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Bowl Game Recap #2 – Sponsored by being sick in and around Christmas

It’s the worst isn’t it?


MIAMI BEACH BOWL – Western Kentucky 45 USF 35

In my post about fixing bowl season, I did not include the Miami Beach Bowl in the cuts. A couple of reasons for that.  The most important one should be how exciting the two bowl games there have been.  Last year’s Brawl for it All between BYU and Memphis was great.  This year’s game was pretty damn good too.  It’s a wonder Miami didn’t at least take a look at Willie Taggart (although Mark Richt is a really good hire in his own right).  Anyway, Brandon Doughty looked like the most prolific passer in college football in this one after a bit of a slow start.  It’s too bad he’s gone next year since he would have made the Hilltoppers an instant Group of Five contender.

BOCA RATON BOWL – Toledo 32 Temple 17

This one had the makings of a classic. Easily the best bowl game not involving Power Five teams.  Turned out to be a defensive battle that no one envisioned…at least until the fourth quarter when the Rockets finally had enough of that shit and put a 20-spot on the board to pull away.  But still, a good game to watch.  So far so good for bowl season watchability.

IDAHO POTATO BOWL – Akron 23 Utah State 21

A monumental win for the Akron program in this one. Their first bowl game in ten years and their first bowl win ever.  Say what you want about Terry Bowden (and I am sure many Auburn fans would) but he is a pretty good coach and has turned around a program that was pretty much FCS level for years into a MAC contender.  Again, another good game to watch as it came down to the wire.

POINSETTIA BOWL – Boise State 55 Northern Illinois 7

The string of relatively close bowl games had to end at some point. I never thought it was going to be this one.  It’s like all the close bowl games up until this point made it so this had to get WAY out of hand early.  Boise showed why it is still considered the premier Group of Five team.  They should be interesting to watch next year.

GODADDY BOWL – Georgia Southern 58 Bowling Green 27

Yikes. Two bowl games on December 23rd.  Two blowouts.  The Eagles showed why they were moved up from FCS to the Sun Belt in this one.  To be honest, they would have been bowl-eligible in Conference USA and possibly the American Conference.  They are that good.  And if it wasn’t for Toledo, the MAC is looking horrible so far this bowl season.

BAHAMAS BOWL – Western Michigan 45 Middle Tennessee 31

Another team winning their first bowl game in program history. I didn’t know the Broncos hadn’t won one before since they had been six times previously.  A little personal sidenote: they were involved in the first college football game I ever saw: the short-lived International Bowl.  They played Cincinnati that year and it was quite the spectacle to see 30,000 college football fans in the Rogers Centre when the Argos usually play to a deafening lack of noise.  Speaking of Cincinnati…

HAWAII BOWL – San Diego State a lot Cincinnati hardly anything

OK the score was actually 42-7. Usually I use the Hawaii Bowl to keep me somewhat entertained while I wrap the rest of the presents and get all the Santa stuff out (don’t tell any kids…or do….whatever).  This game did not fit the bill.  I ended up tuning to the Chargers-Raiders game since that at least was close. Anyway, this game was pretty much boring after the first Aztec score.  The Bearcats were completely outmatched here and it showed.  SDSU still seems to be one of the most underrated teams in college football.  I guess that’s what you get when you are overshadowed in your conference by perennial powerhouse Boise State.

Alright, another recap over. Today we have six (count em SIX!) bowl games and an NFL game which could have the Washington Redskins somehow clinch the NFC East.  Good lord.  Hopefully some of the college games are good.  Also it’s Frank Beamer’s last game as a head coach so at least the last few minutes of that one should be good (and emotional).

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. Enjoy the games through to the New Year and the College Football Playoff.


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