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Week 8 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Did you see that play to end the Florida State-Georgia Tech game? Good god. I don’t know what it is about this season but there have been a few amazingly crazily stupid finishes. Like this one. I don’t get it. It felt like 10 seconds had elapsed between the blocked field goal and the Georgia Tech player picking it up. I still haven’t seen a camera shot of all the FSU players at that point but at least eight of them must have been just standing around since it felt like there were only three Noles players within striking distance of the player with the ball. All in all, it was a great ending to a kind of mediocre game that all but eliminated Florida State from the College Football Playoff because the ACC (other than Clemson) is hardly any better than the AAC.

OK on to the rest of the recap. Thank god for some great games and finishes since the slate was pretty meh overall. It kept me entertained. I was able to stay up until the middle of the fourth quarter of the Washington-Stanford game solely on adrenaline from earlier on in the day (although I kind of paid for it the next day).

This sets up the biggest game in Temple history. Temple. The Temple Owls football team. They will be hosting Notre Dame on ABC next Saturday night, in PRIMETIME. How crazy does that sound? It does to me. This is easily Temple’s best team ever. If they can pull out the win over the Irish next weekend, they almost lock up the Group of Five spot (as long as they win their remaining games). I don’t see how Toledo, Memphis, or Houston could catch them.

Finally it happened. Just a few weeks too late. Al Golden was finally fired at Miami. Probably at least three weeks too late. The team is a mess. The worst part is, they could still be bowl-eligible this season. What the hell is going on with coaches this season? I have never seen this many head coaching openings during a season ever. Speaking of that…

It’s about time George. Another mess of a team in Florida. UCF is brutal. How they have fallen this fast I have no idea. But a good first start is George O’Leary resigning. They need something. A spark. It doesn’t help that the American is far and away the best conference of the Group of Five and could even be considered better than the ACC.

Multiple overtimes? Don’t mind if I do. Not one, but TWO quadruple-overtime games on Saturday. The insanity continues. First, Arkansas somehow beats Auburn in four overtimes in a game between struggling SEC schools. Then Duke gets a big scare from Beamer’s Boys but still, in the end, wins in the fourth overtime period. Even though it was sloppy at times, both games were highly entertaining.

I’m pretty sure Bo never lost five games in a season. Nebraska is 3-5. Let that sink in. They need to win three of their last four just to qualify for a bowl and it will not be easy. No team in college football (even Tennessee and Texas) have had a more heartbreaking season than the Huskers. In every one of their losses, they were leading at some point in the fourth quarter. Mike Riley must be the least popular person in the entire state of Nebraska right now. And somewhere, if his facial muscles allow it, Bo Pelini is smiling.

That was a bit of a scare. At one point, Toledo was down 18 to UMass. UMASS! They eventually ended up winning but unfortunately for them, they have the same problem as Marshall had last season. The rest of their schedule is almost comically easy so unless they blow every one of those teams out the rest of the way, they will be overtaken for the New Year’s Six spot even if they run the table. The only way they get it is if they are the only undefeated Group of Five team remaining and even then I wonder if they would get the invite.

Now let’s get a bit more serious. What happened in Stillwater Saturday morning was a tragedy. Some idiot, who was drunk, ran their car into the homecoming parade, killing four and seriously injuring countless others. This is the type of person that has no place in society at all. I hope she never, ever, sets foot outside a prison as a free woman ever again. Let the bitch rot there. It totally overshadowed the Pokes huge win over woeful Kansas (which was to be expected). It will be a tough rest of the football season for Oklahoma State and the people of Stillwater.

Now this has been bad. The two-time defending SEC East champion Missouri Tigers have played some of the most atrocious football ever this season. Their offense is non-existent. Thankfully for them their defense is fairly good but they only scored three points against Vanderbilt? Come on. The problem now is that everyone is back to seeing Missouri as a team that maybe never should have been invited to the SEC in the first place which is sad considering how successful they have been in their new conference.

The Cougs are going to be bowl-eligible. Yes, all three of them. Houston and BYU are already there. Houston was expected, BYU has been a surprisingly good team this season, but Washington State has completely defied the odds. They are one win away from going back to a bowl game. If that doesn’t make you notice how this is getting very close to 2007 in terms of being completely ridiculous, here are a few other teams who are either bowl-eligible or could clinch in the next two or three weeks: USF, Illinois, FIU, Southern Miss, New Mexico, and Colorado. All these teams suck-diddly-ucked for at least the past couple years yet are closing in on a potential bowl game. Crazy.

USC is tough to figure out. I don’t get it. They play well when you think they have no chance (see the upset over Utah or the almost-upset of Notre Dame). Other times they play god-awful (see the Washington loss). To be honest, Clay Helton has coached his way into the conversation. If he doesn’t get the USC job (which I don’t think he will), then he probably has a decent shot at landing his first head coaching gig somewhere in the FBS since every other team seems to be firing their head coach these days.

Alright, it is getting close to Halloween and early November. You know what that means? The first College Football Playoff rankings come out! They come out on November 3rd which means after that, there will be so many debates over it, it will get silly. The media will always try to poke holes in the best teams even if they are dominant, much like what they are doing with Leonard Fournette and the Heisman.

So I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and give you my first look at the CFP Four. Here is how I see it being considering what has gone on so far:

Orange Bowl: #1 Ohio State vs. #4 Baylor

Cotton Bowl: #2 Alabama vs. #3 Clemson

The first three, in my estimation, are the easiest three to pick. I see Ohio State and Clemson ending the regular season undefeated and Alabama will run the table the rest of the way. The fourth team will be difficult since everyone is going to beat up on everyone else. In the end, I think Baylor will beat the teams they need to beat badly enough to eek out that last spot. I have them losing to TCU which would have knocked them out of contention, but I also have TCU losing a tough road trip to Oklahoma.

Alright that’s it for the slightly shorter college football recap. Tomorrow will be the NFL recap and I will be back Thursday with the college football TV schedule for the week.


2 thoughts on “Week 8 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. It will be a lot of fun to watch the Notre Dame @ Temple game this Saturday Night on ABC. I will be very happy if Notre Dame is handed their second loss of the season.


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