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Week 7 NFL Schedule – Sponsored by My Hands (which are sore from carving pumpkins)

I kind of like Halloween. I am not, however, one of those adults that goes apeshit over Halloween. I’m not talking about the people who get cool ideas for costumes to go to actual Halloween parties. That’s fine. I’m talking about people like me, who still have Halloween Trick-or-Treating-age kids. Some people go WAY overboard with it. I mean what the hell are you compensating for? You’re probably the same people who, at Christmas, have so many decorations they stick out onto the actual road, making it difficult to drive in very snowy weather (you dick). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, my hands are in a bit of pain…

Anyway, on to the schedule. Notice something different about it? You’d have to be blind not to.

9:30 Buffalo vs. Jacksonville (in London) CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough)
1:00 Tampa Bay at Washington No TV
1:00 Minnesota at Detroit FOX (Saskatchewan, Alberta, Western Ontario, K-W/Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)/TSN1/CTV (Winnipeg)
1:00 New Orleans at Indianapolis FOX (BC, Alberta, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan)
1:00 Pittsburgh at Kansas City No TV
1:00 Houston at Miami No TV
1:00 NY Jets at New England CBS (BC, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Ontario, Montreal, Atlantic)
1:00 Cleveland at St. Louis No TV
1:00 Atlanta at Tennessee No TV
4:05 Oakland at San Diego CBS (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K-W/Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)/TSN1
4:25 Dallas at NY Giants FOX (all of Canada)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ontario, Montreal)/CTV2 (Atlantic)
8:30 Philadelphia at Carolina NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Baltimore at Arizona TSN1/TSN3/TSN5

Yes, morning football…for some. If you are in the Golden Horseshoe, GTA, or Peterborough area (or basically anywhere you can get CBS out of Buffalo), you will get the Bills-Jaguars game on CBS. Update: It looks like Canadians will not have access to the Bills game even if you get CBS out of Buffalo.  Probably a simsub issue and, to be honest, it’s dumb.  The rest of us have to stream it somewhere. As far as I know, you can stream it through Yahoo and I am assuming there are other ways to do it.

As for the early games, it’s a bit of a joke. There are 8 games in the 1:00 timeslot and we are able to see 3 of them. That’s pretty bad. To be honest, I hope this Yahoo streaming of the game works well because the way things are done (up here in Canada at least) is ridiculous. We are getting less choice than we would have received ten years ago. Yet for college football, we are probably getting twice the amount of games we did back then (if not three times as many). Makes no sense.

As for selections, I won’t be doing full selections anymore. I feel I am wasting too much money on ProLine when it could go to Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49! But seriously, I don’t know of anyone who has won ProLine pools without boxing at least one game. So you have to pay at least $10 for the chance to win part of the pot. I usually boxed two games (boxing, in ProLine terms, means picking both teams so you couldn’t lose that particular game) and it would cost me $20. Which is fine once in a while but not every week. The reason I am still doing a few selections is so that I don’t do a full set of picks. If I did a full set of picks and I miraculously got every one right and didn’t play, it would probably be the last blog post I did.

Alright so here are a few predictions for this Sunday:

  • Upset of the week pick: Kansas City over Pittsburgh.  KC is that kind of team that will win a few games like this but lose many to teams like Detroit.
  • Take it to the bank: New England over NY Jets.  I’m not a huge fan of the Pats organization.  But what’s worse is Patriots fans (and Boston-area teams fans in general).  They are insufferable.  But the team is good.  They’ll win by about 30 (or lose by 1 and make me look like a fool).
  • London calling: I’d be shocked if the Bills didn’t win.  But if they do lose then we can consider them no different than any Bills team of the last dozen years.
  • San Fran lost last night.  If Oakland and St. Louis lose then the Relocation Trio will have completed the loser trifecta.  Just have the three teams playoff for the right to move.  Loser has to move to London or Mexico City.

Alright, college football tomorrow. I’m at @LikeABauce1978 on the Twitter Machine if you do that sort of thing. I’ll be there all day because I think I am addicted to college football. It also means I watch less NFL since I am now relatively busy on Sunday. Oh well, c’est la vie. Have a great weekend and enjoy the football!


5 thoughts on “Week 7 NFL Schedule – Sponsored by My Hands (which are sore from carving pumpkins)

  1. An OTA antenna (if you have one & assuming you are in range to receive Buffalo stations) would probably get you the Bills vs Jaguars game on WIVB.

    I think that Buffalo will win against Jacksonville. The rest of my picks are as follows:

    New England over N.Y. Jets
    Pittsburgh over Kansas City
    Houston over Miami
    St. Louis over Cleveland
    Indianapolis over New Orleans
    Washington over Tampa Bay
    Minnesota over Detroit
    Atlanta over Tennessee
    San Diego over Oakland
    N.Y. Giants over Dallas
    Carolina over Philadelphia
    Arizona over Baltimore

  2. Here is a tweet from John Kryk regarding the Bills-Jaguars game on WIVB here in Canada:

    @CTV/TSN blame “miscommunication” for stating #Bills-#Jaguars feed on #WIVB Buffalo would be blacked out in Canada, when it wasn’t.

  3. Here is a tweet from John Kryk regarding the Bills-Jaguars game on WIVB here in Canada:

    @CTV/TSN blame “miscommunication” for stating #Bills-#Jaguars feed on #WIVB Buffalo would be blacked out in Canada, when it wasn’t.

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