College Football

It’s The Battle to the Bottom

OK that doesn’t sound quite right. Anyway…

This is something new I am doing this year. I was going to do my normal “Unbeaten to this point” post and realized there are still a shit-ton of teams that are undefeated. So maybe next week on that. For now we look at the opposite end of the spectrum. The winless. It will be along the lines of the undefeated posts on how it’s structured. So get your Kleenex because you may be a bit teary-eyed after reading this post knowing how bad some programs are. Let’s begin:

  1. UMass (0-3) – Let’s start with everyone’s favourite lovable losers, the UMass Minutemen.  This team is pretty hilariously awful and last year made a habit of losing in the most ridiculous of ways.  This year they have lost to three improved squads in Colorado, Temple, and Notre Dame.  I still have them down as winning a few games down the stretch as they are better than last year. Predicted record: 4-8.
  2. North Texas (0-3) – Dan McCarney’s Mean Green have to be pretty awful.  Why do I say that?  Because they lost to SMU that’s why.  They should win a few games this season but I am starting to wonder if I am giving them too much credit. Predicted record: 3-9.
  3. UTSA (0-4) – I will say this…Larry Coker’s crew has had a difficult non-conference schedule this year.  Good on them for scheduling difficult but for such a new program maybe they should add an FCS school once in a while. Predicted record: 2-10.
  4. UCF (0-4) – Now here is a team that’s a mystery.  How can they be this bad?  Losing to Furman?  For fuck’s sake.  I still think they will recover somewhat but it won’t be enough to make a bowl game. Predicted record: 4-8.
  5. Kansas (0-3) – Speaking of bottom of the barrel, there’s this sorry outfit.  If it weren’t for their God-like status in basketball there is no way this school would be in the Big XII AND be possibly entertaining offers from other Power Five conferences.  I can’t see them winning a single game or even being close.  Charlie Weis is somewhere eating an extra-large nine-topping pizza and smiling. Predicted record: 0-12.
  6. New Mexico State (0-3) – The state of New Mexico is a black hole when it comes to college football.  Two of the worst programs of the last decade reside in this state.  I guess it makes sense…if you had a choice, would YOU want to go to New Mexico? Predicted record: 2-10.
  7. Wyoming (0-4) – Poor Craig Bohl.  What an awful decision to make.  He had it made at North Dakota State.  He could have gone to any diner in Fargo and not had to pay for a meal ever again (he may still have that opportunity but who knows).  Instead he follows his dream (I think) and goes to an FBS program to see if he can coach in the big-time.  I don’t totally blame him for the Cowboys’ failures but good god have they ever been awful. Predicted record: 1-11.

So there you go. Only seven winless teams left in the nation. Compared to over twenty undefeated teams left. Biiiiig difference. Which brings me to my next point…

I really do believe it’s about time to employ a relegation/promotion system in college football. I don’t know how it could be done as there are many options here:

  • Send the worst one/two/four/six team(s) down to FCS and bring the same amount up from FCS.  The one problem with this is fitting them into a conference.
  • Having the bottom four/six/eight teams play-off to determine who stays and who goes.  Same amount of teams go up from FCS.  Same issue with conferences.
  • Aligning conferences a bit like what has been done on this post.  This way teams could move up and down through regional conferences where teams actually make sense in.

I know this is all conjecture since this will NEVER happen but it would be nice since some of these conferences are getting out of hand. Still waiting for Gonzaga to join the Big East so that any sense of regionalization can be destroyed in college sports (it pretty much almost has but that would be the proverbial icing on the cake).

Coming up in the next two days: college football and NFL schedules and I sure hope Rogers and Bell have their shit together.


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