Week 10 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by Big Dud

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Wow, the Cowboys are bad. Like really bad. I know Tony Romo will be coming back soon but is this team too far gone? I think they are. Tony will help them to a few more wins but he won’t be bringing them back for a Wild-Card spot or anything like that. I mean if the rest of the team can’t perform well enough to score more than 6 points against Tampa Bay, then they won’t just magically get better. They should release a lot of dead weight and guys who are basically locker room cancer (ahem, Greg Hardy). Trade Dez Bryant for something since he’s shown he’s basically out for Dez and Dez only and start again. It’s worked in the past and I think if they built it correctly again they can get back to prominence.

Hey there were other things that happened over the past two days:

Cincinnati lost! And to the Texans. Damn. And they looked horrible doing it. Are these the “real” Bengals or was this just an aberration? I guess we have to ask the same thing about the Texans. Let’s be honest, the AFC Dirty South is a terrible division and the NFL deserves to have a 10-loss division champ. I just don’t know if it will be Houston or not.

Green Bay lost! And to the Lions. Damn. That entire team looked shitty. A-a-ron isn’t the same A-a-ron of earlier this season. This team is falling apart while the Vikings are just motoring past them. I would not be surprised now to see Minnesota take the NFC North this season, meaning the Packers would have to fight for a Wild-Card spot. Not easy in the NFC.

New England won! A close game for sure with a couple of interesting (read: controversial) calls. But the Patriots pulled it out yet again. My guess is they will go 15-0 and then lose the season finale in Miami to a Dolphins team that signed some shitty QB because Tannehill couldn’t do the job (think Jason Campbell).

Denver lost! Wow, Peyton Manning was a dumpster fire in that game. Absolutely brutal on a day he breaks Brett Favre’s passing yards record. And to the Chiefs! Ugh.

It now seems like there is one dominant team in each conference (Carolina and New England), one semi-dominant team that’s kind of out of nowhere (Minnesota and Cincinnati), one decent division champ who will get the #3 spot by default (Arizona and Denver), and then a really shitty division champ who may not even deserve to be in the playoffs (NY Giants and Indianapolis). The middle of the pack has become very crowded and with seven weeks to go I think I can confidently say it will go down to the wire this season. Here is how I see things shaking out:

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Carolina (South)
2 Cincinnati (North) 2 Minnesota (North)
3 Denver (West) 3 Arizona (West)
4 Indianapolis (South) 4 NY Giants (East)
Wild-Card Spots Wild-Card Spots
5 Pittsburgh 5 Green Bay
6 Buffalo 6 Washington


OK hear me out. I have a feeling I have eleven picks out of the twelve most of you would pick at this point. One of these things is not like the other (sing along!). No I am not smoking crack right now. I have picked the Washington Redskins to win the last wild card spot in the NFC. Here is my reasoning:

  • The Skins have, arguably, the hottest quarterback in November in Kirk Cousins. The guy has somehow been on fire. RG Who?
  • The Skins overall have played quite well. Well, at least well enough not to lose which has been an issue for the better part of the last decade.
  • The Falcons are not for real. Matty Ice has turned into Matty Lukewarm Soup. The team around him is faltering. Yes they have a two-game cushion on the Skins but that will evaporate, mostly because they haven’t played Carolina yet.
  • The Skins have a ridiculously easy division to play in, whereas other contenders like the Bears and Seahawks don’t.

There are other reasons. I also put them there partially to piss some people off. Can you imagine, considering so many people want Washington to change their team name, and they make the playoffs? People would be pissed and I would be happy.

Anyway, enough of the NFL for now. College football tonight and tomorrow (with one game tonight on TSN3 and TSN5). NFL back, along with more college football, this Thursday.


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