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Da Bowl Game TV Schedule

OK for the most part the schedule is set. I have made some assumptions when it comes to a few TSN broadcasts that haven’t been finalized (but I do know they are on a TSN station). So here’s the bowl schedule and I will then have a bit of a summary breakdown after:

December 19 New Mexico Bowl (Arizona vs. New Mexico) 2:00 PM TSN2
December 19 Las Vegas Bowl (BYU vs. #22 Utah) 3:30 PM ABC
December 19 Camellia Bowl (Appalachian State vs. Ohio) 5:30 PM TSN2
December 19 Cure Bowl (Georgia State vs. San Jose State) 7:00 PM CBSSN
December 19 New Orleans Bowl (Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech) 9:00 PM TSN2
December 21 Miami Beach Bowl (USF vs. Western Kentucky) 2:30 PM SP
December 22 Idaho Potato Bowl (Akron vs. Utah State) 3:30 PM TSN2
December 22 Boca Raton Bowl (#24 Temple vs. Toledo) 7:00 PM TSN2
December 23 Poinsettia Bowl (Boise State vs. Northern Illinois) 4:30 PM TSN2
December 23 GoDaddy Bowl (Bowling Green vs. Georgia Southern) 8:00 PM TSN2
December 24 Bahamas Bowl (Middle Tennessee vs. Western Michigan) 12:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
December 24 Hawaii Bowl (Cincinnati vs. San Diego State) 8:00 PM SP
December 26 St. Petersburg Bowl (Connecticut vs. Marshall) 11:00 AM SP
December 26 Sun Bowl (Miami vs. Washington State) 2:00 PM CBS
December 26 Heart of Dallas Bowl (Southern Miss vs. Washington) 2:20 PM SP
December 26 Pinstripe Bowl (Duke vs. Indiana) 3:30 PM ABC
December 26 Independence Bowl (Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech) 5:45 PM TSN2
December 26 Foster Farms Bowl (Nebraska vs. UCLA) 9:15 PM TSN2
December 28 Military Bowl (#21 Navy vs. Pittsburgh) 2:30 PM SP
December 28 Quick Lane Bowl (Central Michigan vs. Minnesota) 5:00 PM SP
December 29 Armed Forces Bowl (Air Force vs. California) 2:00 PM SP
December 29 Russell Athletic Bowl (#17 Baylor vs. #10 North Carolina) 5:30 PM TSN2
December 29 Arizona Bowl (Colorado State vs. Nevada) 7:30 PM MyTV
December 29 Texas Bowl (#20 LSU vs. Texas Tech) 9:00 PM TSN2
December 30 Birmingham Bowl (Auburn vs. Memphis) 12:00 PM SP
December 30 Belk Bowl (Mississippi State vs. NC State) 3:30 PM SP
December 30 Music City Bowl (Louisville vs. Texas A&M) 7:00 PM SP
December 30 Holiday Bowl (#25 USC vs. Wisconsin) 10:30 PM TSN1/TSN3
December 31 Peach Bowl (#9 Florida State vs. #18 Houston) 12:00 PM SP
December 31 Orange Bowl (#1 Clemson vs. #4 Oklahoma) 4:00 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
December 31 Cotton Bowl (#2 Alabama vs. #3 Michigan State) 8:00 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5
January 01 Outback Bowl (#13 Northwestern vs. #23 Tennessee) 12:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
January 01 Citrus Bowl (#19 Florida vs. #14 Michigan) 1:00 PM ABC/TSN2
January 01 Fiesta Bowl (#8 Notre Dame vs. #7 Ohio State) 1:00 PM TSN1/TSN3
January 01 Rose Bowl (#5 Iowa vs. #6 Stanford) 5:00 PM TSN2
January 01 Sugar Bowl (#16 Oklahoma State vs. #12 Ole Miss) 8:30 PM TSN2
January 02 TaxSlayer Bowl (Georgia vs. Penn State) 12:00 PM SP
January 02 Liberty Bowl (Arkansas vs. Kansas State) 3:20 PM TSN4
January 02 Alamo Bowl (#15 Oregon vs. #11 TCU) 6:45 PM TSN4
January 02 Cactus Bowl (Arizona State vs. West Virginia) 10:15 PM TSN1
January 11 National Championship Game (Orange winner vs. Cotton winner) 8:30 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Break it down

  • The numbers come in like this:
    • Three games on ABC (one is simsubbed on TSN – Citrus Bowl)
    • One game on MyTV
    • One game on CBS Sports Network
    • One game on CBS
    • 24 games on the TSN family of networks (one is simsubbed from ABC – Citrus Bowl)
    • 12 games on the specialty pack
  • Among the 24 TSN broadcasts, one-third of them (eight for math-weak people) have not been set yet. Just know they will appear on at least one of the five channels. I have made assumptions on all of these and denote them with an asterisk (*).
  • Out of the 41 bowl games (this includes the National Championship), 12 (or 30%) of the games are on the specialty pack. Luckily for people without the specialty pack, TSN has stepped up with a lot of bowl game broadcasts. It could have been a lot worse.

UPDATE: The Poinsettia Bowl and GoDaddy Bowl (both on December 23rd) have been confirmed for TSN2.

UPDATE #2: The Orange Bowl will now be shown on TSNs 1, 3, 4, & 5.

UPDATE #3: The Rose and Sugar Bowls, interestingly enough, are only on TSN2 on New Year’s Day.  Also on January 2nd, the Liberty Bowl and the Alamo Bowl will appear on TSN4 and the Cactus Bowl, late at night, will be on TSN1.  Why are they switching networks?  Who the fuck knows.

UPDATE #4: The National Championship will appear on TSNs 1, 3, 4, & 5.

Also, coming up we have some other college football games that are listed here:

December 18 Division III Championship (Mount Union vs. St. Thomas) 7:00 PM SP
December 18 FCS Semi-Final (Richmond at North Dakota State) 8:00 PM SP
December 19 Celebration Bowl (Alcorn State vs. North Carolina A&T) 12:00 PM ABC
December 19 Division II Championship (Northwest Missouri State vs. Shepherd) 4:00 PM SP
December 19 FCS Semi-Final (Sam Houston State at Jacksonville State) 4:00 PM SP

From what I have seen, both Fibe and Satellite have these games on their schedule. Rogers has not included them in their specialty pack schedule yet but I am sure it’s just a matter of time.  The FCS Championship is on January 9th (2 days before the FBS National Championship) at noon.  Should be on the specialty pack as well.

Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “Da Bowl Game TV Schedule

  1. I miss the Vernes, but I appreciate your picks and rankings anyway (and I understand what a pain it would be to cut and paste Verne’s mug hundreds of times). Thanks again for your great work all season, Bossman. I seldom comment but check in on your blog every week.

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