Week 14 NFL Short Recap – Sponsored by the Mack Attack

Yeah this guy.

Khalil Mack had, arguably, the best defensive game of the past few years against Denver. He almost singlehandedly (as much as you can in the NFL) beat the Broncos. Unreal. Five sacks and a forced fumble. The AFC West is quickly becoming a very difficult division….if you take the new Los Angeles Chargers out of the mix. It sounds like this coming weekend will be the last game ever in San Diego at their shithole of a stadium. Hopefully, once the Chargers move and Qualcomm Stadium’s only tenant is San Diego State, they can take out about 20,000 seats so that it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in a god damn cavern to watch mediocre college football.

Rest of the very short recap/commentary:

  • The Broncos look positively average against the Raiders (some might say their offense was well below-average) and Andy Dalton has been lost for the rest of the regular season. So that means the Patriots will probably end up #1 in the AFC going into the playoffs yet again. Ugh. Great now we get to hear from the hordes of Patriots fans, the most insufferable fans in all of football, about how great their team is. We get it. But Tom Brady still will not sleep with you.
  • Jacksonville put 51 points on the board against Indy? Is the AFC South having a bet with the NFC East to see who the worst division is? Having the Jaguars in the playoffs would be the perfect ending to a ridiculous season in the NFL.
  • The Bills are who we thought they were (thanks again Dennis Green). They just can’t string together enough wins to be considered a threat. It’s been a recurring theme for the better part of almost two decades now. Now I hear they don’t know if Tyrod Taylor is the guy to quarterback this team. Are they fucking kidding? He’s been one of the bright spots on a decidedly ho-hum season. It’s almost like the Bills organization has to do something to fuck things up because success would be way too hard for them to handle.
  • Yes Carolina is that good. But another point came out of their 38-0 shellacking of the Falcons…Atlanta is that bad. Their start was one of the biggest early season smokeshows ever. They will easily miss the playoffs and it is further proof that Matt Ryan is just the southern version of Matthew Stafford. Flashy but, all in all, not an elite quarterback.

OK enough of this, let’s get to the good stuff…the ever-changing playoff picture. Here is how I see things finishing when it comes to playoff seedings:

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Carolina (South)
2 Cincinnati (North) 2 Arizona (West)
3 Denver (West) 3 Minnesota (North)
4 Houston (South) 4 Washington (East)
Wild-Card Spots Wild-Card Spots
5 Kansas City 5 Green Bay
6 Pittsburgh 6 Seattle


In the AFC, it now looks like a clear path to the #1 seed for New England. Cincinnati will get the #2 seed but to be honest I think both them and the Broncos will limp to the finish. I think Houston will somehow get to 8-8 and win the AFC South, which should prompt the NFL to change the playoff structure for next season since that is ridiculous. Kansas City could very well be the one team no one wants to face going into the playoffs. They should run the table, end at 11-5, and be a tough out. As for the other Wild-Card spot, it comes down to the Jets and Steelers. I think the Steelers pull this out and will head to Denver for the first round. And we all know what happened last time the Steelers travelled to Denver for a Wild-Card game…

As for the NFC, the Panthers have basically locked up the #1 seed in the NFC. Same goes for the Cards who have pretty much locked up the #2 spot. I still believe the Vikings will win the NFC North considering their schedule is much easier than Green Bay’s over the next two weeks. The final game of the year between these two in Lambeau will still, in all likelihood, decide the division and the #3 seed. I still also believe the Skins will pull out the NFC East (perhaps at 7-9). They have the easiest schedule between them, the Eagles, and the Giants. Whoever doesn’t win the NFC North (I have the Packers down there), should get the first Wild-Card spot. The second one is almost clinched as well as Seattle has got on a roll lately. The NFC playoff picture could be complete before Week 17 even begins.

We are just around the corner from bowl season. Tomorrow I will have my bowl ratings and picks. I have found out that most of those bowl pools are for ‘Murican residents only so fuck them I’ll do ProLine instead (yes I am going to go back on the ProLine wagon for this). I will also have a bowl game finalized schedule out (if TSN gets their ass in gear) on Thursday so you can plan to watch way too much relatively meaningless football. Friday night also has the Division III Championship game and one of the FCS semi-finals (Richmond-North Dakota State). Saturday has a bunch of bowl games, the Division II Championship game and the other FCS semi-final (Sam Houston State-Jacksonville State). Then NFL Sunday. NFL schedule back on Friday this week.


2 thoughts on “Week 14 NFL Short Recap – Sponsored by the Mack Attack

  1. Hey Bossman, do you think the Packers are going to blow their one game lead in the NFC Norris.
    Even if the Vikes win their next 2 and the Pack drops 2 in a row, it would then come down to a one game winner take all for the #3 seed at Lambeau on January 3.I don’t see the Vikes winning that game. I think the Seahawks get the 5 and the Vikes get the 6.

    1. I honestly do think the Vikings have a good chance. I say this knowing next week the Packers could have basically sewn up the division. Either way, I think even with the Seahawks playing well, the Packers/Vikings loser will end up at #5. The NFC is essentially set other than the horrible NFC East.

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