NFL TV Schedule

Week 4 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by (begrudgingly) another good Thursday night game


See this is the type of shit that will keep NFL Thursday Night Football on forever. When we have games like this where normally good kickers fuck up twice in the final five minutes to allow a much inferior team to tie the game and win it in overtime. Poor Michael Vick since he actually played pretty well except for that one fourth-down call in overtime where you ALWAYS RUN THE FUCKING BALL. No matter what happened to Seattle in St. Louis in Week 1 since that was an aberration. It’s fourth and 1. You either let your shitty kicker try again or you run the rock. Only two options. No Tomlin had to be fancy. When has Mike Tomlin ever been fancy with anything? Complete idiocy. He overthought that one big time.

Alright here we go with the NFL schedule for this week. Again you will have your bevy of games that you cannot see unless you are one of those rich guys (or non-fiscally-responsible guys…or girls…don’t want to leave them out…whatever) that has Sunday Ticket or RedZone. Here’s the sked:

9:30 NY Jets at Miami (in London) CBS (all of Canada)
1:00 Houston at Atlanta no TV
1:00 NY Giants at Buffalo FOX (all of Canada)/CTV (all of Canada (except Montreal))
1:00 Oakland at Chicago CBS (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K-W/Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)
1:00 Kansas City at Cincinnati CBS (BC, Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)
1:00 Jacksonville at Indianapolis no TV
1:00 Carolina at Tampa Bay no TV
1:00 Philadelphia at Washington no TV
4:05 Cleveland at San Diego CBS (Alberta, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Belleville)
4:25 St. Louis at Arizona no TV
4:25 Minnesota at Denver FOX (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)
4:25 Green Bay at San Francisco FOX (BC, Alberta, Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa-Gatineau)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, all of Ontario)/CTV2 (Atlantic)
8:30 Dallas at New Orleans NBC/TSN1/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Detroit at Seattle TSN1/TSN3

For the people who have to get Oakland-Chicago, I am praying for you. Of all the games to receive, they get that shitshow? Amazingly enough it’s the Raiders who are the favourites here (or should be) and they are a much more competent team than the Bears. To be a Bears fan in 2015 has to suck hard.

They REALLY want to show the Giants face the Bills this week in Canada. I will admit, the Bills are fun to watch and they honestly look better than they have in years. All this means they are due for a horrible let-down game that will (down the line) cost them a playoff spot and this kinda-sorta looks like that game.

Finally, how did the Lions get on primetime twice in back-to-back weeks? The scheduler must have been drunk at the time. Either that or he REALLY believed in Stafford-to-Megatron.

Picks of Shame

Actually I have to say I did pretty damn good this past week. Only three losses. Damn Cowboys. Anyway here are my picks:

NY Jets over Miami

Atlanta over Houston

NY Giants over Buffalo (kind of an upset)

Oakland over Chicago

Cincinnati over Kansas City

Indianapolis over Jacksonville

Carolina over Tampa Bay

Philadelphia over Washington (I hope Hurricane Joaquin washes this game out and completely cancels it)

San Diego over Cleveland

Arizona over St. Louis

Denver over Minnesota

Green Bay over San Francisco

New Orleans over Dallas

Seattle over Detroit

Have fun watching the games this weekend, college and NFL. I will be giving my PVR a workout this weekend. Wish it luck.


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