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Week 4 College Football Recap – Sponsored by the Tip Drill

Wherever it stops, nobody knows…except that one TCU wide receiver.  Check this out:

What an absolutely crazy finish in Lubbock on Saturday. And the thing was, that tip drill touchdown where the Horned Frogs’ receiver toed the line to stay inbounds wasn’t the end of it. Texas Tech almost created their own “the band is on the field” play. They came about 8 yards short. But I have to say this: Kliff Kingsbury definitely has his Red Raiders back after a pretty terrible year last year. Also, TCU has to be very careful as they continue their conference schedule. That lack of defense will not fly against Baylor, Oklahoma, or West Virginia.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the rest of the recap

An ugly hit tarnishes an absolutely great game. The hit that put Gunner Kiel out of the game (and out of commission period for a bit there) was technically legal. However, this is the type of hit that should probably come under the targeting rule. I get that the defender wasn’t going for the head but let’s be honest: how many players actually intend to hurt their opponent with a hit? Only the few psychopaths who may be on HGH or whatever steroid-derivative being used on college campuses these days. Anyway, other than that, this was an amazing game as Memphis held on to beat Cincy and may be the only contender to Temple in the American this season (unless Navy or Houston has anything to say about it). Much better than the NFL Thursday nighter which was a heaping pile of garbage juice.

Boise is who we thought they were. And so was Virginia. Boise State bounces back from a tough loss to BYU to thrash the Hoos. They are still in the driver’s seat for the Group of Five spot but will have to run the table to do it (I think). As for Mike London, he might as well put his house up for sale since I can’t see UVA bringing him back next season.

Before I get to Saturday’s games, I have to say something about the guide for the U.S. College Sports Package. I don’t know if Rogers or Bell Satellite customers were having the same issue but until about 2:30 or so the guide showed almost no games on the specialty pack. I don’t know if it was a technical issue (I was told it was when I called in and was sent to second-tier customer support which may not sound like much but they seem a whole lot more knowledgeable than the first-tier CSRs) but this type of crap has to stop with the specialty pack schedules. This is not rocket science. Unless there’s something I am missing, I can’t see why this is as difficult as it’s made out to be. Find out what TSN is showing then set out the schedule. It can be done by Wednesday night at the absolute latest. Just getting to be too frustrating is all. Anyway…

Now that was some fun Harbaughll. Wow, did the Wolverines ever lay a beating on BYU. I mean this wasn’t even close. Taylor Mangum P.I. had no chance to do anything all day. I will be honest, the way Michigan is playing, that game against Michigan State (October 17th) could end up being huge in the Big Ten East race. Jimmy Football has already turned it around in Ann Arbor and the season is only four weeks old. Impressive.

Fournette Four Heisman. Leonard Fournette has crashed through everyone to become the early-season Heisman favourite. He has been the biggest reason why LSU is in the top 10 right now. The guy looks like a stronger Adrian Peterson and could be huge in the NFL. First he has to be big in a big-game atmosphere and he will have his chance in three weeks when the Tigers play Florida.

And the winner of the ACC Gongshow Division is… Let’s be honest, no one wants to win this division. No one. Everyone was touting Georgia Tech as the team to beat in the ACC Coastal. What happened? Duke beat them pretty easily in a soggy affair at Wallace Wade in front of literally a few thousand fans (at least that’s what it looked like). Duke is not exactly a world-beater. Virginia Tech played in even worse weather against East Carolina and looked thoroughly outplayed. North Carolina, Pitt, and Miami look OK early but do you trust them to win 6 or 7 games inside the conference? Other than Virginia, any of those teams could win. Let’s hope for a six-way tie.

What the hell is happening in Columbia and Orlando? Watching South Carolina and UCF was pretty painful at times. The Gamecocks have almost become the worst team in the SEC East (and with the way Vandy has played lately maybe the worst). UCF looks like a middle-of-the-road FCS team so far this season. George O’Leary should step down and just concentrate on being athletic director and start over with this program. They fell FAST. As for the HBC, will Spurrier be back next year? It’s up to him really but he may want to quit. It has to be frustrating with the team he has.

Shhhhhhhhh. Indiana is sneaking up on everyone. Indiana (INDIANA!) is 4-0. Two wins away from bowl-eligibility. And they should be able to get it considering the state of the bottom half of the Big Ten. They have looked good enough to win but we will see what they are really made of once conference play begins next week. Stay close with the Buckeyes and we know this team is for real.

Speaking of the worst game of the week… Can someone please explain this?

really offside

Kansas is flat-out awful and Rutgers wouldn’t be too bad but the program as a whole is a mess. Thank god I didn’t even get this game because I would have felt compelled to turn the channel there to at least see what was going on and then I would have had to gouge my eyes out.

I feel so bad for Charlie Strong and the Texas faithful. Wow. Another week, another special teams gaffe late in a game that costs his team the win. The punter had one job. Grab the snap and punt the ball away. If the Pokes returned it for a TD, it’s not really his fault. But what happened? That was totally his fault. Set Okie State up for the win and possibly eliminated any chance for Strong to come back to Austin next season. Poor guy.

Are the Irish for real? Who can tell. I mean it was UMass for Christ’s sake. It was exciting early on as the Minutemen kept up with the Irish but we all knew at some point the Golden Domers would run away with it and boy did they. Next week is the massive test. Clemson, at Clemson. Notre Dame wins that and then we start talking College Football Playoff.

More average play from the Buckeyes. It’s like they are playing down to these MAC opponents. Then again, Michigan State is doing the same thing. I know they are #1 (and the Spartans are #2) but the way some teams are coming on, they may continue to win only to see them drop a spot or two in the rankings (a la Florida State last season).

Well Butch, what do you say to that? Another double-digit blown lead by the Vols. There were so many questionable play calls by Jones in this one that Vols fans should be infuriated. The idea not to go for two after going up 26-14 in the fourth seems so utterly asinine. It’s the fourth fucking quarter, Butch. Almost every other coach would go for two because there is less than 15 minutes to go in the game you dickwad. All I have to say to all this is Butch, you may be rooming with Derek Dooley by the end of the season.

Hey do you want to play quarterback? How about you? I am sure Nick Saban is looking for anyone to replace Jake Coker. Coker just hasn’t been that good to start the season. If the Tide have anyone else (and I’m sure they have some freshman that they were hoping to redshirt) that person will be behind centre the next time the Tide play (this Saturday against Georgia).

The Wildcats are no longer the SEC East whipping boy. Well twin whipping boys along with Vanderbilt. Mark Stoops has slowly moved the Wildcats into contenders to make a bowl game this season and it looks like they could make a few waves in the division race with their play.

Well it was nice near the top while it lasted. Auburn is taking a slippery slip n’ slide down into the bottom part of the SEC West. Other than Arkansas (oh boy), I don’t see a team below them in the pecking order. Gus Malzahn and WILL MUSCHAMP! must have burst at least ten blood vessels in their face each at this point. First barely beating Jacksonville State and then being basically non-competitive against Mississippi State. Not good times in Auburn right now.

Should we have relegation like in soccer? I’d nominate UCF, Wyoming (who has been god-awful this season), Idaho (of course), and SMU, who came back against James Madison to take the lead and then coughed that lead up late to lose to the Dukes. Don’t get me wrong, Chad Morris has this team improved but that just shows how fucking awful SMU was last season.

Both of the #3s had problems. Ole Miss (the other #3 in the poll) struggled with Vanderbilt but were able to pull it out in the end. I will say this, Derek Mason finally (FINALLY!) has the defense playing very well. Vandy’s D should be one of the better ones in the SEC and they just flat-out haven’t been the last year or so. Maybe they might be able to play spoiler later in the season. As for Ole Miss, this won’t cut it in the SEC. Play better or they will lose their chance at the CFP (or even the New Year’s Six).

Can Arkansas go back to the Southwest Conference? Man, as bad as it is in Austin and Knoxville, what Bret Bielema is going through at Arkansas may even be worse. They blew the lead against Texas A&M in what was looking like an upset to get the Hogs back on track. They played awful down the stretch and lost in overtime. This after Kliff Kingsbury basically owned him during the week after Texas Tech’s victory over them a week previous. If it weren’t for Bielema having a hot wife, I would say he was losing at life right now.

The Rosen One has arrived. Yeah he had a few slip-ups in the previous two games but Josh Rosen stepped up in a big way on a national stage. UCLA destroyed Zona in every facet of the game and have to be considered the Pac-12 favourite in the merry-go-round that is the second best conference in the land. I don’t know where the Fighting RichRods go from here but they have to do something or they will find it tough sledding in the Pac-12 South.

And speaking of beatdowns… Holy crap did the Utes ever put the boots to Oregon. The Ducks have never lost in Eugene like that. So now, maybe we have two big-time teams in the South while the North is a bit of a shitshow with the Cal-Stanford game at the end of the season becoming huge.

OK maybe make that three big teams in the Pac-12 South. Almost forgot about USC. They throttled Arizona State to finish Pac-12 Beatdown Saturday. Things are going to be fun when USC plays the Bruins for the Victory Bell (or when they play Utah…or when UCLA plays Utah…yeah the Pac-12 South is tough).

Someone mentioned on Twitter that it feels a lot like 2007 was in college football. If you don’t remember, that was the most insane year of the BCS era and the turnover among the top 10 teams was pretty crazy almost every week. No one could stay near the top and we ended up with a 2-loss national champion. This kind of feels like it. However, until Ohio State loses we can’t go full-2007.

The first month of the season has also proved what many have said for at least ten years now….that the preseason AP poll has to go. All it does is put certain teams higher than they really should have been to begin with. Case in point? Auburn. They aren’t a top 10 team. Hell, they aren’t a top 25 team. But where did they begin the season? At #6. That’s insane. I would be very happy if they had no rankings for week one and did the first AP poll after the first set of games is done. All the talking heads and experts can have their mock polls going into the season and that is fine. But nothing official until week one is done. Makes a whole lot more sense and then makes it so some teams don’t have to lose two or three games to fall out of the top 25 in the first month of the season.

Later on in the week I will have the NFL recap, the college football and NFL schedules for next week, and a look at all the winless teams so far to see I predict them to be at the end of the season.


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