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Week 7 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by The H B MF’n C

Yeah, this guy.

Yeah this guy. Even if you hated South Carolina (or Florida or Duke before that), you always respected the Head Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier. He brought so much to the game. On top of that, he coached for the Washington Redskins and didn’t lose his will to live. Talk about strength.

What a crazy week this was off the field. First, Spurrier retires…uh, I mean RESIGNS. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find him on the sidelines somewhere in the next year or two. Some program will cough up a LOT of money just to get him for a year or two and basically mentor the head-coach-in-waiting so that he’s ready for the job. Because that worked so well at Maryland and West Virginia. Then Will Grier gets suspended for an entire year for some sort of performance-enhancing drug. An entire year! Wow. To be honest I am surprised the NCAA doesn’t see more of this. Shows how good those few athletes who do this are at hiding their use. Finally, Steve Sarkisian gets shit-canned by carrier pigeon or something like that. Let’s be honest here: I don’t care how he was informed, he was FUCKING DRUNK AT WORK! He has a problem. I totally get that. But he has to get help for that problem before he can ever coach again. Alcoholism is no laughing matter and he will never not be an alcoholic the rest of this life. He will only be “on the wagon.” I sincerely hope he does figure things out because he was a good coach. Now the question comes, who will replace him (and who will replace the HBC at the other USC)? Crazy times. And that’s off the field.

Now to on the field action and the college football TV schedule this week and they’re doing it again. Again, both Rogers and Bell don’t have their schedules ready for their respective specialty packs. Why? WHY? It should be done by now. This isn’t rocket science. This isn’t even grade 7 science. It’s simple scheduling with all the blocks in place. So, so frustrating.

Alright let’s start with the cable schedule which at least is set at this point:

Auburn at Kentucky (Thu) 7:00 PM TSN1/TSN4 X X X
Western Kentucky at North Texas (Thu) 7:30 PM CBSSN X X
UCLA at Stanford (Thu) 10:30 PM TSN1/TSN4 X X X
Boise State at Utah State (Fri) 9:00 PM CBSSN X X
Iowa at Northwestern 12:00 PM ABC/TSN3 X X X
Western Michigan at Ohio 12:00 PM MyTV X X
Purdue at Wisconsin 12:00 PM BTN X
Bucknell at Army 12:00 PM CBSSN X X
Louisville at Florida State 12:00 PM TSN2 X X X
West Virginia at Baylor 12:00 PM FOX X X X
Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM WSBK X X X
Oklahoma at Kansas State 3:30 PM ABC/TSN3 X X X
Villanova at Albany 3:30 PM MyTV X X
Rutgers at Indiana 3:30 PM BTN X
Alabama at Texas A&M 3:30 PM CBS X X X
Air Force at Colorado State 3:30 PM CBSSN X X
UCF at Temple 7:30 PM CBSSN X X
USC at Notre Dame 7:30 PM NBC X X X
Penn State at Ohio State 8:00 PM ABC X X X

Wow I have seen a few message boards with some people who are some kind of pissed off. Michigan State-Michigan, which for some people in the area is the game of the year so far, is not being shown on cable. This weekend is the rare occasion where the ABC-ESPN2 reverse mirror happens for the noon game and not the 3:30 game. Hell, to have a noon game is rare as it is on ABC. Even more rare? A noon game on FOX. Then again, it’s baseball playoffs time (GO JAYS!) so FOX will spend the next three weeks busting their nut over baseball (and rightfully so). Anyway, back to the Battle for Michigan…people are upset. I am surprised they didn’t run a reverse mirror for the 3:30 game instead of the noon game because I will be honest, I would much prefer to see MSU-UM than OU-KSU. Especially since I have to set my PVR.

Speaking of setting my PVR, let’s look at the shitshow that is the specialty pack schedule:

Alabama State at Arkansas-Pine Bluff (Thu) 7:30 PM X X X
Cincinnati at BYU (Fri) 8:00 PM X X X
Houston at Tulane (Fri) 9:00 PM X X X
UNLV at Fresno State (Fri) 10:30 PM X X X
Ole Miss at Memphis* 12:00 PM X X X
USF at Connecticut 12:00 PM X X X
Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State 12:00 PM X X
Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM X X X
Michigan State at Michigan 3:30 PM X X X
Nebraska at Minnesota 3:30 PM X X X
Virginia Tech at Miami 3:30 PM X X X
Syracuse at Virginia 3:30 PM X X X
Vanderbilt at South Carolina 4:00 PM X X
Florida at LSU 7:00 PM X X X
TCU at Iowa State 7:00 PM X X X
Boston College at Clemson 7:00 PM X X X
Wake Forest at North Carolina 7:00 PM X X X
Missouri at Georgia 7:30 PM X X
Arizona State at Utah 10:00 PM X X X
Oregon at Washington 10:30 PM X X X
San Diego State at San Jose State 10:30 PM X X X

Yes, all those asterisks are games that have not been included on the guide yet. Why this is the case I do not know. It should be pretty easy by now. Anyway, those games will eventually make it there. It could be Saturday morning before this happens but rest assured they will be there. Update: All asterisked games now appearing on the guide, except for Ole Miss-Memphis, which is still not showing up for some reason.  Hopefully this appears in the morning.  And just so everyone knows, I think this is a record for amount of games shown between cable and the specialty pack. If you combine the two (and include the Arkansas State-South Alabama game from two nights ago), Rogers is showing 38 games this week, Fibe has 39, and Satellite has 32. If it isn’t a record, it’s damn close.

Important? Yeah I’d say so. Games o’ the Week!

Florida at LSU (7:00, specialty pack) – Sorry, Michigan and Michigan State football fans. This is the game of the week. Not by much but it is. It has been made even more intriguing by the fact that Will Grier is now out and Treon Harris has to start. If Jim Bob McElwain somehow wills his Gators to victory, he is the coach of the year. Case closed. They also may have pretty much clinched the SEC East before Halloween if they do. For LSU, they need to keep winning so their game against Bama will be another epic, ESPN has to spend 47 hours going over it, division-deciding, jet-flying, stylin and profilin game.

Michigan State at Michigan (3:30, specialty pack) – The hype surrounding this game is huge and rightfully so. This is the first statement game (sorry Northwestern) of the Jim Harbaugh era. Win this and he becomes an instant legend. This is also a statement game for Mark D’Antonio. The last thing he wants is to be passed in the Big Ten East pecking order by those jerks to the east.

Alabama at Texas A&M (3:30, CBS) – This is why staggered start times should start to become a bigger thing in college football. CBS shows one (maybe two) games a week. There is no reason they have to start at 3:30. If they began the game at 3:00, they would get a lot more eyeballs stolen from the MSU-UM game on at the same time. Anyway, the Aggies get a chance to show they are for real and Bama will get a chance to show that they are still the lords and masters of the SEC West until further notice.

UCLA at Stanford (Thursday, 10:30, TSN1/TSN4) – A big non-Saturday game. That’s nice. What’s even nicer? It’s on TSN. I know TSN is owned by Bell but TSN itself has really stepped up its college football broadcasting game. Two years ago, there is almost no way this game gets to TSN. It’s good to see. Stanford now seems to be the favourite in the Pac-12 North but that all comes crashing down if UCLA and The Rosen One pull one out (after looking terrible against Arizona State).

Iowa at Northwestern (Noon, ABC/TSN3) – The one thing that TSN still does sometimes is take an ABC game and broadcast it on one of the TSN Five. I get that the reverse mirror puts a crimp in the plans sometimes but it still bugs me. Anyway, if we are heading towards an Iowa-Michigan mega-ratings Big Ten Championship of Insanity, the Hawkeyes need to win here convincingly. Northwestern has to show that they aren’t headed toward the Heart of Dallas Bowl (or seem equally shitty bowl game).

Ole Miss at Memphis (Noon, specialty pack) – This is Memphis’ chance to move into that Group of Five spot in the New Year’s Six. This would be a huge statement win for Justin Fuente…right before he possibly accepts the South Carolina job. And this is no cupcake for the Rebels. Ole Miss could drop like a stone in the polls if they lose badly (which is entirely possible).

No it’s not DraftKings or FanDuel. It’s not exactly legit though.

Here are my picks for the week. Straight up. No gambling lines here because this isn’t a gambling page and I am sure at least one person who reads this spends more than $50 a week easy on ProLine.

LSU over Florida

Michigan over Michigan State

Alabama over Texas A&M

Stanford over UCLA

Iowa over Northwestern

Memphis over Ole Miss (upset of the week)

Baylor over West Virginia

Kansas State over Oklahoma (mini-upset)

Clemson over Boston College

Notre Dame over USC

Candidates for either USC job

You know, other than me. But I’m busy.

To be honest, many believe that other Power Five coaches will move over to either USC or South Carolina. I am not so sure. They may, but I believe they move way down the list in terms of possibility.

  1. Tom Herman, Houston – He was the mastermind behind the Ohio State offense last season.  He has continued doing amazing things at Houston this season.  When was the last time this guy lost a game?  It would be the Virginia Tech game last season.  Either program would take this guy.
  2. Justin Fuente, Memphis – He has completely turned around a Memphis program that was, to be perfectly honest, pretty damn bad.  They are now one win away over Ole Miss from climbing into the driver’s seat for the Go5 spot at the NYS table.  I think he would work better in South Carolina than USC, but again, if they had a chance, both teams try to grab him.
  3. Mark Hudspeth, UL-Lafayette – I am shocked this guy isn’t farther up most people’s lists.  This is the kind of guy that would work wonders at either school but would be a better fit at South Carolina.  Plus, I’m sure most of the recruits and current players would be scared of the guy.  He’s a beast.
  4. Kyle Whittingham, Utah – This is an interesting one.  A lot of this depends on how well Utah does this season.  If the Utes end up in the top ten at the end of the season, I could see Whittingham saying he’s done all he can in SLC and moving on to LA.
  5. Ed Orgeron, LSU – Yes he’s not the head coach at LSU but he has one of the best defensive minds in the game.  I don’t know if he should be a head coach ever again.  Some guys are just meant to be awesome coordinators.  I think he’s one.  He could fit in either job.  Tbh, I don’t think he’d go back to USC.
  6. Jon Gruden, Monday Night Football – Of course no head coaching vacancy list can happen without the Grud-ster on it.  This is one time, I believe, where he will not be one of the top candidates.  I think he’d love to go to USC but there are a few other better options at this point.  Sorry, Jon.  Just wait for that Detroit Lions opening and take that when it happens.
  7. Chip Kelly, Philadelphia – One bad month, and the people of Philly want this guy’s head.  They need to calm down.  Two 10-win seasons should give him some leeway, despite the fact he looks like he never gives a shit about what’s going on and just does what he wants to do.  Which might make him the perfect fit for USC.
  8. Jeff Fisher, St. Louis – I could see Fisher wanting to take either job, just to get out of moving with the team to Los Angeles.  Would be interesting to see him in the college game.
  9. Chris Petersen, Washington – This seems too obvious.  I am sure Petersen was interviewed for the USC job before Sark got it in the first place.  He could do wonders for the Trojans but he has struggled a bit with Washington so far so who knows at this point.
  10. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – Every year, many consider him a great up-and-coming coach or a guy who needs to be fired.  Nothing in between.  This year it has been rainbows and unicorns in Evanston for Fitzy.  He would be a great get for the Gamecocks and it may be time for him to move on after many years in Northwestern.

Alright, tomorrow I will post the NFL schedule. Looking forward to a great weekend of college football despite the fact I will be assaulting my PVR like never before.


2 thoughts on “Week 7 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by The H B MF’n C

  1. Surprising that Ole Miss-Memphis is still not showing on the Rogers Sports Pak as of 10:45 this morning but it is showing on KOMO (Seattle ABC affiliate) available on channel 155 on Rogers.

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