NFL TV Schedule

Week 16 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by the Beckham/Norman affair


This has taken on a life of its own. Baseball bats and gay slurs and targeting and threats.  It has got beyond ridiculous.  I get that NFL players can be competitive.  I totally understand that.  I am a competitive person by nature so that makes sense.  What doesn’t make sense is threatening a guy before a game.  Or when that threat involves a baseball bat.  Or when you hurl gay slurs at a guy.  Or when you retaliate by targeting the guy with dangerous (possibly) concussion-inducing hits to the head.  Talk about getting out of hand.

Alright enough of that, let’s get to this week’s NFL schedule:

8:25 San Diego at Oakland SNP/SNW/SNO/SNE
8:25 Washington at Philadelphia SNP/SNW/SNO/SNE
1:00 Carolina at Atlanta FOX (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa)
1:00 Dallas at Buffalo FOX (Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville)/CTV (Kitchener)/TSN2
1:00 San Francisco at Detroit FOX (Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)
1:00 Cleveland at Kansas City  No TV
1:00 Indianapolis at Miami  No TV
1:00 New England at NY Jets CBS (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Montreal, Atlantic)
1:00 Chicago at Tampa Bay  No TV
1:00 Houston at Tennessee  No TV
1:00 Pittsburgh at Baltimore  No TV
4:05 Jacksonville at New Orleans CBS (Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Belleville)/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4
4:25 Green Bay at Arizona FOX (all of Canada (except BC & Alberta))/CTV (Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)/CTV2 (Atlantic)
4:25 St. Louis at Seattle FOX (BC, Alberta)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta)
8:30 NY Giants at Minnesota NBC/TSN1/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Cincinnati at Denver TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Man a lot of early games not on TV this week. Then again, like many weeks this season, it feels like there are really only two or three games on Sunday that have curb appeal so to speak.

We have the Thursday night game between the Chargers and the Raiders in possibly the last game in Oakland. That could be the only reason people tune in on Christmas Eve.  That and the fact they are finishing up wrapping presents and need something for background noise.  Then the inexplicable Saturday night game returns this week.  I don’t get the NFL sometimes.  Why are these games back?  And why are they branded Thursday Night Football or Sunday Night Football?  Just call it something else…maybe Saturday Night Football.  I know, sounds stupid right?

Easily the game of the week is the Packers facing the Cardinals. Problem is the game means almost nothing.  Unless Arizona collapses the last two weeks they will have locked up a first-round bye.  This game also means nothing to the Packers since next week’s game against the Vikings is winner-take-all for the NFC North crown.  So naturally, this is America’s Game of the Week.  Thanks FOX.

Clinching scenarios

Home-field Advantage

New England clinches home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win.

Carolina clinches home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win or an Arizona loss.

First Round Bye

Cincinnati clinches a first round bye with a win.

Arizona clinches a first round bye with a win.

Division Title

Cincinnati clinches the AFC North with a win or a Pittsburgh loss.

Denver clinches the AFC West with a win and a Kansas City loss.

Houston clinches the AFC South with a win and an Indianapolis loss. There are other strange strength of schedule tiebreakers that would allow Houston to clinch without the previous scenario happening but it involves calculus.

Green Bay clinches the NFC North with a win and a Minnesota loss.

Washington clinches the NFC East with a win.

Playoff Berth

Denver clinches a playoff berth with a win and a NY Jets loss OR a win and a Pittsburgh loss.

Kansas City clinches a playoff berth with a win and a NY Jets loss OR a win and a Pittsburgh loss.

Pittsburgh clinches a playoff berth with a win and a NY Jets loss.

Minnesota clinches a playoff berth with a win OR an Atlanta loss OR a Seattle win.

Worst-Case Scenario

OK here I lay out a bit of a worst-case scenario for Captain Gingersnaps and his merry band of complete fucktard greedy owners. Here goes:

  1. Washington beats Philadelphia. They clinch the NFC East crown.
  2. Carolina beats Atlanta. Carolina clinches home-field advantage and puts Minnesota in the playoffs.
  3. Kansas City beats Cleveland.
  4. Miami beats Indianapolis.
  5. New England beats the Jets. This gives the Patriots home-field advantage and, with the KC win, puts the Chiefs in the playoffs.
  6. Houston beats Tennessee. With the earlier Colts loss, the Texans clinch the AFC South.
  7. Pittsburgh beats Baltimore. Coupled with a Jets loss, the Steelers are in the playoffs and the Jets are eliminated.
  8. Arizona beats Green Bay to clinch the first round bye.
  9. Cincinnati beats Denver to clinch the AFC North and a first round bye.

If somehow all this happened, the amount of excitement during Week 17 would be almost nil. The Chiefs and Broncos would still both have a chance at the AFC West.  The Packers and Vikings play for the NFC North title but that was going to happen anyway unless the Packers won and the Vikings lost.  Other than that, all 12 playoff teams would be set and very little could be done the last week of the season.  Senor Goodell would cringe at the thought.

Alright we are in the midst of a mini footballgasm here. Football every day through the 4th of January (except for Christmas Day).  Enjoy the games!



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