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Week 11 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by the men and women who have fought for our country


It’s a day late I know but I usually don’t put out the college football TV schedule until Thursday because, well, if you have read this blog before you know exactly why I do that. Anyway, I actually saw some things online about people not paying their respects yesterday to remember all the people who have defended our country in the past. For fuck’s sake, it’s one god damned day. Would it kill you to take a little time out to show your gratitude? Ok, let’s get back to the task at hand before this gets out of control…

Time for the college football TV schedule for Week 11. It’s November so every week is important now…even the one next week where most of the SEC decides to play teams like Northwest Arkansas School for the Blind. Let’s start with the cable schedule for this week as it seems like the entire schedule is like one big puzzle from the show Survivor:

USC at Colorado (Fri) (moved to specialty pack) 9:00 PM TSN2 X X X
#3 Ohio State at Illinois 12:00 PM ABC/TSN4 X X X
Penn at Harvard 12:00 PM MyTV X X
Purdue at #18 Northwestern 12:00 PM BTN X
Georgia at Auburn 12:00 PM CBS X X X
Tulane at Army 12:00 PM CBSSN X X
#11 Florida at South Carolina 12:00 PM TSN1 X X X
Maryland at #13 Michigan State 12:00 PM TSN2 X X X
Texas at West Virginia 12:00 PM TSN3 X X X
NC State at #16 Florida State (also on Rogers SSP) 12:30 PM WSBK X X X
#14 Michigan at Indiana 3:30 PM ABC/TSN4 X X X
Nebraska at Rutgers 3:30 PM BTN X
#2 Alabama at #17 Mississippi State 3:30 PM CBS X X X
SMU at #20 Navy 3:30 PM CBSSN X X
#8 Oklahoma State at Iowa State 3:30 PM TSN1 X X X
#1 Clemson at Syracuse 3:30 PM TSN2 X X X
Wake Forest at #4 Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC X X X
#22 Temple at USF 7:00 PM CBSSN X X
Arkansas at #9 LSU 7:15 PM TSN1/TSN4 X X X
Oregon at #7 Stanford 7:30 PM FOX X X X
#12 Oklahoma at #6 Baylor 8:00 PM ABC X X X
Minnesota at #5 Iowa 8:00 PM BTN X
Wyoming at San Diego State 10:30 PM CBSSN X X
Washington State at #19 UCLA 10:45 PM TSN1 X X X

The silliness starts tomorrow night with the cable schedule. Every guide I have seen shows USC-Colorado on TSN2, except for one…the guide on the actual TSN site. It shows, well, something completely different. I don’t know how often TSN updates those guides so maybe that’s the case here. UPDATE: USC-Colorado has moved to the specialty packs.  So TSN was right after all.  That begs the question…where the fuck does Rogers and Bell get their info from if TSN themselves didn’t have it on their schedule?  For all of you non-specialty pack people, this is a boon this week. TEN games on the TSN networks when you include tomorrow night’s game. That is unprecedented. Bravo to TSN for stepping up, especially when there really isn’t anything else on. It’s something Sportsnet struggled to do before they picked up their Hockeygasm package.

Now the specialty pack schedule which takes on a bit of intrigue (and frustration) this week:

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech (Thu) 7:30 PM X X X
UL-Lafayette at South Alabama (Thu) 7:30 PM X X X
North Texas at Tennessee* 12:00 PM X X
Virginia at Louisville (not appearing on Rogers guide yet) 12:30 PM X X X
Miami at #23 North Carolina 3:30 PM X X X
Kentucky at Vanderbilt* 4:00 PM X X
#21 Memphis at #24 Houston 7:00 PM X X X
Western Carolina at Texas A&M 7:00 PM X X X
BYU vs. Missouri (in Kansas City) 7:30 PM X X
New Mexico at Boise State 10:15 PM X X X

Holy crap there are as many games on TSN these next few days as there is the specialty pack: ten. This would be the kind of week that would make me wonder why I have the specialty pack to begin with but most of the weeks are not like this. Anyway, about half the schedule is not showing up which isn’t surprising. The only surprising issue is tonight’s Battle of the Techs (Virginia’s and Georgia’s) isn’t showing anywhere. The game is on tonight! Oh well it will show up for sure. I think the fact there are so few Saturday games on the packs (nine) that it’s pretty easy to piece together where those games will go as well. Again, the asterisks are there to show which games aren’t actually showing up on the guide but there are places set out for them. The usual rigmarole that we get from this package.  Update #2: ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU games are all set.  Only the Noon and 4:00 SEC Network games on Bell are not showing yet.  They should be showing by tonight.

Fun Time Games of the Week

I’m home this Saturday. So my PVR gets a break. I’m sure it will thank me some day.

#12 Oklahoma at #6 Baylor (8:00, ABC) – Finally, the Big XII schedule has beefed up. And for those that say they didn’t backload the schedule, give your head a shake. Did you think Kansas was going to be angling for a College Football Playoff spot at this point? Please. Anyway, this should be a fun one (as most of the ABC Saturday Night games have been). Expect at least 70 points (and I am really low-balling with that number) and some Madden-esque playcalling from Art Briles. Definitely looking forward to it.

#2 Alabama at #17 Mississippi State (3:30, CBS) – The Bulldogs could put a MASSIVE wrench into the SEC West and Bama’s CFP plans with a win here. And don’t count them out. Even when the Bulldogs were kind of shitty they always had quite the home-field advantage at Cowbell City (that kind of rhymes). A Bama win almost guarantees them the SEC West. MSU winning could destroy the SEC’s chances of putting a team in the CFP. A lot at stake here.

#21 Memphis at #24 Houston (7:00, specialty pack) – The AAC has become a lot more interesting now that Memphis has lost. Yes, Memphis winning out would have been interesting from a CFP standpoint, but from a Group of Five and AAC standpoint it would have made for a little more boring end to the season. Memphis can essentially put the Group of Five spot into chaos and thrust themselves back into that spot over Navy with a win here. If Houston wins here, then they will probably be undefeated going into the inaugural AAC title game against Temple with that same Go5 spot on the line. A lot going on with this one.

#3 Ohio State at Illinois (Noon, ABC/TSN4) – OK hear me out here. Normally you would look at this game and go “Really? A game of the week? Nah.” I know Ohio State usually comes in as the favourite but it was only 8 years ago when a relatively good Illini team went into Columbus and shocked the #1 Buckeyes (and the college football world…ok maybe not it was 2007) who were staring down a spot in the BCS National Championship at the time. Considering the season we have had, I can see the Illini doing it this time around, especially since they are at home. Remember, this isn’t Tim Beckman’s Illini.

Arkansas at #9 LSU (7:15, TSN1/TSN4) – Another game that at first glance you’d wonder why it was placed here. Arkansas has been all over the map; more so than any other team in college football. They have a chance here to become bowl-eligible and beat the arch-rivals to the south. Won’t be easy since Death Valley on a Saturday night is kryptonite to damn near every team in college football. If the Fighting Bielemas are on point they should have a shot at this. Plus, this will be a good gauge to see if LSU (and Leonard Fournette) can recover from the can of whoop ass opened on them by Bama last weekend.

Oregon at #7 Stanford (7:30, FOX) – Ah, staggered start times. I love it…when I can watch college football that day. I love the fact FOX likes to start games at slightly different times than the ESPN conglomerate of networks. If it’s a good game it will get a lot of eyeballs. The Cardinal win this one and they clinch the Pac-12 North with two weeks to go. Pretty impressive. Lose, and it’s not the Pac-12 North title that will be the big deal. Any chance at the CFP goes up in flames with a loss here. Oregon has played just well enough to keep themselves out of also-ran territory. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull off the upset.

Greasy Vegas Picks of the Week

If I had hair, I know I wouldn’t grease it back like many of those bookies. See, if a bookie wants to make himself look inconspicuous in Vegas, he should grow an afro. No one is looking for a guy with an afro to make bets for them. Anyway, here’s my picks of the week if I cared to gamble on them:

Baylor over Oklahoma (60-54 in overtime is the prediction here)

Alabama over Mississippi State

Memphis over Houston (to put the Go5 in a bit of chaos)

Ohio State over Illinois (but not by much)

LSU over Arkansas

Oregon over Stanford (upset of the week)

Florida State over NC State

Utah over Arizona

Washington State over UCLA (mini-upset of the week)

North Carolina over The U

Alright, so as far as I can tell, we have the Technicolor Dreamcoat matchup between the Bills and Jets tonight, along with two college football games: one is set on the specialty pack, the other should show up in the next few hours. Tomorrow night, again as far as I know, USC-Colorado the only game and it should be on TSN2 (despite what TSN itself is saying). And then Saturday should be a lot of fun! Enjoy the games.


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