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Week 5 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by Nova Home Loans (whoever the fuck they are)


Yes Nova Home Loans. Never heard of them? Neither have I. Supposedly they are the brand-new sponsor for the brand-new Arizona Bowl to be played December 29th. I will be honest, I did not think that a bowl game could be finalized this late in the season. I guess you learn something new every day.

Anyway, let’s get to the TV schedule this week and it’s happening again…maybe. As of right now, only some of the games are listed on all the specialty packs. I say maybe it’s not happening again because realistically they have until Saturday morning to get everything set (tonight’s and tomorrow night’s games are on the guide). I am crossing my fingers there isn’t an issue like there was last week. Reason being is that I will be relying heavily on my PVR and the last thing I want is for it to fuck things up and for me to have almost no football to watch.

Let’s begin with the cable schedule:

Temple at Charlotte (Fri) 7:00 PM CBSSN X X
Texas at TCU 12:00 PM ABC/TSN1 X X X
Minnesota at Northwestern  (moved to specialty pack) 12:00 PM BTN X
Houston at Tulsa 12:00 PM CBSSN X X X
Purdue at Michigan State 12:00 PM TSN3 X X X
Louisville at NC State 12:30 PM WSBK X X X
Ohio State at Indiana 3:30 PM ABC X X X
Elon at New Hampshire 3:30 PM MyTV X X
Nebraska at Illinois (moved to 4:00) 3:30 PM BTN X
Alabama at Georgia 3:30 PM CBS X X X
Air Force at Navy 3:30 PM CBSSN X X
Vanderbilt at Middle Tennessee 7:00 PM CBSSN X X
Arizona State at UCLA 7:30 PM FOX X X X
Notre Dame at Clemson 8:00 PM ABC X X X
Michigan at Maryland (moved to Noon) 8:00 PM BTN X
Oregon at Colorado 10:00 PM TSN2 X X X
Fresno State at San Diego State 10:30 PM CBSSN X X

The absolute biggest highlight here is the third huge game of the year (after Oregon-Michigan State and Bama-Ole Miss) as Notre Dame travels to Death Valley (the other one) to face Clemson. I have Clemson running the table during the regular season so I think they will win here but I have a feeling it will be close. Now we get to the issues (some are only minor ones):

  • Purdue-Michigan State is supposed to appear on TSN3 at Noon.  At this point, all it says for that timeslot is “College Football.”  My guess is it will appear today sometime.
  • Same thing goes with the 3:30 ABC game.  Now that the coverage maps are out, it shows that we will get Ohio State-Indiana in that slot so it should also appear today at some point.
  • Nebraska-Illinois is showing on BTN and the specialty pack for Rogers.  I am guessing it will be removed from the specialty pack listing today.
  • Oregon-Colorado is showing up on TSN2 and the specialty pack.  It’s awesome that TSN has gone back to showing the occasional late-night ESPN game.  This will come off the specialty pack schedule for sure.

Update: The Michigan-Maryland game has been moved to Noon due to weather concerns (Hurricane Joaquin).  I assume, at this point, that BTN will stick with Minnesota-Northwestern on their main channel and UM-MD will be on the alternate.  This means Rogers viewers probably will see this game on the specialty pack.  Will keep you updated on this.

Update #2: Nebraska-Illinois moved to 4:00.

Update #3: I was wrong.  Minny-Northwestern moves to the BTN alternate channel, and thus, to the specialty pack.  Michigan-Maryland now on BTN main.  Damn hurricane screwing up the schedule!

Now on to the specialty pack schedule which is a bit more of a mess at this point:

Miami at Cincinnati (Thu) 7:00 PM X X X
Alabama State at Texas Southern (Thu) 7:30 PM X X X
Memphis at USF (Fri) 7:00 PM X X X
Connecticut at BYU (Fri) 10:15 PM X X X
Iowa at Wisconsin 12:00 PM X X X
Army at Penn State 12:00 PM X X X
South Carolina at Missouri 12:00 PM X X
Nebraska at Illinois 3:30 PM X
Florida State at Wake Forest 3:30 PM X X X
Baylor vs. Texas Tech (in Arlington) 3:30 PM X X X
North Carolina at Georgia Tech 3:30 PM X X X
San Jose State at Auburn 4:00 PM X X
Ole Miss at Florida 7:00 PM X X X
Arkansas at Tennessee 7:00 PM X X X
Eastern Michigan at LSU 7:00 PM X X X
Mississippi State at Texas A&M 7:30 PM X X
Oregon at Colorado (no longer on specialty pack) 10:00 PM X X X
Hawaii at Boise State 10:15 PM X X X

At this point I just have asterisks on games that aren’t on any of the guides right now but should appear at some point. Update #4: All asterisks removed as all games are showing up now.  There may be either an FSN ACC game on or an ESPN3 game added to the schedule but that is yet to be determined. At this point I will say neither will happen. The issues above also affect the specialty pack so expect this list to be pared down a bit before being finalized. The action begins tonight with Miami going to Cincinnati (a little October AACtion) and the HBCU game of the week between Alabama State and Texas Southern. Nice to see a Friday night doubleheader and then a whole host of games (as usual) on Saturday highlighted by the start of conference play (for the most part).  Update #5: Oregon-Colorado taken off specialty pack due it already being on TSN.  Update #6: Small update for those who may want to see this (for whatever reason), but the SEC Network alternate game at 7:30 (Eastern Kentucky-Kentucky) is showing on Bell’s specialty pack.

Matches of the next seven days

It may not look British. But when you say it in a British accent it totally sounds like something a Brit would say. Maybe those Men in Blazers guys could verify that. On a different note, Men in Blazers is actually a great show even if you aren’t really a soccer fan (which I am not). Too bad it’s on NBC Sports Network which no one gets here (one of many channels I wish were available).

Notre Dame at Clemson (8:00, ABC) – Easily the game of the week and the third big game of the season so far (as I mentioned above). A massive test for DeShone Kizer, Will Fuller, and the rest of the Irish. As I also said above, I have Clemson winning but it will be close. If the Tigers pull this out, they have to be one of the favourites to go to the College Football Playoff. If they decide to do some Clemsoning, then it will be same old Clemson.

West Virginia at Oklahoma (Noon, not a chance for us Canucks) – I am starting to realize that the conference we probably miss the most games from is the Big XII. With their deal with FOX (and their somewhat shitty FSN and FCS), most of this conference’s games end up on a station we can’t get. And sometimes it’s a good game like this. Not pleased. Anyway, let’s see who will be the one team who will get to challenge TCU and Baylor for Midwestern supremacy later this season.

Alabama at Georgia (3:30, CBS) – Alabama is an underdog. I repeat, ALABAMA IS AN UNDERDOG! First time in a long time they have been an underdog but they are facing a very good Dawgs team with a Heisman contender at running back. But Evil Saban is Evil Saban and the Tide are the Tide and until the final whistle goes, you almost always have that feeling they are always in a game. Should be a good one for Uncle Verne and Cousin Gary to call.

Ole Miss at Florida (7:00, specialty pack) – Here’s a bit of a sneaky-good game. Ole Miss we all know about. They slayed the Bama dragon. Their counterparts, however, are also 4-0 at this point so one team will drop from the land of the undefeated. If the Rebs win, they have to continue being the favourites in the SEC West until someone knocks them off their perch. If the Gators win, suddenly the Cocktail Party game against Georgia probably becomes the de facto SEC East title game.

Mississippi State at Texas A&M (7:30, specialty pack) – This basically has become an elimination game for these two teams in terms of the SEC West race. Unless some sort of 2007-apocalypse type thing happens, whoever loses here won’t win the division. This is the first real opportunity for the Aggies to prove they are for real this season.

Texas Tech at Baylor (3:30, specialty pack) – The 300th neutral site game at JerryWorld (my numbers may be a bit off) as the newly rejuvenated Red Raiders under Kliff “Burnmaster” Kingsbury face off against Art “Playing Madden” Stiles. You thought last week’s loss by Tech to TCU was fun to watch? First to 70 in this one may win but it’s not a guarantee.

Shhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell the NCAA but here are my G-A-M-B-L-I-N-G picks of the week

The NCAA wants money. They just want money quasi-legally and I guess they have determined that DraftKings and any of those other fantasy football sites are not good for their business or something like that. Yeah, whatever Emmert you shitbag. If no one said anything you would have turned a blind eye. Anyway, picks time!

Clemson over Notre Dame

West Virginia over Oklahoma

Georgia over Alabama

Ole Miss over Florida

Mississippi State over Texas A&M

Baylor over Texas Tech (over/under should be about 130)

Ohio State over Indiana

UCLA over Arizona State

Minnesota over Northwestern

Iowa over Wisconsin

Yes I am calling for a few upsets this week but really, the upsets can’t even be considered upsets since many of these games (not including tOSU-Indy) are close to pick’ems.

Tonight, for those without the specialty pack, you get the NFL Thursday nighter between the winless Ravens and the Roethlisberger-less Steelers. Should be a good one. I’ll watch the highlights thank you very much. Tomorrow I will get the NFL schedule up for all of you.


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