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Week 17 NFL Recap – Sponsored by Black Monday coming early

Wasn’t that fun seeing all those coaches and GMs fired this past week? And it isn’t even Black Monday (which is today) so we could be seeing more.  Let’s see what happened so far this season with coaches who are no longer with us:

  • Joe Philbin and then perhaps Dan Campbell (Miami) – The Miami Dolphins have been an absolute mess this season. I thought they had the talent to overtake the Patriots in the AFC East. To be honest, they actually do except for one important position: Ryan Tannehill has been exposed as a mediocre quarterback which spells death to most teams that don’t have the early-2000’s Baltimore Ravens defense (looking at you Trent Dilfer). So they fired Philbin who had no control over the team, promoted Campbell who did only a little bit better and may end up being “relieved of his duties” as well. I love that term. Would be better if they used “shitcanned” instead but I understand the nature of not using that term.
  • Mike Pettine (Cleveland) – Now who didn’t see this coming? If you think the Fins are a mess, I don’t know how to describe the Browns. They have been an awful franchise pretty much since they came back into the league. Their owner is an idiot. Their GMs have been brutal (and all been fired). And now another head coach comes through northern Ohio and can’t do anything to turn this team around. Until Jimmy Haslam is done with the team, I don’t think anyone can do anything of substance here.
  • Chuck Pagano (Indianapolis) – This isn’t confirmed but it seems to be a foregone conclusion. The problem is it’s tough to know how good this team could have been had they not had their QB problems. We will never know but I am sure Pagano will get another NFL job sooner rather than later.
  • Ken Whisenhunt (Tennessee) – This happened a couple months ago. Not that Whizz isn’t a good coach but he’s not the type of guy who can really elevate a team. Mike Mularkey will probably stay on only because the NFL is suing the Titans for something to do with the Titans’ ownership structure. This could become the story of the spring.
  • Mike McCoy (San Diego) – This also isn’t confirmed and may not be. San Diego was so bad this season after being pretty good the season before. There have been an equal amount of stories out there saying he will be fired as there were that he will be retained.
  • Chip Kelly (Philadelphia) – I don’t think the Eagles ever liked their hire of Chip. Which is insane. He did quite well considering some of the personnel he had. And that’s where the problem lie. Chip the GM was awful. Chip the coach was quite good. But Chip wants the dual role for some stupid reason. This is what may keep him out of the NFL for a while.
  • Tom Coughlin (NY Giants) – OK old man just resign or retire or something. He has a full-blown case of Tortorella Syndrome. For you that don’t know what I am speaking of, it is has to do with John Tortorella. He coached the Tampa Bay Lightning to a Stanley Cup with a juggernaut of a lineup. Other than that one season he has been a mediocre coach at best. But he will continue to get jobs (or stay on a job longer than he should) because of that one championship. A championship allows you to write your own ticket. Coughlin has done well but it is clear he is not the guy to move forward with the Giants. Hell, their team is a mess as they have no depth and probably can’t even compete in the NFC East next season (how sad). Time for someone new to inject some life into the team.  UPDATE: Coughlin has just resigned.
  • Jim Caldwell (Detroit) – I don’t believe Caldwell will be fired considering how the Lions finished their season 6-2 down the stretch. This is the Lions we are talking about though. So anything could happen.
  • Sean Payton (New Orleans) – Payton is rumoured to be interested in the Giants head coaching job. So Coughlin would have to resign/retire and then Payton would have to either resign or already have been fired. So much to think about. There is a strong sense that Payton will be out as Saints coach but it will have to wait on a meeting he is planning to have today with Saints executives.
  • Jeff Fisher (St. Louis) – Fisher was rumoured for a few college jobs but there never was real interest from Fisher. His time in St. Louis may be timed to the potential move to Los Angeles (kind of along the same lines as what Mike McCoy may experience with the Chargers).
  • Jim Tomsula (San Francisco) – Tomsula was unceremoniously dumped just after the Niners win on Sunday. One of the worst coaching hires in recent memory is now just that: a memory. Even Jim Harbaugh threw some shade on the whole situation with his tweet that stated “Do not be deceived. You will reap what you sew.” Nice work Jim (the Harbaugh one not the Tomsula one). Jimmy T can now update his resume to get a job somewhere doing something…I don’t know what. Cleaning service perhaps?

Wow that was a long list. Isn’t it fun to poke fun at situations where people’s livelihoods are at stake?  The answer is yes.  Yes it is.

Now for the recap:

Rex Ryan’s Bills cost his former team, the Jets, a playoff spot. I do feel bad for Brandon Marshall and Ryan Fitzpatrick as both of them have never been to a playoff game.  Saying that, the Jets played awful.  They wouldn’t have been a threat in the playoffs anyway with that kind of play.  This opened the door for…

Pittsburgh’s win over the Browns puts them in the #6 spot and a game against Cincinnati. This is probably not what Cincy wanted although they would never say so.  The Steelers aren’t overly dangerous but this is the Bengals and the playoffs we are talking about.  They aren’t known for their playoff resume.

Denver somehow ended up at the top seed. Their defense is amazing and is carrying these team.  Old Man(ning) Peyton has got his starting job back (we think) filling for the relatively unlucky Brock Osweiler.

The Patriots had the top seed in hand and shit the bed against Miami. They are arguably the coldest playoff team going into the second season.

Luckily for us, Houston won their game and the AFC South. If they had lost we would have had to have delved into the wild world of insane tiebreakers.  Almost all the other things the Colts needed to have happen happened so it would have been some kind of wild if everything happened in their favour.

The Vikings capped off a great season by beating the Packers and clinching the NFC North. Their prize?  A home date with the Seahawks.  Luckily for them the Seahawks have been awful on the road in the playoffs.  The Packers loss sends them to Washington to face the surprisingly hot Redskins.  That could be a very interesting matchup.

The Titans loss to Indy has clinched the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft for Tennessee so they are now on the clock. And no, they won’t be picking a quarterback.

Alright here is the schedule for the Wild Card round of the playoffs:

4:30 Kansas City at Houston ABC/CTV
8:00 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati CBS/CTV
1:00 Seattle at Minnesota NBC/CTV
4:30 Green Bay at Washington FOX/TSN1/TSN4/TSN5

Interesting that NBC did not get the Saturday night game. So it will be Sunday Night Football on Sunday afternoon.  Alright then.  I will go over the games in more detail later in the week.


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