NFL TV Schedule

Week 15 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by my eyes which were burning last night


These Color Rush uniforms are garbage. Plain and simple. If I saw someone wearing one in public I would have to use all my effort not to beat the holy hell out of them. Those St. Louis Rams unis from last night were beyond atrocious. Then again it sounds about right for a franchise that has fallen so far from The Greatest Show On Turf from the late 90s/early 2000s. Just move them…anywhere. It doesn’t matter where they go because they just don’t have the fans in St. Louis. And I am sure they would not want to finance a new stadium for a team owned by a guy who may be a billionaire. It is pretty well common knowledge that the math they use to show how financially good a new stadium will be to a city or area is bogus at best.

Anyway, here’s the schedule for this coming week:

8:25 NY Jets at Dallas SNP/SNW/SNO/SNE
1:00 Kansas City at Baltimore No TV
1:00 Houston at Indianapolis CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough)
1:00 Atlanta at Jacksonville No TV
1:00 Chicago at Minnesota FOX (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)/CTV (Winnipeg)/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
1:00 Tennessee at New England CBS (BC, Alberta, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau, Belleville, Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Ottawa, Montreal, Atlantic)
1:00 Carolina at NY Giants FOX (Cornwall, Quebec)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan)
1:00 Buffalo at Washington FOX (Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston)/CTV (Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto)
4:05 Green Bay at Oakland FOX (Eastern Canada)/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4
4:05 Cleveland at Seattle FOX (BC, Alberta)
4:25 Denver at Pittsburgh CBS (all of Canada (except BC))/CTV (all of Canada)
4:25 Miami at San Diego No TV
4:25 Cincinnati at San Francisco No TV
8:30 Arizona at Philadelphia NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Detroit at New Orleans TSN1/TSN4/TSN5

Yes there is a game Saturday night for some reason. Don’t ask me why since I don’t have the faintest clue. Besides, it’s the Cowboys so I am sure I won’t be watching.

I will say though that they have done much better with balancing the Sunday schedule this week. Five late afternoon games. I don’t remember the last time there have been that many late afternoon games on one Sunday. Saying that, only three of the five are on TV in this country. Not saying there would be a huge audience for Miami at San Diego because I am sure that wouldn’t be the case either (unless you have Sunday Ticket then I am sure you would watch a bit of every game every week regardless of the circumstance).

A few picks

Carolina over NY Giants – It will be interesting to see what the Panthers do the last two weeks if they clinch the top seed in the NFC. Go for perfection or rest some starters?

New England over Tennessee – I seem to remember a game where the Titans lost 59-0 in Foxboro. It won’t be that bad….will it?

Houston over Indianapolis – Either way the AFC South champ should be throttled in the playoffs.

Buffalo over Washington – And then the Bills will lose one of their last two and miss out on the playoffs yet again.

Pittsburgh over Denver – If the Steelers, Chiefs, and Jets all win they basically eliminate the rest of the conference from the Wild-Card race.

Clinching Scenarios

Alright here are the clinching scenarios this week. This list will get longer until the last week of the season when it becomes pretty cut and dry what needs to happen for certain teams.

Home Field Advantage

Carolina clinches home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win and an Arizona loss.

First Round Bye

New England clinches a first round bye with a win and a Denver loss.

Arizona clinches a first round bye with a win and a Green Bay loss.

Division Title

Cincinnati clinches the AFC North with a win or a Pittsburgh loss.

Denver clinches the AFC West with a win and a Kansas City loss.

Arizona clinches the NFC West with a win or a Seattle loss.

Playoff Berth

Cincinnati clinches a playoff berth with a win or a Kansas City loss or a NY Jets loss.

Denver clinches a playoff berth with a win.

Green Bay clinches a playoff berth with a win or a Washington loss or a NY Giants loss.

Seattle clinches a playoff berth with (a win and a NY Giants loss) OR (a win and a Washington loss) OR (a win and a Minnesota loss and an Atlanta loss and a Green Bay win).

Minnesota clinches a playoff berth with (a win and a Washington loss and an Atlanta loss) OR (a win and a Washington loss and a Seattle loss) OR (a win and a NY Giants loss and an Atlanta loss) OR (a win and a NY Giants loss and a Seattle loss).

So we are in the midst of another stretch of FOOTBALL EVERY DAY! As far as I can tell, excluding Christmas Day, there are games every day between now and January 3rd. So enjoy the games and don’t gain too much weight. It’s easy to sit down and watch a whole whack of football and stuff your face with all sorts of shitty food. I think I am making excuses at this point.


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