NFL TV Schedule

Week 10 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by COLOUR RUSH (or COLOR RUSH for you Americans)

color rush

OK so the Bills and Jets had uniforms that weren’t that bad…as long as you weren’t colour blind. Then it was a mess. No point in even watching when all you see two dark uniform teams play. It looks like a Timbit soccer game between a bunch of 5-year-olds in that case. But if you thought that was bad, wait until next week when the Titans and Jags play in their fancy colour (or COLOR) rush uniforms.

color rush 2

Team Blue Koolaid against Team Baby Poo (or Chicken Gravy…or Dijon Mustard). Is this for real? Who gave the green light to this idea? I mean to sell these jerseys in stores and on and places like that, fine. But to actually watch players play on the field in these horrid uniforms? Every few years this happens among the four big sports leagues and it’s dumb. Marketing is one thing. Seeing them on the field/court/ice/diamond is another thing altogether.

Alright, here comes the schedule!

1:00 Jacksonville at Baltimore No TV
1:00 Detroit at Green Bay FOX (BC, Alberta, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg)
1:00 Miami at Philadelphia CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Ontario, Montreal, Atlantic)
1:00 Cleveland at Pittsburgh CBS (BC, Belleville)
1:00 Chicago at St. Louis CBS (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)
1:00 Dallas at Tampa Bay No TV
1:00 Carolina at Tennessee No TV
1:00 New Orleans at Washington FOX (Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV2 (all of Canada)
4:05 Minnesota at Oakland FOX (Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwestern Ontario)
4:25 Kansas City at Denver CBS (BC, Alberta)/CTV2 (Vancouver Island, Alberta)
4:25 New England at NY Giants CBS (all of Canada (except BC & Alberta))/CTV2 (Ontario, Atlantic)
8:30 Arizona at Seattle NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Houston at Cincinnati TSN1/TSN4

Only three games not on TV here and ONE INVOLVES THE COWBOYS?!?!?!?!?!?!? Man that tells you how much they don’t want to put Tampa Bay on in this area, even with Jameis CrabLegs running the show there. Patriots-Giants and Cards-Seahawks are the two main games of the week by far. The rest are littered with games where one team is OK to good against a team that is pretty crappy (this year at least). I mean last year they NEVER would have put KC-Denver up against New England-Giants because they would both be marquee games. Not this year. Future Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest competitor Andy Reid has a garbage team in Kansas City this year so very few want to watch Manning and Co. beat their asses. No games on TSN Sunday during the day because of the CFL playoffs. FYI, for you CFL fans: it’s Argos-Tiger-Cats at 1 and Lions-Stampeders at 4. They really need a 10th team in the CFL.

Gambling Notes and Things

  • Expect Green Bay to either blow Detroit out of the water or allow them to stay close.  The Packers have lost two in a row so to lose here would raise a lot of eyebrows.  I think they will win going away to be honest.
  • Another game that will probably be closer than it should be is the Browns travelling to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers.  Not that the Browns will win since they seem to find new ways to lose all the time but it has to be frustrating to be a fan of either team in this case.  You expect Pittsburgh to destroy Cleveland and they can’t quite put them away.  Yet, the Browns can’t get over the hump and take the lead.
  • I think this is the week.  I think the Patriots will lose.  It will be close.  To be honest, if they don’t lose this week they may never lose until the playoffs.
  • As for the other two undefeated teams, Cincinnati and Carolina, they will stay undefeated since they are playing AFC South Hot Garbage this week (Houston and Tennessee respectively).
  • Finally I really do think the Cards are going to be considered the elite team in the NFC.  They will start this Sunday night by beating the Seahawks who are slowly falling into oblivion.  What is up with these NFC West teams (other than Arizona)?

OK I will be honest. This was probably a shitty post. I did most of it last night after an extremely busy day so my brain was mush. As long as you have the info you need for viewing you should be good.

For you college football fans, there is one game tonight. USC-Colorado on TSN2 (despite what TSN itself says). UPDATE: TSN was right.  It isn’t on TSN2.  It’s on the specialty pack.  So where did Bell and Rogers get the TSN schedules???Then another huge weekend of football starting tomorrow. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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