Week 4 NFL Recap – Sponsored by ANOTHER BLOWN CALL??!??!??!??!?!


Aw man again? Look I usually like what the refs do. If it’s a close call and they don’t seem to get it right or what I agree with that’s fine…as long as it’s not late in the game. Much like players, officials have to be at their absolute best when the game is on the line. I say this because a blown call gets blown out of proportion if it happens late in a close game. And lo and behold, what did we have last night? It looked like the Seahawks had held on to beat the Lions but after Kam Chancellor had knocked the ball out of Calvin Johnson’s hands, K.J. Wright batted the ball out of bounds. He probably didn’t need to but he did. At that point, it was an illegal play and the Lions should have retained the ball at the spot of the foul. This didn’t happen. So this is what we will be hearing about at least until the Thursday nighter. Just great.

Alright on to the rest of the short-n-sweet recap:

  • What a fantastic finish in New Orleans.  I had to watch it the next morning since I have been sick and fell asleep on the couch early in the fourth quarter.  Luckily it was already on the PVR.  When I plan to use my PVR I am fine with it.  When I’m not, it’s tough because usually I am busy and I know with the NFL that if you don’t finish finding out what happened by Monday morning (or Tuesday morning when it comes to the Monday nighter) you will find out somehow whether you like it or not.  Oh and nice to see C.J. Spiller doing a great job down on the Bayou.  Yeah, he wasn’t needed in Buffalo.  Riiiiiiiight.
  • I kind of feel bad for J.J. Watt.  He is the best defensive player in the NFL and it’s really not even close.  Yet he plays for one of the worst teams of the league and that’s not that close either.  I can honestly say they have been lucky to even win one game.  They looked awful against the Falcons.  Again, Atlanta is much improved but still.  This was over by the end of the first quarter it felt like.  On the other hand, I don’t feel bad for J.J. Watt.  The fact that he turned down Lindsey Pelas sticks in my craw.  The guy complains about not having a relationship (in Men’s Health…yeah I subscribe to Men’s Health) then turns down a chance to meet a hot model?  I just don’t get it.  Then again I guess I could consider myself the Bizarro J.J. Watt in so many aspects.  So yeah my life sucks.
  • Aw the Bears fucked up my ProLine ticket.  Don’t get me wrong, other teams did too but that one pissed me off.  I guess I shouldn’t blame the Bears.  I should blame the Raiders.  Thanks for going back to being the same ol’ Raiders team of the past decade.
  • More international games?  OK this is getting out of hand.  It’s like the NFL doesn’t give a shit at all about its players. Games all over the fucking globe.  You do this type of stuff in pre-season when it doesn’t matter.  I have never understood why there are more neutral-site games during the regular season than during the pre-season.  That does not make a lick of sense.

Too short a recap? Probably. But I want to get into some early season surprises and disappointments. Let’s start with the negatives since they are a lot more fun to talk about.


  • Miami – Way to make me look bad guys.  I had this team winning the AFC East, probably in some sort of complicated tiebreaker, over the Patriots.  They should be a whole lot better than they are.  I didn’t realize Joe Philbin makes Jim Tomsula look like Vince Lombardi.  I didn’t realize Ryan Tannehill would regress so far that his only redeeming quality is that he has a smoking-hot wife.  I didn’t realize that Ndamukong Suh is such a complete shitbag asshole.  Guy is making way too much money to, as he puts it, “not be that emotional.”  Yeah keep stomping on people’s heads, fucktard.  If the Fins have any balls they release this guy the minute he does something that brings any more negative attention to the franchise.
  • Philadelphia – Hey, Chip Kelly is still my favourite head coach because he really doesn’t seem to care.  His team is awful and he just seems to shrug it off.  He does things that don’t really make sense.  I believe the Sam Bradford experiment should end and Kelly probably will start him in the next six games.  He’s alright but no more than a really good backup.  Kelly’s act may have worn a bit thin by this point but he still has 10-win seasons the past two years to his credit.
  • Seattle – OK they are 2-2.  But holy crap have they looked awful getting to 2-2.  They could easily be 4-0.  This wouldn’t be too much of an issue but they are the defending NFC Champs and didn’t lose too much in terms of personnel.  They added Jimmy Graham for fuck’s sake.  Arizona has easily surpassed them as the best team not just in the NFC, but in the division.  The way they are playing, they will be lucky to snag a wild-card spot.


  • Buffalo – OK they are only 2-2.  But they are a fun and exciting 2-2.  Rex Ryan is a great coach to watch.  Tyrod Taylor seems to be the real deal.  The defense could be better but that should come along.  Even their fans are hilarious in that they will do anything at games (groping each other, giving handjobs, jumping through tables, etc.).  It’s the kind of team you want to see succeed.  Playing in the AFC East won’t help matters but if they can sweep the Dolphins and Jets games they will be in good shape.
  • Atlanta – See I see this team as a surprise.  I thought they’d be better than last year but they have been dominant.  There is a chance they could go into their bye week at 9-0 and the frontrunner to win the NFC.  What an amazing turnaround with not a whole lot of turnover from last season.  Unfortunately, they will have to get by the other surprise team from the NFC South…
  • Carolina – Boy when the Panthers meet the Falcons, a lot could be on the line this season.  Other than Green Bay, these two teams have looked the best in the conference.  And Cam Newton has become a great guy off the field and continued his awesome play on it.  The kind of guy you build a franchise around.

OK let’s put Week 4 in the rear-view mirror and look forward to Week 5. I will have the NFL schedule up Friday. College schedule up on Thursday (and hopefully completed). Tomorrow, a look at college unbeaten and how I think they will do the rest of the way.


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