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Conference Championship Week Recap – Sponsored by those damn ACC officials again


OK what the fuck is wrong with the officials from the ACC. Fucking terrible. Let’s paint the picture from Saturday night: North Carolina comes back and is down 8 with 1:13 left in the ACC Championship. So of course they try the onside kick and recover it! Wait, flag on the play. Tar Heels were offside. Damn. Hold on, there wasn’t offside. Not a single player. But of course this isn’t a reviewable call. What? Why? How stupid is that? So one of the officials botches it and then the replay official doesn’t get his chance to fuck things up even further? Anyway, there is no way to know if UNC would have scored a touchdown AND got a two-point conversion afterwards but it’s this kind of shitty officiating that paints college football in general in a bit of a bad way.  By the way, Clemson won.  That seems like the least important part of this opening paragraph.

The rest of the recap-o:

Florida shouldn’t have even bothered punting. Two blocked punts early on by the Crimson Tide should have told Jim Bob McElwain to not bother punting the rest of the game. They probably would have been better off to try and go for it (or fake going for it and have Neon Treon do a pooch punt). Take those two botches out and it’s a much closer game, despite the fact it felt like anything but…even when the Gators had a 7-2 lead early on.

Could they have not got someone out of the stands to play quarterback? Being a quarterback on the 2015 Baylor Bears has to be the most hazardous job in college football. Unofficially, I am pretty sure they have gone through 63 QBs this year. So what happens on Saturday? Another QB goes down. So they have a converted cornerback or wide receiver or whatever the fuck he was filling in. And as you probably figured out, it was disastrous. The Bears had a Sugar Bowl bid locked up and they end up losing to a pretty bad Longhorns team and now will not sit at the Bowl Game Adult Table. Sucks to be them.

And your Group of Five representative will be…Houston! The Cougs pretty much dominated from start to finish, even with the 11-point differential at the end. This means Houston would be back in a big bowl for the first time in….um….have they ever gone to a huge bowl game? I am guessing no. Cue shouts of a Big XII invitation.

McCaffrey. McHeisman. I kind of like the fact that Christian McCaffrey (and to a lesser extent Deshaun Watson) have made it so Derrick Henry won’t be running away with the Heisman Trophy this season. The media wanted drama. They wanted so badly for Leonard Fournette to have a bad game or two so that had something to talk about. Well now they do and it makes it a very difficult task for the Heisman voters to determine who should win. To be honest, I would vote for McCaffrey but any of the three would suffice. It’s amazing that the player that shattered Barry Sanders’ record for all-purpose yards in a season might finish as low as third in the Heisman vote. Crazy. Oh and Stanford won the game but that seemed secondary.

Iowon’t. Poor Iowa. It had looked like a battle of the field goal kickers at the Big Ten Championship. Then the Hawkeyes struck for a long touchdown pass to take the lead. Everyone seemed to figure they had it. But then Sparty drove down the field and scored when L.J. Scott reached into the end zone after being initially stuffed a yard short. This all happened with 27 seconds remaining in the game. Don’t get me wrong, the Rose Bowl is a nice consolation prize but a chance at the College Football Playoff won’t come around too often for programs like Iowa. This was their chance. They were so close to cracking the CFP which will, most likely, be full of blueblood programs for years to come (something Iowa definitely is not).

A few other things happened like Georgia State being bowl-eligible for the first time ever and Kansas State making it a little easier on the NCAA by grabbing bowl-eligibility themselves with a win over West Virginia. Three 5-7 teams will be in bowl games. Two more bowl games are starting next season. I think we have hit the point of market saturation. Don’t get me wrong, I love bowl games because it’s more college football but there’s a point where it has become ridiculous. Bowl games are supposed to be showcases for the programs involved and the stadium and city it is being held in. By having multiple bowls on at the same time, it hurts this idea. I think the only time it isn’t an issue is New Year’s Day but even then. This year you will have Notre Dame and Ohio State playing in the Fiesta Bowl up against two other bowl games. Those two other games (the Citrus and Outback) will not get nearly the ratings they normally would for this reason. That isn’t fair for the other bowls and the teams in those bowls. But again, it’s all about money and until it makes sense not to add bowl games, this won’t stop. It’s unfortunate. We are all college football fans but our choices to watch damn near everything college football causes this and it’s spiralling out of control. Oh well at least we have the semi-finals on New Year’s Eve. Which is fucking bullshit but hey what do I know.

I will have the NFL recap up tomorrow followed by the official bowl game schedule on Wednesday. TSN has come out with their bowl game schedule so I will include that and try to piece together the rest.


2 thoughts on “Conference Championship Week Recap – Sponsored by those damn ACC officials again

  1. Why is it that the officials must screw up in crucial moments of a game? With the advances in replay & technology over the years, more officiating screw ups should be undone.

    I agree with you 100% about there being too many bowl games. 5-7 teams participating in bowl games? Seriously? I am a Nebraska fan and they shouldn’t even be playing in a bowl game this holiday season.

    This year’s College Football Playoff should be fun. Hopefully both semi final games and the National Championship are close and have down to the wire finishes.

    1. They could easily lop off 5-10 bowl games and very few would notice.
      I can understand the issue with the semis being on New Year’s Eve and it’s two different issues. The 4:00 game starts when many are still at work and some on the west coast will get to see very little of it. The 8:00 game is an issue for people going out for New Year’s (at least in the eastern part of the continent). I hope they fix this but they will never be able to since the Rose Bowl pretty much has the trump card: they will only be on at 5:00 on New Year’s Day unopposed. That causes a lot of issues for the College Football Playoff team for sure.

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