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Week 7 College Football Recap – Sponsored by whatever the hell that was at the end of the Michigan State-Michigan game

What the hell just happened?
What the hell just happened?

Yeah I don’t know either Jim. That ending will live on in infamy. There were so many possible things the punter could have done to at least make sure that the Spartans didn’t score a touchdown on that very play. He did pretty much everything wrong. He fumbled the snap which wasn’t great but wasn’t horrible. Then he picked it up and turned his back to the entire play. Then, as he was being tackled, he thought to try to punt the ball anyway. Instead of punting it, he basically threw it into the defender’s hands. So much fail in one play. I am not usually a proponent of cutting a guy for one play but Jim, you gotta cut that guy. Seriously. There is no way he will live that down. Ever.

OK time for the rest of the college football recap. I’m not feeling the best since whatever seems to be going around, I caught it. Went to bed early on Saturday. And when I mean early I mean just after 11. Normally when I have my kids and my PVR begs for mercy, I catch up throughout the day when I can and then end up staying up until 3 in the morning. I didn’t get very far. The next day was busier and I was feeling just a tad shittier so I barely got through all the action by evening. I hadn’t even watched any NFL games and had to rely on the NFL Network’s weird coverage whereby they tend to go over certain games three and four times whereas other games get seven seconds of highlights. I also relied on NBC’s pre-game show. If it wasn’t for Dan Patrick I think that show would be completely unwatchable. Anyway, enough about the NFL. More college football…at least in this post.

If Kentucky misses out on a bowl again, Mark will become Shitcanned Stoops. The Wildcats football team find ways to make their fans beg for basketball season. They should have beat Auburn on Thursday night but terrible playcalling probably lost them the game. For everyone who gets on college kickers for how poor they are compared to their NFL brethren, look at head coaches and offensive coordinators. More than half of them have no idea about playcalling and clock management. It’s brutal to watch at times.

Christian McCaffrey, come on down! I know the media is DESPERATE for a player to look like they have a chance to beat out Leonard Fournette for the Heisman. It won’t happen unless Leonard gets injured or has at least two sub-par games. Saying that, Ed McCaffrey’s offspring may have gone a long way towards booking his ticket to New York in December. But that wasn’t the most amazing thing about that game…

Catch of the year? Try catch of the decade. What Francis Owusu did on that catch was unreal. It is better than any catch I have seen in at least five or six years, and that includes Odell Beckham Jr.’s ridiculous one-hander last season. It was the icing on the cake for Stanford’s demolition of UCLA’s Pac-12 hopes.

So who will now get the Boise State spot in the New Year’s Six? The spot normally reserved for the Broncos will not go to the Broncos this year. My money right now is on Temple who still has a big game against Notre Dame to push them up the rankings. Either way, whoever gets in will have to go undefeated. If every one of Temple, Memphis, Houston, and Toledo lose between now and conference championship week we could be in for a lot of chaos.

Speaking of the Tigers… That was a statement game by Memphis. To beat a good Ole Miss team on national TV (not in Canada) was huge. In many people’s minds, it has put them in the driver’s seat for the one Go5 spot at the adult table come bowl time.

Remember what I said about a potential Iowa-Michigan Big Ten Championship Game? So I may end up being half-right with that. Iowa blew out Northwestern and may have the Big Ten West wrapped up by early November. The Big Ten East, on the other hand, again comes down to Ohio State-Michigan State now that Michigan has kindly removed itself from consideration.

And that’s why Indiana never goes bowling. They led Rutgers 52-27 in the third quarter and couldn’t close it out. They had 52 points midway through the third and lost. To Rutgers. Now they have to pull out at least one upset or they will be pushing their fans over to find out how the basketball team is doing come December yet again.

Well that escalated quickly. I guess Oklahoma wanted to prove they are still in the Big XII title race by making Kansas State their bitch on Saturday. 55-0? That’s insane. Not the 55. The zero part. Who the hell gets shutout in Big XII conference play anymore? And it wasn’t Kansas. It was Kansas STATE. I’m still shocked.

Ho hum, Bama wins again. That’s why I didn’t put it on the PVR. What was the point? I knew (like many did) that Bama would play well, then go into a lull giving the Aggies a false sense of a comeback, then pull away at the end. And that’s exactly what happened. They still have the best shot at winning the SEC West I believe.

Don’t be alarmed, but… Mike Leach has his Cougs at 4-2. Two more wins and they are bowl-eligible. Think about that.

It looked like a game of hot potato. I honestly don’t think Trent Domingue knew what the hell to do with the ball when he got it on the fake field goal. He just basically hot potatoed it for a bit and then ran for his ever-loving life. It will be something he remembers forever and could be huge if LSU somehow beats Bama and gets to the SEC Championship game.

Don’t be alarmed, but… Bob Davie has his New Mexico Lobos at 4-3. Two more wins and they are bowl-eligible. Think about that.

What is it with Missouri and shitty games? Have they not played enough of them to fill their yearly quota? A 9-6 loss to Georgia. Sounds like their game earlier this season against UConn. But at least now we can safely say that Missouri will not win the SEC East….unless absolute chaos happens.

Don’t be alarmed, but… One of the Flying Monken brothers has his Southern Miss squad at 4-3. Two more wins and they are bowl-eligible. Think about that.

OK, the NFL recap will be coming tomorrow as I piece together what happened and how shitty my ProLine ticket was this week (it doesn’t look too good). I didn’t win the lottery either. Otherwise this next post may never come to fruition. College football schedule for this coming week should be out by Wednesday but yet again I will wait until Thursday since I know this goes. Tomorrow night, for specialty pack viewers, some FunBelt action as UL-Lafayette goes to Jonesboro to face Arkansas State in what is essentially a Sun Belt Title elimination game.  Update: This game is actually on TSN2.


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