Week 8 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by some pretty shitty organizations

First off we have the Washington Redskins, which seems to be always shitty. I don’t need to explain why and it honestly has almost nothing to do with the name Redskins. Then we have the San Francisco 49ers who always seem to want to one-up themselves when it comes to buffoonery. The latest saga is the benching of Colin Kapernick for Blaine Fucking Gabbert. Seriously? Head coach/janitor-in-training Jim Tomsula, his entire staff, the scouting staff, the GM, hell everyone should be shitcanned. Just start the entire franchise over. They have fallen so far in twelve months it’s unbelievable. Finally, we have the Tennessee Titans who just fired Ken Whisenhunt. Was he a good coach? He was OK I guess. Problem is Tennessee is horrible. They have very little talent. Nothing Whizz or anyone could do. Until they get new owners I don’t think you will see improvement in Nashville. I won’t even include the Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams, Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars………is half the league crappy teams?

Anyway on to the rest of Sunday where the better teams, for the most part, separated themselves from the pack even more:

  • We still have four undefeated teams in the NFL.  It’s November.  Parity can eat a dick I guess.  Honestly, the NFL never really had parity, they just liked to say they did.  It’s not like out of the twelve teams that made the playoffs last year, only four would make it back.  That’s absurd.  And that has NEVER been the NFL.  To say it’s a complete shock that Cincinnati is still undefeated is asinine.  They have been one of the best five or six teams the past decade.  Unfortunately their playoff record has been terrible so they still can’t win when it counts.  All it would take is one trip to the Super Bowl and revisionist history pundits will kick in with Marvin Lewis all of a sudden becoming one of the greatest coaches ever.
  • One of those undefeated teams, Carolina, beat Indianapolis in overtime last night.  Fun game to watch in the rain.  It also solidified the fact the AFC South is the worst division in football.  Way worse than the NFC East and that’s saying a lot.  I still believe there is a possibility we will have a 6-10 division champ and it could happen this season.  If the season ended today, the Colts would win the division and get a home Wild Card game. How absurd is that?  I really believe they have to change it so the division champs can only be guaranteed a top 5 seed, not a top 4.  This means if they really aren’t that good they have to play the best Wild Card team on the road.  That’s what they deserve.
  • I guess we have to stop all the Peyton Manning is done talk.  He was good.  Not Peyton of a few years ago good, but still good.  But that Denver D.  Wow!  Phenomenal what they did against a powerful Green Bay offense.  If they continue that kind of play, then regardless of what anyone thinks, they are a true Super Bowl contender.
  • Don’t look now but the Oakland Raiders hold the top Wild Card spot in the AFC.  Al Davis is looking down, giving everyone else the finger while cheering for his team.  Too bad they might be back in Los Angeles next season.  Or maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know.  All I know is the O.Co Coliseum looks like a shithole.
  • That hit on Ricardo Lockette was brutal during the Seahawks-Cowboys game.  The thing is, it was perfectly legal.  Just unfortunate.  What happened afterwards was ridiculous with the Dez Bryant thing, then the benches kind of emptying.  I do think Dez is a Class A dickbag but I don’t think he would ever say something about an injured player like that.  That would be crossing the line for sure and would set him up as a huge target on the field, something a receiver never wants to be.
  • And now to the absurd game of the week: how about that Saints victory over the Giants?  That was a ton of fun to watch.  Third-most points in NFL history combined.  Brees threw seven touchdowns for christ’s sake and they still needed a 50-yard field goal with no time left to win it.  Crazy.  So when do New Orleans and the Giants get their Big XII invites?
  • They need to send more teams internationally for these games.  The NFL obviously is doing the least possible to get the most reward out of this NFL in London business.  Sending the Lions and the Chiefs?  If that game had been in Toronto, they would have been lucky to sell out.  They should have eight games abroad each year so that each team, inside a 2-year period, plays an international game.  That way it’s fair.  I know that’s not how the NFL operates so that will never happen but it should be taken into consideration at least.

Alright we are now getting into football every day mode. Even the NFL gets involved during American Thanksgiving week. Tonight and tomorrow night we have some MAC action for people who have the specialty packs. I’ll be back Thursday with the college football schedule and then Friday with the NFL one.  Update: Tonight’s MAC game is on TSN4.  Tomorrow’s is still on the specialty pack as far as I can tell.


2 thoughts on “Week 8 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by some pretty shitty organizations

  1. I think that it would be better to plays games in London and in other international sites during the preseason. Instead, Commissioner Godell and the NFL decides that they want five regular season games in London. I don’t understand… Oh wait, Godell is the worst commissioner in professional sports.

    Yep, the 49ers are a JOKE. Jim Harbaugh literally turned the team around in the right direction and had them on a path to winning a Super Bowl and they got rid of him. Whisenhunt was not the problem in Tennessee. He is very good as an offensive coordinator and great working with quarterbacks. After Carolina made the playoffs with a below .500 record, it will look even worse if the Colts or whoever wins the AFC South does what the Panthers did last year and the NFL (Godell) doesn’t change the playoff format. I am still in favour of what the league proposed last year. Here is the link to refresh your memory:

    Who knows where the Raiders will be playing next season. This year though they are looking very good. I’m not 100% sure about their chances of victory this week @ Pittsburgh but I think that the Raiders will beat the Vikings next week and that’s coming from a Minnesota fan.

    1. I totally agree with international games (or any neutral-site game) being played during the pre-season. Doing it during the regular season is an unfair disadvantage to the teams that have to go. Basically the NFL schedule maker is saying “You see these six teams going to London this year? Chances are none of them will make the playoffs anyway so it’s not a big deal.”

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