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Week 9 College Football Recap – Sponsored by The Band (They’re not on the field. AREN’T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE FIELD???)


Ho hum.  Another ridiculous ending to another ridiculous college football game.  This one was a bit more ridiculous than most.  Duke scores a touchdown with 6 seconds left.  They kickoff, then Miami laterals the ball EIGHT TIMES to score a touchdown with no time left.  Then the officials and the replay officials debated it for almost ten minutes before staying the call stood.  Holy shitshow, Batman.  I think the biggest thing that came out of this ending is that there are so many different reasons why the touchdown shouldn’t have counted, you would have to be a moron to not see it.  First off, there was a block in the back which you could have called either way.  Then just before the fourth lateral, the ball carrier’s knee was clearly down and was not called (or seen on replay…yet Twitter figured it out within three minutes).

The replay officials couldn't see this?
The replay officials couldn’t see this?

Then near the end of the run, for some reason, a Miami player did another block in the back. There was no reason to as the runner was past the Duke player. An official threw a flag on that. Then you had a guy that came off the bench (I think it was way more than one) before the play was over. Worst part is, you cannot review a block in the back penalty. So that flag should have stood. The referee had no legal way to pick up that flag yet he did. All in all, a complete clusterfuck. Fun play to watch but it’s easy to figure out why the entire god damn crew was suspended for two games. I’m glad they were. It wasn’t the only set of bad calls or missed calls. The entire game was littered with them. The ACC might want to take a long hard look at these officials to determine if they should return next season.

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I think it’s official. No one really wants to win the ACC Coastal Division. I kind of don’t blame them. They would have to probably face that juggernaut Clemson team in the ACC Championship. Knowing this division, Duke will beat North Carolina next weekend to cause complete chaos.

Good god, Nebraska is bad. No crazy finish this time. They really shouldn’t have been in this game at all against Purdue. They flat-out got their asses handed to them. They now need to win their last three games to go to a bowl game. I don’t see them doing it. This feels worse than when Bill Callahan was there.

Congratulations Keenan! Navy’s Keenan Reynolds rushed for two touchdowns to tie Montee Ball’s career FBS record for rushing touchdowns. Funny thing is, he’s a quarterback. I have always been fascinated by why Navy (and to a lesser extent Air Force) field pretty good teams yet Army has struggled for the better part of two decades. I don’t get it.

The Yellow Jackets celebrated their win over Florida State… by looking terrible against Virginia and losing by 6. They also have to win their last three games to even be bowl-eligible. They have a little better chance than Nebraska of doing it but it will still be tough sledding. What a fall off the cliff for Paul Johnson’s Option Boys.

So Florida can clinch the SEC East next week. If the Gators beat Vanderbilt on Saturday they win the SEC East and clinch a spot over a month from now in the SEC Championship. The Gators are really good but the rest of the division is mediocre at best. Too many issues at the other six schools that they will have to fix or otherwise there’s no way they can compete in the SEC.

Well that was interesting to watch. One of the games I had on the PVR was Oklahoma State-Texas Tech. It took me a while to watch that one since there was so much scoring (123 points combined…highest FBS total this season). I am worried that when they play TCU next week I will have to put 5 hours on the PVR for the game and pray (if we even get the game in this area).

Speaking of getting games in this area… I put Clemson-NC State on the PVR to record because it would be on ESPN2 in the Buffalo or Detroit areas. Both areas had Maryland-Iowa slated for ABC. So I turn on that recording to see? Maryland-Iowa. What in the fuck happened? Not that either game was that great but if we get one game of the reverse mirror in this area on ABC, why in the fuck would the specialty packs show the same damn game? They wouldn’t do that with games on TSN (since they are always eventually taken off the specialty pack if that’s the case). I still don’t get how this works since it should be pretty easy.

Houston and Memphis play each other in two weeks. Memphis has to get by a tough Navy team first but all signs point to the Cougs and Tigers being both undefeated when the face off. It will end up being the de facto AAC West Championship game and the winner will be in the driver’s seat for sure to be the Group of Five representative at the Big Boy Table (New Year’s Six).

Wait. Iowa State SHUTOUT Texas? Yes, this isn’t a misprint. Iowa State thoroughly outplayed the Longhorns and beat them 24-0. Now Texas has to win three of their last four to be bowl-eligible and truly calm down the Fire Charlie Strong supporters. It won’t be easy for them.

Brutal way to end that one. To lose on a goal-line stand from the one with no time left is a punch in the gut. To do it in the first game after Jerry Kill had to retire due to health reasons will make this a very difficult week to deal with in Minnesota. You have to feel for that program right now.

Oh so close. Temple played Notre Dame very tough. I think they surprised a lot of people and proved they are one of the class programs of the American conference. Unfortunately, unless we get chaos with Houston, Memphis, and Toledo, the Owls have lost their shot at a Peach or Fiesta Bowl bid. It’s too bad since they will lose Tyler Matakevich, one of the best defensive players in the country, and they will probably lose Matt Rhule as well considering there are, what 10 job openings now? Speaking of job openings…

Beamer Ball is coming to an end. Frank Beamer has decided he wants to see what retirement feels like as he will be retiring as coach at Virginia Tech at the end of the season. Talk about a huge job opening, one of many now available. Expect Rhule, Justin Fuente, Tom Herman, and Matt Campbell to all get a lot of phone calls over the next month. I don’t expect any of those four guys to still be with their respective teams at the start of the 2016 season.

You really can’t blame the kicker here. Wazzu’s kicker Erik Powell had hit five field goals before lining up for the potential winning kick. He ended up missing that sixth one but you can’t really blame him. Without him, they are probably having to go for a touchdown to win the game. Stanford has to feel lucky they won. So does the Pac-12. If the Cardinal had lost, their entire conference’s chances at the College Football Playoff would rely on Utah.

Speaking of the College Football Playoff, might as well weigh in with my choices right now:

Orange Bowl: #1 Ohio State vs. #4 Baylor

Cotton Bowl: #2 Alabama vs. #3 Clemson

Hey how about that. It hasn’t changed since last week. Makes sense since three of these four teams didn’t play and the other team beat NC State by 15. But everyone knows that November is where these teams create their playoff resumes. Here are the issues facing each of these four teams for the rest of the regular season:

Ohio State – Nov. 21 vs. Michigan State, Nov. 28 at Michigan

Alabama – Nov. 7 vs. LSU, Nov. 14 at Mississippi State

Clemson – Nov. 7 vs. Florida State

Baylor – Nov. 14 vs. Oklahoma, Nov. 21 at Oklahoma State, Nov. 27 at TCU

Baylor has the toughest road by far. The Big XII’s issue could end up being all the best teams beating each other up and costing the league a CFP spot yet again (cue expansion talk). Alabama and Clemson really do have their statement games this Saturday. A Clemson win puts them in the ACC Championship. An Alabama win doesn’t automatically put them in the SEC Championship as Ole Miss controls their own fate which could set up a very interesting scenario if both Bama and the Rebels win out. We could have a similar scenario which basically made the playoff a reality. That was when the Tide weren’t even in the SEC Championship but got to the National Championship game and won. I love chaos so part of me hopes this is what happens.

As for the Group of Five spot, I am going to go a bit off the board. Most have Memphis firmly in the spot and perhaps Toledo has a shot if a lot of things go their way (including winning all their games). I am going with Houston since I think they will run the table, meaning they will beat both Memphis and Navy in the next four weeks. Navy is at Memphis this Saturday in a game that will, in all likelihood, eliminate the loser from a chance at the New Year’s Six.

We have come to November, folks. The month where this is football almost every day. Hallelujah! Tomorrow night, we have some MACtion as Northern Illinois faces Toledo in arguably the biggest MAC game of the season. Wednesday night there’s some more MACtion as Ohio travels to Bowling Green. If the Falcons win they basically clinch the MAC East with three more weeks to go. If you have the specialty pack you will get both games.

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