Week 15 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by Odell’s Bad Temper

Aw but wait, they’re hugging it out.

So to be honest, I believe the officials should take a lot of the blame on this one. They should have warned Odell Beckham Jr. (and Josh Norman for that matter) earlier on in the game about all the shoves and pushes and all that horseshit. Instead, it leads to Beckham nailing Norman with a helmet-to-helmet hit and later on, the two of them going at it. Beckham gets a one game suspension and I believe Norman should have got one too. Also, that refereeing crew (or at least the referee himself) should have been suspended for this week’s games as well. C’mon Commissioner Shitbag. Instead of sitting in New York with your thumb up your ass maybe you could do something about it. How the owners even trust this guy I will never know.

More recappin’

Drew Brees hits the 60,000 yard passing mark and it seems like, other than ESPN, no one really cared. It doesn’t help that the Saints are playing poorly and were playing the Lions last night. I know I watched about three minutes of the “action.”

Probably the final game in San Diego and the Chargers go out with a bang, beating up on the hapless Dolphins. Too bad they couldn’t do anything close to that the entire season up until that point.

The Chiefs, Steelers, and Jets all winning this past week means a boatload of AFC teams were eliminated all of a sudden from playoff contention. It probably means there will be a lot less drama during the final weekend. I don’t know if the NFL wants this or not since you can look at it in two ways:

  • On a negative note, it means that not as many teams are in the playoff hunt meaning less fans will be drawn to many last week games
  • On a positive note, the games that are truly important will get a shit-ton more viewers.

Houston beats Indianapolis and Washington beats Buffalo meaning there is still a possibility that the AFC South and NFC East champs could be above .500 at the end of the season. It would be shocking but it is a possibility.

It’s too bad about the Beckham-Norman tomfoolery because the Panthers-Giants game was great. The Giants came back from 28 down to tie it. If they had won, it would have tied the largest comeback in a regular season game in NFL history. Instead, Cam Newton did his Cam Newton thing and drove the Panthers down the field for the game-winning field goal with no time left. It was as much must-see TV as you can get for an NFL regular season game these days.

Updated Playoff Predictions

I don’t know why I keep doing this since at least one of my picks makes me look like an idiot. Anyway, here goes with my predictions for what it will look like once the regular season is over:

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Carolina (South)
2 Cincinnati (North) 2 Arizona (West)
3 Denver (West) 3 Minnesota (North)
4 Houston (South) 4 Washington (East)
Wild-Card Spots Wild-Card Spots
5 Kansas City 5 Green Bay
6 Pittsburgh 6 Seattle


Currently right now, the only team that is not on this chart that would have a shot at a Wild-Card spot is probably the New York Jets, who are currently tied with the Chiefs and Steelers for the two Wild-Card spots. In the NFC, Atlanta is two games back of a playoff spot and is a very mediocre team. The AFC South and NFC East are still up for grabs but those division titles could be locked up after this coming week if the chips fall the right way (for Houston and Washington, respectively). The only real intrigue could come from the NFC North. Unless the Vikings play horrible this coming week, they should beat the Giants, setting up a winner-take-all showdown at Lambeau on the final Sunday (which should put them on NBC unless the Cowboys want to play in primetime) for the NFC North crown. I still think the Vikings will pull off the upset which could be the worst thing they do since it would get them a date with the Seahawks in all likelihood.

Bowls and bowls and bowls and bowls and bowls and bowls, etc. So much college football over the next week and a half it’s insane. Not totally complaining (although a game on this afternoon is ridiculous…even with a PVR I probably won’t watch a whole lot of it). Next NFL game is Christmas Eve night as the Chargers could end up being the answer to a crazy trivia question: “Name the only team to be involved in the last home game ever of a team on two separate occasions in the same season.” That sounded kind of wordy. Enjoy the football and the holidays!

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