams, the Raiders, and the Chargers all wanting to move to Los Angeles. Good stuff.  Why don’t they send all three, plus the Jaguars, and change the AFC West to the AFC Los Angeles Division.  They could probably relatively easily change the divisions around and make that work.  Who really gives a shit at this point.  It’s painfully clear these franchises don’t want to stay in their respective cities (especially St. Louis) so let them move as long as they have a feasible financial plan.  I know the NFL could play to empty stadiums and still make money but why not try and maximize return.  That’s why, unless a bigger stadium is built, I believe they should never have an NFL team in Toronto.  I think the novelty would wear off because they aren’t the Leafs.  Unless they win.  The Blue Jays proved that.  Anyway…

It’s playoff time! Wild Card weekend is upon us so let’s take a look at the schedule for the second time this week:

4:30 Kansas City at Houston ABC/CTV
8:00 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati CBS/CTV
1:00 Seattle at Minnesota NBC/CTV
4:30 Green Bay at Washington FOX/TSN1/TSN4/TSN5

Still amazed NBC didn’t get the Saturday night game which seems to be the marquee game of the week (usually). Good to see the games are spread out among all four major networks.  Kind of wish college football would do that a bit more but then ESPN wouldn’t have ALL THE COLLEGE FOOTBAW!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s take a short look at the games and my predictions (which invariably will be wrong):

Kansas City at Houston – There is no hotter team in the NFL right now than the Kansas City Chiefs.  After a horrid start, they have torn through every team they have met since.  As for the Texans, they also had a turnaround that normally would have been embraced as the best in the league if it weren’t for what KC did.  Someone’s hot streak has to end this weekend. My pick: Kansas City 39-20.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Poor Cincy.  As they enter the playoffs they are haunted by their playoff past.  And now they are going with their backup quarterback and they play the Steelers, the third of the fairly hot AFC teams entering the postseason.  Honestly, I can’t see this ending well for the Bengals. My pick: Pittsburgh 24-17.

Seattle at Minnesota – Everyone goes on about how the Seahawks mopped the floor with Minnesota during the season.  Everyone seems to forget how horrid the Seahawks are on the road in the playoffs (2-8 all-time).  I think the Vikings exact a small measure of revenge here and move on to the next round. My pick: Minnesota 44-31.

Green Bay at Washington – The absolute coldest team going into the playoffs in the NFC is the Packers.  They have looked no better than mediocre in most of their games.  I think A-a-ron Discount Double Checks his way to another poor game and home for the rest of the playoffs as Kirk Cousins somehow gets the Redskins to the Divisional Playoffs (which makes me giggle a bit). My pick: Washington 38-23.

If my picks were correct (IF!!!!), it would set up the following matchups:

  • Pittsburgh at Denver
  • Kansas City at New England
  • Washington at Carolina
  • Minnesota at Arizona

We all know what happened in Denver last time these two played (Tebowmania!!!!!!). New England is the Green Bay of the AFC, as in they are the coldest team in that conference right now going into the playoffs.  Washington and Minnesota can’t get through to the next round, can they?  I think this sets up a KC-Denver AFC title match and a ratings bonanza Panthers-Cardinals NFC title tilt.  I have Carolina facing off against Kansas City for the Super Bowl so we would have a first-time winner in Super Bowl L at Acid Washed Jeans Stadium.  My pick to win the Super Bowl will not be a popular one as I think the Carolina Panthers will hoist the Lombardi Trophy in early February.  This probably means I have jinxed them and that they may possibly lose their first playoff game.  Kind of like the SI curse.

Along with the start of the NFL playoffs this weekend, for those with the college football specialty pack, the FCS National Championship is on Saturday at noon. And of course, the FBS National Championship is Monday night at 8:30.  Enjoy the football everyone.


5 thoughts on “Wild Card Round Schedule and Playoff Outlook – Sponsored by the 500 (or so) teams moving to L.A.

  1. Do you think the NFL will eventually expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams next season or the year after? I wonder if that’s the NFL’s motive for scheduling the AFC & NFC games to play on the same day this weekend? If the Bengals lose (I expect them to do so again), could Marvin Lewis suddenly find himself on the unemployment line?

    The team that I predict to win Super Bowl 50 is the Cardinals.

    1. They definitely will expand. Captain Gingerhammer wants this and so do the owners. The problem becomes scheduling. Unless they put three games on the Saturday it might become an issue.
      Marvin Lewis won’t be fired but if they lose their Wild Card game he will be on the hot seat for sure.
      I figured the Panthers-Cardinals winner will probably end up winning the Super Bowl so that’s a good choice as well.

      1. I think that the NFL will have three games on Saturday & three games on Sunday. 1:00, 4:30 & 8:00 would be the logical kickoff times for both days.

  2. One last question: in your opinion, will the NFL approve the Inglewood stadium plan or the one in Carson? If neither is approved (right now that looks to be the case), which teams do you see relocating to L.A. after long sessions of back room dealing?

    1. Hmmm…the NFL really (and I mean REALLY) wants a team back in L.A. whether they admit to it or not. My guess is that the Inglewood Stadium has a better chance of being approved. Also if neither are approved at this point, St. Louis will still be the favourite as of right now.
      Mostly that comes down to money and Stan Kroenke has a ton of it. The Rams also shit all over the city of St. Louis whereas that wasn’t the case with both the Raiders and Chargers and the cities they want to leave. Saying that, this seems to be dragging on for a long time; longer than many thought it would which means anything could happen at this point.

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