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Bowl Game TV Schedule

2016 national championship

It’s that time of year. It’s BOWL GAME SEASON! But I totally agree with the fact that there are too many bowls. The fact that there are three 5-7 teams in bowl games is bad enough. The worst has to be the fact that there are forty bowl games and one is stuck with an inter-conference matchup. They couldn’t figure out a way to not have this happen with about 60% of the teams involved? That’s insane. I wish they would take an objective look at this (they being the NCAA and most importantly, ESPN) and do the following:

  • Take anywhere from 5-10 bowls away. There are too many. My reasoning is not because there are 5-7 teams involved (although that’s a small part of it). It more has to do with the fact that some games are on at stupid times. To have a game on a weekday a few days before Christmas in the middle of the afternoon is beyond asinine. During the week (except for Christmas Day), if a bowl game is on a weekday, it should start no earlier than 5:00 on the east coast. Fuck the people of the west coast and being three hours behind. You guys get to watch the late, late games and have them done around 11:00 while us suckers on the east coast are up until 2 in the morning. This is our payback.
  • Only allow bowl tie-ins in the following ways: for Power Five conferences, they have four tie-ins; for Group of Five conferences, they have three. Beyond that, everything is at-large. On Selection Sunday (we didn’t get it here in Canada but it sounded boring as shit), have representatives from all the bowls with no tie-ins (or only one tie-in) go through a random draw a la the NBA Draft. Then once the order is determined, each spot gets five minutes to make their team selection. Talk about adding a bit of excitement to the proceedings. All of a sudden, a ton more eyeballs may be on the Cure Bowl because they somehow nabbed USC and Georgia, for example, rather than what they have now (no offense to San Jose State and Georgia State).
  • Put more games on network television. I know ESPN is the KING OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL but it would be nice to spread the wealth around. Having a game on American Sports Network (MyTV out of Buffalo) is a good thing because it spreads things around. I wish they had another game or two on ABC and another game on CBS. Just a few. And for fuck’s sake, if CBS is doing the Sun Bowl can you please make it so an SEC West team has to go there. Send a Big XII team there as well. Or a Conference USA team. Having an ACC vs. Pac-12 match matchup there makes no sense in El Paso on the network that shows the SEC Game of the Week. Did no one think this through?

I have more issues but those are the major ones that, I believe, would help immensely with the cash-grab known as bowl season. Don’t even get me started with all the swag the students get. How in the hell is that OK, yet any other time if a student-athlete accepts four French fries he’s banned for life from the NCAA? What a joke.

Anyway, here is the schedule. I will do a little explaining on it below:

December 19 New Mexico Bowl (Arizona vs. New Mexico) 2:00 PM TSN2
December 19 Las Vegas Bowl (BYU vs. Utah) 3:30 PM ABC
December 19 Camellia Bowl (Appalachian State vs. Ohio) 5:30 PM TSN2
December 19 Cure Bowl (Georgia State vs. San Jose State) 7:00 PM CBSSN
December 19 New Orleans Bowl (Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech) 9:00 PM TSN2
December 21 Miami Beach Bowl (USF vs. Western Kentucky) 2:30 PM SP
December 22 Idaho Potato Bowl (Akron vs. Utah State) 3:30 PM TSN2
December 22 Boca Raton Bowl (Temple vs. Toledo) 7:00 PM TSN2
December 23 Poinsettia Bowl (Boise State vs. Northern Illinois) 4:30 PM TSN*
December 23 GoDaddy Bowl (Bowling Green vs. Georgia Southern) 8:00 PM TSN*
December 24 Bahamas Bowl (Middle Tennessee vs. Western Michigan) 12:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
December 24 Hawaii Bowl (Cincinnati vs. San Diego State) 8:00 PM SP
December 26 St. Petersburg Bowl (Connecticut vs. Marshall) 11:00 AM SP
December 26 Sun Bowl (Miami vs. Washington State) 2:00 PM CBS
December 26 Heart of Dallas Bowl (Southern Miss vs. Washington) 2:20 PM SP
December 26 Pinstripe Bowl (Duke vs. Indiana) 3:30 PM ABC
December 26 Independence Bowl (Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech) 5:45 PM TSN2
December 26 Foster Farms Bowl (Nebraska vs. UCLA) 9:15 PM TSN2
December 28 Military Bowl (Navy vs. Pittsburgh) 2:30 PM SP
December 28 Quick Lane Bowl (Central Michigan vs. Minnesota) 5:00 PM SP
December 29 Armed Forces Bowl (Air Force vs. California) 2:00 PM SP
December 29 Russell Athletic Bowl (Baylor vs. North Carolina) 5:30 PM TSN2
December 29 Arizona Bowl (Colorado State vs. Nevada) 7:30 PM MyTV
December 29 Texas Bowl (LSU vs. Texas Tech) 9:00 PM TSN2
December 30 Birmingham Bowl (Auburn vs. Memphis) 12:00 PM SP
December 30 Belk Bowl (Mississippi State vs. NC State) 3:30 PM SP
December 30 Music City Bowl (Louisville vs. Texas A&M) 7:00 PM SP
December 30 Holiday Bowl (USC vs. Wisconsin) 10:30 PM TSN1/TSN3
December 31 Peach Bowl (Florida State vs. Houston) 12:00 PM SP
December 31 Orange Bowl (Clemson vs. Oklahoma) 4:00 PM TSN*
December 31 Cotton Bowl (Alabama vs. Michigan State) 8:00 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5
January 01 Outback Bowl (Northwestern vs. Tennessee) 12:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
January 01 Citrus Bowl (Florida vs. Michigan) 1:00 PM ABC/TSN2
January 01 Fiesta Bowl (Notre Dame vs. Ohio State) 1:00 PM TSN1/TSN3
January 01 Rose Bowl (Iowa vs. Stanford) 5:00 PM TSN*
January 01 Sugar Bowl (Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss) 8:30 PM TSN*
January 02 TaxSlayer Bowl (Georgia vs. Penn State) 12:00 PM SP
January 02 Liberty Bowl (Arkansas vs. Kansas State) 3:20 PM TSN2
January 02 Alamo Bowl (Oregon vs. TCU) 6:45 PM TSN*
January 02 Cactus Bowl (Arizona State vs. West Virginia) 10:15 PM TSN*
January 11 National Championship Game (Orange winner vs. Cotton winner) 8:30 PM TSN*

You’ll notice some games have TSN with an asterisk beside it. At this point, TSN has not given out information on which of the five stations they will put these games on. Here is what I believe will happen:

  • December 23rd – I assume both the Poinsettia Bowl and the GoDaddy Bowl will end up on TSN2.
  • December 31st – The Orange Bowl will probably end up on the same stations as the Cotton Bowl afterwards, namely TSNs 1, 4, and 5.
  • January 1st – The Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl are both on ESPN in the States. So is the Fiesta Bowl earlier in the day. That game is on TSN1 and TSN3. My best guess is that the Rose and Sugar will end up there as well.
  • January 2nd – The Liberty Bowl is on in the middle of the afternoon on TSN2. The Alamo Bowl and Cactus Bowl follow and should follow suit (TSN2 as well).
  • January 11th – With nothing else up against it, the national championship should be on at least three TSNs if not four.

I will update the actual schedule once these stations are announced and confirmed.

As for this weekend, we still have some action. The Army-Navy game is on CBS this Saturday, starting at 3:00. Also, we have two FCS quarter-final games on the specialty packs. Charleston Southern faces off against the #1-ranked FCS team, Jacksonville State (who almost upset Auburn earlier this season). That game is Friday night at 8:00. Saturday at noon it’s Northern Iowa playing the four-time defending champion North Dakota State Bison. Update: Colgate-Sam Houston State has been added at 8:00 Saturday night on the specialty packs.  As far as I can tell it is in SD only.  Update #2: Colgate-SHSU is already over.  It was played at noon.  So I don’t know why this is appearing at 8:00 on the guide.  If it does show, it’s a replay.  So yes, a bit of a lull this weekend before we get hit with bowl game madness starting the following Saturday.


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