Week 6 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by THE PAGANO!


What in the blue hell was that? I couldn’t create a play that poor in Madden by trying, yet somehow Chucky P figured this was smart? First off, Pags, you don’t out-Belichick Belichick. Usually you can’t. And even if you do, his expression won’t change. He’s a robot. Second, I have seen various setups for a punt. But after what happened in the Michigan State-Michigan game (if you didn’t see it, find the video…it’s nuts) I would have done a normal punt every time. Not even the stupid rugby-style punts that work about 9% of the time. Finally, you were close with the Patriots. You had a chance to, perhaps, give them their first loss of the season. Why was that the time you decided to take your brain out of your head and say “Welp, I won’t need this anymore?” I just don’t get it. He may have survived cancer but this is the NFL. What have you done for me lately is their slogan. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another midseason shitcanning.

Rest of the Ol’ Recap

There was an NFL Monday Nighter? There was so much going on last night what with the election and the Jays game, I didn’t turn to the Giants-Eagles game once. Sounds like it was fun, unless you are a Giants fan. It’s too bad for them that 2 good years and the rest of them being mediocre has made Eli a quasi-legend since he clearly isn’t even a top 10 quarterback in the league (and I would argue, not even a top 20 quarterback anymore). Plus I have stopped buying the idea that Tom Coughlin can still coach. He’s been given somewhat of a lifetime pass, again for two good seasons. Time to cut the cord and rebuild in New Yawk.

Of course the Browns threw it away. Speaking of undefeated streaks ending, the Browns (THE BROWNS?!?!?!?) had a chance to end Denver’s streak to start the season. Instead, they decided to act like the Browns and throw the ball away, literally. It was painful to watch the highlights to be honest. But I kind of expected it. It is the Browns after all.

Four chances from inside the 5… and the Chargers come away with nothing. Again, another chance for a team to knock off another undefeated, better team and they fall short. At least it wasn’t pathetic. The Pack played good D, at least on that final set of downs.

One day the Bills fans will take it too far. There is no set of fans more awesome than Bills fans. They clearly do not care about anything other than the Bills, including themselves. I have this bad feeling, though, that one day a Bills fan will die when they decide to do a halftime Hell in a Cell match between sections 106 and 302 for the fans’ entertainment. As enjoyable as it would be, CBS would never air it, so it would really be all for naught.

Is Seattle really this bad? Perhaps. They just haven’t looked like the Seahawks of the past four seasons. It’s not like they have been blown out but they are one Megatron fumble from being 1-5 and dead last in the NFC West (yes even behind the 49ers). Speaking of the Fighting Tomsulas, Seattle faces them on Thursday night in a winner-gets-a-little-more-respectable match. They lose that and things could get real interesting in the Pacific Northwest.

Alright, that’s all. As I said it would be short. VERY short. I didn’t even watch almost any action live. Yeah it was one of those weekends. It won’t be like that this weekend. Have to make sure the portable vacuum is plugged in to get all the Dorito dust off my shirt.

College football fans (like, HARDCORE college football fans) will be happy tonight as UL-Lafayette faces Arkansas State on TSN2 at 8:00. College football schedule coming Thursday (I would love to do it Wednesday but I want to keep my sanity). NFL schedule out Friday as usual.


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