Week 7 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by Big D….saster


What in the hell is going on in Dallas? Don’t get me wrong, Tony Romo is a very good quarterback but him going down shouldn’t have caused this. This guy isn’t A-aron Rodgers or Tom Brady. The entire team has imploded. Makes no sense. And while we are on the issue of the Cowboys, can they just cut that pile of trash, Greg Hardy? The guy is clearly a nutcase. I don’t really care what he’s done outside of football (he sounds like a shitbag but you could label at least 30% of the NFL’s players like that), but he acts like a god damn hothead on the field and then pushes coordinators and other players around. What’s his deal? Is he on the DTs and can’t handle it? Does he have a mental illness? Did someone call him a derogatory name? Those are probably the only three reasons I would somewhat accept. If none of these are true, release this dumbass. Now if they could only find a quarterback for the next few weeks…

Rest of the Fun-Time Recap

I will not relocate this blog. It’s hard enough getting readers for this one. To relocate it would be blogicide. But I’m not the Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, or San Diego Chargers. To be honest, they should also move the Jacksonville Jaguars. This way they could have an AFC Los Angeles Division.

And this is why the Bills always miss the playoffs. It’s the fucking Jacksonville Jaguars for god’s sake. The Bills shouldn’t have gone down by that much to begin with. Their sloppy play every season is why they now have the longest streak of missing the playoffs in North American professional sports (Go Jays!). Two months ago, no one would have said this but they DESPERATELY need Tyrod Taylor back.

The Redskins did what? What a comeback by the Skins. Very impressive. Especially for that team. I know it was only the Bucs but still. Honestly, they have as good a chance to win the NFC East as any other team. Which is sad. Amazingly enough this isn’t the worst division in football.

Are we looking at a 6-10 playoff team? It is entirely possible that the winner of the AFC South will be 6-10. All four teams are awful. I never thought Indy would be this bad but I was pretty sure the other three teams would be. I kind of hope this happens so that Commissioner Fucktard can change the playoff structure, making it so a division winner can only be guaranteed a top 5 seed and not a top 4 seed.

Holy offense Batman! That first half that the Dolphins put up against the Texans was insane. Holy crap has Miami played well for Dan Campbell. This is what they were supposed to be. Maybe, just maybe, they can put a scare in the Patriots. I say this because the rest of the Pats’ schedule looks somewhat soft meaning they could totally go 16-0 in the regular season. What does this mean? We would have to hear stupid Patriot fans blabbering on and on about their team. This is the thing: I am not a Pats fan but I admit they are a very good team. It’s their fans I can’t stand. Funny how all these fans have been fans before 2000. Sure you were.

I’d love to give you a list of teams probably already eliminated. But I can’t. I can name a few. Baltimore, Cleveland, Kansas City, and San Diego in the AFC. Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco in the NFC. Any team in the NFC East and AFC South are still in play despite their horrid records. I guess this means Week 17 will be unreal in terms of excitement, unlike many of the previous few years where only a handful of games truly mattered.

On the other end of the spectrum. We still have 5 undefeated teams. FIVE! It will be down to four after this coming week as Green Bay travels to Denver. But still. We may hit the halfway mark of the year with four undefeated teams. Unprecedented. Let’s hope this means the Wild Card races are great since some of these divisions will be clinched by American Thanksgiving.

Since I have been under the weather, that is it for the recap. I’ll try better next time. Or not. I don’t really know. No early college football this week so the next games for both college and NFL are Thursday night. You will have a (hopefully mostly complete) post on the college football TV schedule by then.


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