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Week 12 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by Well the Cowboys are fucked now

Jason Garrett
That’s an understatement.

No Romo? HUGE PROBLEM! Actually to be honest, I think before Romo was injured was a smokeshow. The Cowboys were never that good this season and now it is showing. With Romo done for the season now, this team could end up with the #1 overall pick which would be VERY interesting.

Anyway, let’s get to the schedule. This is gonna be quick:

1:00 Minnesota at Atlanta FOX (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ottawa)
1:00 St. Louis at Cincinnati FOX (Eastern Canada)
1:00 New Orleans at Houston No TV
1:00 Tampa Bay at Indianapolis No TV
1:00 San Diego at Jacksonville No TV
1:00 Buffalo at Kansas City CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville)/CTV (Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto)
1:00 Oakland at Tennessee CBS (BC, Alberta)/TSN2
1:00 NY Giants at Washington FOX (Northern Ontario, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec)/CTV (Montreal)
1:00 Miami at NY Jets CBS (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Atlantic)
4:05 Arizona at San Francisco FOX (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston)/CTV2 (Vancouver Island, Alberta, Ontario)
4:25 Pittsburgh at Seattle CBS (all of Canada)/CTV (all of Canada (except Atlantic))/CTV2 (Atlantic)
8:30 New England at Denver NBC/TSN2
8:30 Baltimore at Cleveland TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Quick Notes on the schedule

  • As you have probably noticed, the Sunday nighter is only on NBC and TSN2 because of this little thing called the Grey Cup going on that night on the rest of the TSNs. For you CFL fans, the Edmonton Eskimos try to rip out the hearts of an entire city when they face the team with arguably the worst name in pro sports history, the Ottawa Redblacks. The city of Ottawa hasn’t tasted Grey Cup success since before I was born (1976). They have gone through more franchises in that timespan (they’re on their third) than winning seasons (this is the first since 1979). I kind of hope the Rouge-Noirs do win because otherwise we may be out of a team in Ottawa in five years (if history has taught us anything).
  • Three games aren’t showing this week on Canadian television and all three are probably games that no one would probably turn to anyway.
  • I was so looking forward to Johnny Football doing his thing the rest of the season. Well it appears his thing is standing on the sideline looking like a doofus. What a shitshow that kid is. I don’t mind when an athlete is successful and THEN goes out and parties and gets all the women. But when you were successful in college and have done sweet fuck-all in the pros, you might want to tone it down a bit Gianni Bottle Service. You aren’t Gronk. Don’t pretend you are.

Some Quick Picks

I sincerely hope Baltimore and Cleveland play to a scoreless draw. Well, wait maybe not. Mike Tirico may throw himself out of the press box to his death if that happens. Other picks:

  • Buffalo over Kansas City (hey why not, someone has to get that last Wild-Card spot)
  • New England over Denver (have they clinched the AFC East yet?)
  • Arizona over San Francisco (have they clinched the NFC West yet?)
  • NY Giants over Washington (someone has to win the NFC East)

Alright here is what I see for the next three days:

  • A lot of football today
  • A lot of football tomorrow
  • A lot of football Sunday

Got it? Good.


4 thoughts on “Week 12 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by Well the Cowboys are fucked now

  1. “I kind of hope the Rouge-Noirs do win because otherwise we may be out of a team in Ottawa in five years (if history has taught us anything).”

    Not sure if you are aware, the Redblacks have strong local ownership in the Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group (OSEG). I don’t think football fans in Ottawa and the surrounding areas are going to allow a third CFL team to slip away.

    I think that there might be a new head coach of the Cowboys next season and some other changes as well. But with Jerry Jones running things in Dallas, who knows. Staying with the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles ain’t looking so good. I wasn’t sold on the Eagles this year and couldn’t have been more right. Besides, I cannot see them beat New England next Sunday so Philly will be finished just like Dallas. Do you think that Chip Kelly will take one of the many head coaching jobs available in the NCAA or fill a vacancy in the NFL next season? My guess is that he goes back to being a head coach in the college game. If the Giants beat the Redskins on Sunday, New York would hold the tiebreaker advantage over Washington if both clubs have the same record after Week 17.

    Also, which game is CTV in Ottawa showing on Sunday at 1:00? You didn’t list which game they are showing.


    1. Sorry about that. I have fixed it. Ottawa area residents will get Minnesota-Atlanta for their 1:00 game.
      As for Chip Kelly, he may go back but I do not believe he is as sought after as he may have been a month or so ago. He could get most of the jobs but I don’t think he gets the USC, Miami, or South Carolina gigs which, at this point, are the best ones.
      There is a very real possibility that the NFC East champ will be 8-8 at the end of the season and that it will come down to the Giants and Skins which is a very sad state of affairs for that division.


  2. Thanks Bossman & no problem. My football viewing is set for tomorrow. I look forward to the Vikings game and watching the Grey Cup. LETS GO REDBLACKS!!!

    I will also watch the first half of ARZ-SF & PIT-SEA as well as the second half of the Patriots @ Broncos Sunday Night game.

    What do you think about Virginia Tech hiring Justin Fuente and keeping longtime defensive coordinator Bud Foster on the staff? If the reports that LSU will fire Les Miles turn out to be true, what the hell are they thinking? Unless they are able to land someone like Jimbo Fisher or another top quality head coaching candidate, it will backfire big time on Louisiana State.


    1. Yeah I think I will be watching more of the Grey Cup than any of the NFL games on at the same time.
      Fuente is a great hire and keeping Foster is huge. Coming out with the story while Memphis was playing had to be a tiny bit awkward.
      LSU would be crazy to fire Les Miles. It makes no sense. The SEC West is tough almost every year. I have a feeling they would do it because “they haven’t done as much as Alabama”. That’s about it. And yes, if Miles goes, expect a high-profile hire.


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