Week 12 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by the Cleveland Browns: Finding New Ways of Losing since 1999

dog browns

I don’t include the original Cleveland Browns since they were an average team that, every so often, did quite well. Not these Cleveland Browns though. Oh no. They find new ways to lose. Take last night’s game for example. Last play of the game. Browns line up for a 51-yard field goal attempt in a tie game. It’s a long field goal so if they miss it, at least they have overtime. Nope, not the Fighting Pettines. The field goal is blocked and returned for a touchdown for a Ravens win. Unreal. How can you be a Browns fan in this day and age? You’d have to drink a lot of alcohol to drown your sorrows week after week after week after week…

Alright some of the rest of the goings on from Week 12 of the NFL season of 2015:

Awwwwww, the Denver Broncos? Yes the Denver Broncos spoiled New England’s perfect season. Was it a well officiated game? Well… could debate that. In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter since the Patriots, almost assuredly, will win the AFC East and get a first-round bye in the playoffs. Losing Gronk may be an issue but it sounds like it’s not as serious as what was originally thought. Also, it may be the end of Peyton Manning in Denver since Brock Osweiler has done quite well in his place.

Now that’s the Falcons we all know and love. I think some of us were fooled by the early season playing of the Atlanta Falcons. They stormed out of the gate. Many more thought “Hmmm, maybe they are a playoff contender.” Now we know that’s all crap. This team is no different than they were the past few years. Not very good. It doesn’t help that Carolina has been nothing short of awesome this year but still, the Falcons are coming back down to the Earth with a harder thud than has been seen in the NFL in a long time.

Wait a minute…there are TWO above-.500 teams in the AFC South? Well, well, well. Indianapolis and Houston have got out of their early-season funk and are playing some of the hottest football in the league. Now I have to amend my statement from earlier weeks saying we would have a 6-10 AFC South champ. Thanks guys. It still may end up at 8-8 though. Don’t count that possibility out.

Wait a minute…the Washington F’n Redskins are leading the NFC East? Yes, those Washington Redskins coached by the founder of the RGIII Hate Club, Jay Gruden. Somehow, Kirk Cousins has become a good QB. Somehow the rest of the offense has woke up. Somehow the defense has been pretty stout all year. Also, there’s the fact the rest of the NFC East is hot garbage but hey…I would love to see the Redskins in the playoffs since it goes against EVERYONE’s pre-season picks.

Wait a minute…the Chiefs won AGAIN? It is really starting to look like the Chiefs could be the team that waltzes into one of the AFC Wild Card spots. They are the only non-division leading team playing well in the AFC for the most part. Let’s look at the teams just below them:

  • First of all, we have Pittsburgh, N.Y. Jets, and Houston all tied with KC for the wild-card spots. All three of those teams have been inconsistent although the Texans are coming on strong right now. Still think KC can beat at least two of those three.
  • Just on the outside looking in we have Oakland, Baltimore, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Miami. I cannot see any of these teams being in the playoffs. If so, it might be a travesty.

Back for another look at the playoff predictions. Here we go:

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Carolina (South)
2 Cincinnati (North) 2 Arizona (West)
3 Denver (West) 3 Minnesota (North)
4 Indianapolis (South) 4 Washington (East)
Wild-Card Spots Wild-Card Spots
5 Kansas City 5 Green Bay
6 Pittsburgh 6 Seattle


Only one change in division leaders. Washington seems to be heading towards an NFC East title. That may change by next Sunday night. As for the Wild-Card spots, KC and Seattle have worked their way into those spots. I already went over the gongshow that is the AFC Wild-Card race. The NFC race is a little clearer even with five weeks to go. The teams chasing the Packers and Seahawks (Atlanta, N.Y. Giants, Chicago, Tampa Bay) honestly aren’t on the same level as Green Bay and Seattle. So unless something big happens (injury to important player, big loss in a game that should have been won), those two teams should end up in. But it is the NFL so you never know. Wait, of course we do. For all the talk of parity, there are still about a dozen teams that have done sweet fuck all over the past decade.

For once, there is no football Tuesday and Wednesday. I am somewhat sad on that. Then again, I have a feeling I may find my house to be a bit cleaner over the next month and errands actually done since I basically ignored almost everything this past month. But it was football so it was good.

Next game will be Thursday night as the Packers try to rebound against the Lions.


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