Week 13 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by the Horrible, Horrible NFC East


I remember for much of this season I dumped hard on the AFC South. I said the AFC South could have a 6-10 division champ. It will probably be more like 8-8 but still, that’s a lot better than what is happening in the worst division in football now, the NFC East. This division, this season, is historically bad. The Redskins still lead the division, technically, at 5-7. The Giants and Eagles are tied with them. The Cowboys are one game back at 4-8 and still have a really good shot at winning the division if they run the table. That would put them at 8-8 and to be honest, that’s being generous to them since they are way worse than a .500 team.

Last night’s game proved how bad the NFC East is. It was thoroughly unwatchable until about a little over 2 minutes left. Then it went haywire. I will admit it was a great finish and that’s what I hope for in most football games. However, I do not want to sit through 57+ minutes of absolutely brutal football to get to that point. As long as the Cowboys don’t win the division I am fine to be honest. Not because I have a hate on for the Cowboys. It’s more that FOX or NBC will put them in the primetime spot because MURICA’S TEAM and all that horseshit.

Anyway, a few more notes on this past weekend’s action (or lack thereof):

  • Carolina is still undefeated and stands a really good chance of finishing 16-0. Their last four games are vs. Atlanta, at N.Y. Giants, at Atlanta, vs. Tampa Bay. None of these teams are that good (although Tampa is showing some life). Mercury Morris has to be biting his fingernails right now.
  • The Patriots lost again. And to the Eagles? Man. I think the loss of Gronk hurts them more than they want to say. The only thing worse would be losing Brady for even one game. And now that they have dropped to #3 in the current AFC standings, you have to wonder about their chances in the playoffs. If healthy, it should be much less of an issue but you never know with this group.
  • Kansas City and Pittsburgh are really trying to sew up the Wild-Card race sooner rather than later. However, the Jets, Bills, and Texans are not allowing them to run away with it to the point that the Jets are now in the #6 spot thanks to tiebreakers.
  • Tom Coughlin is that coach who lives off of his Super Bowl wins. And that’s fine. But he is done in New York. That decision to go for it rather than take the field goal in the fourth quarter was asinine and made no sense. Just fire the guy and move on, even if the Giants somehow (inexplicably) win the division.
  • How many empty seats were there at the dome in St. Louis the other day? Way too many in my opinion. I think the time for professional football in St. Louis is done. They don’t want the team and haven’t since Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and the Greatest Show on Turf left. Let Kroenke move them to L.A. and get it over with.

OK now let’s look at what I believe the playoff seeds will end up at. This changes on a daily basis. You can call it parity, I will call it bad predictions on my part.

Division Champs Division Champs
1 Denver (West) 1 Carolina (South)
2 Cincinnati (North) 2 Arizona (West)
3 New England (East) 3 Minnesota (North)
4 Indianapolis (South) 4 Washington (East)
Wild-Card Spots Wild-Card Spots
5 Kansas City 5 Green Bay
6 Buffalo 6 Seattle


So in the AFC, a bit of a shift at the top. To be honest you could put the top three in any order as of now and could make a very good argument for it. I think the Patriots have a slightly tougher schedule going in and that’s why I have them at the #3 spot. Indy should hold off Houston, although I think no matter what, the division champ will be 8-8. Kansas City should run away with the first Wild-Card spot. The second one is a bit more interesting. Buffalo does not have a very difficult final four games so have a very good chance of moving past the Jets and Steelers into that spot.

In the NFC, Carolina and Arizona are getting closer and closer to being locks for the first-round byes. Minnesota-Green Bay will come down to the last week I am sure and the loser of that battle would end up as the top Wild-Card spot. Honestly, you probably would want to lose. Consider this: which would you rather, a home game against Seattle or a road game against the NFC East champ (Washington is my pick for now)? Of course you would want to travel to D.C. Speaking of the NFC East, I have the Skins winning and doing it at 8-8 but really, there is a great possibility the division champ will be 7-9. Commissioner Fuckstick, it’s time to change the playoff format. Division champs should only be guaranteed a top five spot, not a top four spot. If it was like that this season, Washington would travel to Green Bay and Indianapolis would go to Kansas City and both of those scenarios make a whole lot more sense. The NFC North runner-up (whoever that will end up being) and Seattle are starting to distance themselves from the rest of the teams and could make for an uneventful Week 17 in the NFC the way things are going.

OK tomorrow I will have the bowl game schedule for you bowl game fanatics. Even I have to admit now they are too many bowl games. It’s getting out of hand when there are games that are played in full while I am at work. I can understand putting on as many games as possible since they actually do relatively well in the ratings. Up here, other than the NFL and the World Juniors they compare somewhat favourably to all other sporting events. However, let’s look at an example of how out of hand it has got. On December 21st, a Monday, the Miami Beach Bowl starts at 2:30. 2:30! Are they nuts? I get that there is Monday Night Football that night so maybe it would make more sense to start it at 5:00 and have it as a lead-in to that game. At least more people will be home to potentially watch it. Such stupidity (and greed…let’s be honest here). Next week’s NFL schedule will come a day earlier than usual (Thursday if you don’t read this blog normally).


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