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Bowl Recap #3 – Sponsored by gaining weight over the holidays

It sucks doesn’t it? I feel like a sloth right now.  My theory to deal with this is along the same lines as the theory I use for leftover Halloween candy.  Eat as much of it as quick as possible to get rid of it.  You might feel like shit for a day or two but then it’s gone and you can get back to having a relatively normal diet.  It doesn’t seem to be working this time.  Oh well, there’s so much football to watch it’s not like I can leave the couch for too long.  That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.  Anyway…

Bowl Recap-o

ST. PETERSBURG BOWL – Marshall 16 UConn 10

OK first off the 11am starting time on Boxing Day is interesting but sucks for anyone who has responsibilities and/or is recovering from Christmas Day festivities (read: drinks). And for the love of God, enough of playing a bowl game on this shitty field.  I would rather watch it played on a poorly maintained high school football field instead.  The Trop is a fucking dump.  They should just tear it down (and move the Rays to Montreal).  Anyway, the game was close but not really that exciting.  UConn might be an interesting team to watch next year in the AAC East.

SUN BOWL – Washington State 20 Miami 14

Sun Bowl. I always laugh at that moniker for this game because most of the time this game is played in either a) snow b) rain or c) sunny but frigid weather.  Almost never is it sunny and fairly nice weather.  It’s fucking El Paso.   I don’t get it.  It’s like it’s in some sort of weird weather vortex.  Plus they need to make it so it’s an SEC team against a Big XII team.  That’s the easiest way to fill the stands.  As for the game, Wazzu held on in sloppy snowy weather to defeat The U in the final Richt-less game for the Hurricanes.  Also, is Mike Leach drunk when he’s coaching?  His halftime and post-game interviews are equal parts hilarious and disturbing for the fact he never really answers the questions asked of him.

HEART OF DALLAS BOWL – Washington 44 Southern Miss 31

I’ll be honest: I watched very little of this game. With the Sun Bowl on at virtually the same time and the Pinstripe Bowl starting about an hour afterwards, I would be surprised if many (outside UW or USM alums/fans) would watch this one.  Another example of poor timing of bowl games.  They would have been better off putting this on at 9 in the morning.

PINSTRIPE BOWL – Duke 44 Indiana 41 (OT)

Good lord this was a fantastic game. It had a bit of everything.  A lot of scoring.  Those one or two defensive stops when absolutely needed.  Overtime.  And controversy…in overtime even.  Both of these teams are looking quite good for next season I have to say.  The controversy was over the field goal missed (made?) by the Hoosiers in their half of overtime to extend the game to 2OT.  The ball went fully over the uprights.  From some angles it looked good.  I never saw an angle that definitively showed the ball would have been outside the uprights.  However, that is not reviewable.  This one I kind of get.  How would you review it?  Either we will get a rule in the next few seasons that the uprights need to be extended a foot or two higher or this will be lost to history as a controversial but highly unusual occurrence that lends to the magic of college football (except for IU fans).

INDEPENDENCE BOWL – Virginia Tech 55 Tulsa 52

From the sublime to the ridiculous, we present you the Independence Bowl. Frank Beamer’s Last Stand.  This game was ridiculous.  Most points scored in the first half in any bowl EVER.  Yet it felt like Tulsa still wasn’t fully out of it at any point.  I’m surprised we didn’t see Bud Foster drinking right out of the whiskey bottle on the sidelines.  This was clearly defense-optional and it showed.  A nice (albeit weird) way for Frank Beamer to go out.  Very subdued at the end which kind of matches Frank’s personality.  I am sure that’s the way he would have wanted it.  As for who is now the leader at the FBS coaching ranks in all-time wins, look no further than Evil Nick Saban who is one win ahead of Papa Bill Snyder.


This ended up being another good game. Unfortunately, with the Huskers winning, it means the idea of 5-7 teams playing in bowl games becomes that much more accepted which is the wrong way to go.  I don’t usually care one way or another who wins a bowl game as long as it’s a good game.  This one was one where I hoped UCLA mopped the floor with Nebraska.  That did not happen so we should look forward to 10 more bowl games in the next few years.  I tip my cap to Mike Riley’s team as they had one of the most frustrating seasons in recent memory.  To end like this is a nice way to end it for them and allows them to look forward to next season with a bit of momentum.

MILITARY BOWL – Navy 44 Pittsburgh 28

Normally a game like this wouldn’t have elicited much interest. However, with the Panthers players playing their hearts out for James Conner (who is suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and Keenan Reynolds looking to retake the career touchdown record from Kenneth Dixon there was at least a little intrigue.  Also, Reynolds had the opportunity to set a new record for rushing yards by a QB, which he did.  Not very close (for the most part) but a pretty fun game to watch at a very fun atmosphere.  Whoever made the decision to have the Military Bowl be played at Annapolis is a genius.

QUICK LANE BOWL – Minnesota 21 Central Michigan 14

If it wasn’t for the fact this bowl was close it would have been thoroughly unwatchable. Even ESPN didn’t think much about it as it’s the only game to be relegated to ESPN2 this bowl season (other than on New Year’s Day but that’s a little different scenario).  All three 5-7 teams won their bowl games.  I am less than pleased.  Also, it will be very interesting to see how Tracy Claeys does over a full season in the relatively competitive Big Ten West.

Alright my NFL recap for this previous week will be combined with the NFL Week 17 schedule to create some sort of superpost (super referring to the length of the post and not the quality of the post). I am hoping to do this tomorrow but it all depends on when the coverage maps are done (courtesy of  Four bowl games today with two that are almost must-see (Russell Athletic and Alamo Bowls).  Four bowl games tomorrow as well but with not nearly the hype of today’s games.  Then, in two days, the College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six are finally upon us!  Enjoy the games everyone.


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