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Week 4 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by My Frustration


And they are who we thought they were. But I am not letting them off the hook. Rogers’ and Bell’s schedules are a fucking mess. I am going to try and piece together what I am seeing at this point and what I believe will happen (although I am sure a lot will change between now and Saturday).

First off, it took until tonight (Wednesday night as I type up this post) for all the network information to appear. Didn’t know which game would be shown on ABC at 3:30 (although I was sure it would be WMU-tOSU…row that fucking boat Broncos) or what the primetime FOX game would be (although it was obvious it would be Utah-Oregon). Then of course we get the shenanigans with the specialty packs. Rogers isn’t close to completing their schedule which shocks me. Bell is better but there are still some omissions and issues that I will discuss further down.

First off the cable schedule:

Cincinnati at Memphis (Thu) 7:30 PM TSN2 X X X
BYU at Michigan 12:00 PM ABC/TSN3 X X X
Colgate at Holy Cross 12:00 PM MyTV X X
Central Michigan at Michigan State 12:00 PM BTN X
Navy at Connecticut 12:00 PM CBSSN X X
LSU at Syracuse 12:00 PM TSN1 X X X
Indiana at Wake Forest 12:30 PM WSBK X X X
Western Michigan at Ohio State 3:30 PM ABC X X X
San Diego State at Penn State 3:30 PM BTN X
Tennessee at Florida 3:30 PM CBS X X X
Miami-OH at Western Kentucky 3:30 PM CBSSN X X
Massachusetts at Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC X X X
TCU at Texas Tech 4:30 PM FOX X X X
Colorado State at UTSA 7:00 PM CBSSN X X
UCLA at Arizona 8:00 PM ABC X X X
Hawaii at Wisconsin 8:00 PM BTN X
Utah at Oregon 8:30 PM FOX X X X
Fresno State at San Jose State 10:30 PM CBSSN X X

OK this is fine (as far as I can tell). Everything is set to go. TSN has a few games so there should be no switching around. It starts tonight with Cincinnati-Memphis appearing on TSN2 (although that could change at any minute). Some good games on the weekend, highlighted by the pair of Pac-12 affairs in primetime. Now let’s go look at the specialty pack schedule where my frustration can truly begin:

Cincinnati at Memphis (Thu) 7:30 PM X
Boise State at Virginia (Fri) 8:00 PM X X X
Georgia Tech at Duke 12:00 PM X X X
UCF at South Carolina 12:00 PM X X X
Southern at Georgia 12:00 PM X X
Indiana at Wake Forest 12:30 PM X X X
Delaware at North Carolina 12:30 PM X X X
Oklahoma State at Texas 3:30 PM X X X
Virginia Tech at East Carolina 3:30 PM X X X
North Texas at Iowa 3:30 PM X X X
ULM at Alabama 4:00 PM X X
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (in Arlington) 7:00 PM X X X
Vanderbilt at Ole Miss 7:00 PM X X X
James Madison at SMU 7:00 PM X X X
Mississippi State at Auburn 7:30 PM X X X
Missouri at Kentucky 7:30 PM X X
Ball State at Northwestern 8:00 PM X
Texas State at Houston 8:00 PM X X X
USC at Arizona State 10:30 PM X X X

God what a shitshow. Bell has it more together than Rogers at this point but for fucks sake this is ridiculous. Just so everyone is clear, the asterisks (*) mean that Rogers has not listed it on their Super Sports Pack yet but I am assuming it will end up there.   Update #2: Asterisks are removed and the games are finalized.  It’s Thursday. How fucking hard is it to get this schedule finalized, especially since TSN has finalized their college football coverage for this week? It’s like they look at what is on the ESPNs, SEC Network, and the FSN ACC regional game and decide “Hey, this is too fucking easy. Let’s complicate things by tossing things around the schedule like idiots and leaving other games out completely.” The fact that the ESPN primetime game at 7:00 (TAMU-Arkansas) is not showing ANYWHERE at this point is completely ridiculous (I’m putting it down as to be appearing on the specialty pack). My assumption is this will be included somewhere which may replace the two ESPN3 games that all of a sudden appeared on the schedule. Update: My guess is that the TAMU-Arkansas game will appear right after Oklahoma State-Texas game but I am not going to say for sure that is the case.  Update #4: TAMU-Arkansas confirmed on all three.  About damn time.  Also, the three alternate BTN games could appear on Rogers SSP but who the fuck knows at this point.  Update #3: These games (Kansas-Rutgers and Bowling Green-Purdue at noon and Ohio-Minnesota at 3:30) have been added to the Rogers SSP.  Finally, UC-Memphis is appearing on Rogers SSP even though it’s already on a TSN station.  Why is this happening? This is why we can’t have nice things…because Bell and Rogers just won’t allow us to. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

Update #5:  Too many fucking updates.  Even though it doesn’t show on the guide (for Fibe customers at least), the Boise State-Virginia game is on the specialty pack for those who have it.

Update #6:  Seems like the guide for Bell Fibe (and probably Satellite as well) is showing almost nothing for today (for the U.S. College Sports Package).  I talked to two different Bell reps.  They said they are working on this problem but there is a possibility the guide may not be up all day for the U.S. College Sports Package.  The channels will still show games but we will have no idea what those games are until you go to the channel.  At least the channels work but kind of sucks that the guide isn’t.

OK I got that out of my system. I can’t promise anything though if things change for the worse. It’s a 50-50 shot at this point.

The Gee-Oh-Dubs

Games of the week time! Here we go:

UCLA at Arizona (8:00, ABC) – When’s the last time Zona was the game of the week? Other than the two times they beat Oregon and I don’t even think it occurred then. We could be looking at the two favourites in the Pac-12 South although with Utah, USC, and Arizona State lurking, anything can happen. The Pac-12 South has officially overtaken the SEC West as the toughest division in college football (cue hate mail from SEC fans).

Utah at Oregon (8:30, FOX) – When’s the last time the Pac-12 had the top two games of the week? Actually, I have a feeling it happened last year but I am too tired to check. This has to be considered a statement game for the Utes. A win here and they become a difficult out for the other division contenders. Oregon needs this to prove they are still the class of the Pac-12 North (they still are but the divide between the North and South is getting larger).

BYU at Michigan (Noon, ABC/TSN3) – When’s the last time the top three games were on cable and not the specialty pack? I don’t remember the last time this happened. Good on ESPN for putting not one, but two great games on ABC. Can Harbaugh weave his magic and make the Wolverines contenders again? Win this and they have to be taken seriously in the Big Ten East (except by Ohio State and Michigan State, of course). Is BYU still for real? They barely lost to a very good UCLA team and have looked damn, I mean darn, good the first three games. This should be a good one to start the day.

TCU at Texas Tech (4:30, FOX) – When’s the last time the top FOUR games were on cable and not one of them were on the specialty pack? Is ESPN dropping the ball? Kute Kliff and the Red Raider Express have sneakily gone undefeated to start their season and Kliff loudly called out Bret Bielema on his shitty team and big cheeseburger locker stomach (or something to that regard). The Leach-like swagger is back in Lubbock but now they have to face TCU and if they can somehow take this one, the Big XII becomes a mess and they may be on the phone with BYU by about 8:00.

USC at Arizona State (10:30, specialty pack) – Finally the first specialty pack game on the list. The undercard in Pac-12mageddon looks pretty good as the Trojans try to recover from the Stanford loss of last weekend and ASU tries to play off their hangover from all the partying (hence the late-night game I assume). Let’s see how angry Todd Graham can get in this one. He is getting to Muschamp/Petrino levels with how pissed off he can look.

The Gambles

Here would be my picks if I ever decided to put money down (again) on college football (don’t tell the NCAA):

Arizona over UCLA (slight upset)

Oregon over Utah

BYU over Michigan

TCU over Texas Tech

USC over Arizona State

LSU over Syracuse

Georgia Tech over Duke

Texas A&M over Arkansas

Kentucky over Missouri (upset of the week)

I will keep you all updated as to any changes as I am sure there will be at least some. I am not impressed to say the least. Seems very amateur hour/bush league what is happening with these schedules but hey what do I know? I just watch the games. Check me out @LikeABauce1978 on the Twitter machine on Saturday and hopefully my food choices won’t be too extreme this weekend (I’m sure they will be but….well, I don’t have a retort to that).

And finally for anyone who loves shitty football, the Redskins and Giants will try to figure out what playing football is tonight on CBS (and at least one of the Sportsnet stations).


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