Week 2 Short NFL Recap – Sponsored by the Patriots’ secondary


So let me get this straight. Tom Brady throws for the second most yards in a game in his entire career. They sack Tyrod Taylor EIGHT TIMES! Yet somehow the Pats have to hold on to beat the Bills 40-32? That tells me there is probably one big-time problem area with the Patriots and that’s their secondary. And for the most part it is true. The Bills shouldn’t have been able to score half that many points. It also shows that no matter how much the offense is clicking or the front seven defensively are doing well, their fate rests on the secondary basically not fucking up. If they don’t fuck up, the Pats will go far. But at least one game this year, guaranteed, that unit will cost this team a win. Now if I can just figure out which game that is I can put it on my ProLine ticket.

OK I think this is the first actual recap I have ever done for the NFL. I didn’t bother looking back to see if that was true because I am lazy and I am writing this post fairly late at night (after an overall shitty day). The recaps won’t be as long as my “fantastic” and “awesome” college football recaps so if you are looking for something more substantial go to CBS Sports and get angry at their journalists for doing a mediocre job.

News and Notes and Things and Stuff

  • Let’s be honest.  If you are 0-2 right now in the NFL, you fucking suck.  Pack it in, it’s probably over.  I mean the Jags, Raiders, Browns, Titans, and Redskins are all 1-1 and have had decent stretches of quality football so far this season.  So if you are a fan of the Texans, Ravens, Giants, Eagles, Bears (especially the Bears), Lions, or Saints, give up. It’s probably over.  Hell, the Seahawks and Colts are also winless and they don’t exactly look like playoff contenders.  One of these teams will prove me wrong and I hope it’s the Colts since I picked them to win the AFC.
  • I’m sorry but I can’t see Brandon Weeden being too successful as the starting QB for the Cowboys.  He will have approximately eight weeks (seven games and a bye) to keep the Cowboys moving along as they are easily the class of the NFC East.  Even if he goes 3-4 in those seven games, the Cowboys should still win the division.
  • Speaking of the NFC East, how bad do the Eagles and Giants look?  The Giants are a mess.  Clock management is the big issue but coaching and their pathetic offense doesn’t help either.  But their offense looks like the early 90s Bills compared to the Eagles.  Sam Bradford is not an NFL quarterback.  The fact that Chip Kelly believes he is means that the Chipster is certifiably insane.
  • I think Peyton Manning is near the end of the line.  There are chinks in the armour so to speak.  He just isn’t the same guy he was last year.  There are still flashes of brilliance and he will always be better than some starting quarterbacks (see Cutler, Jay) but he is on the extreme downswing of his career.  He should hang his cleats up before he gets really hurt or even worse, looks really, really bad.

The next three weeks of football will undoubtedly shape the entire season. Some teams are going to rocket out to good starts and some will basically eliminate themselves at the one-third mark of the season. And despite the fact the Broncos-Chiefs game had an amazing finish I am really tiring of the Thursday night games. We know later on in the year we will get that Titans-Jags classic that no one (even Titans and Jags fans) are looking forward to. The schedule looks a little better this year but still doesn’t make up for the fact for the most part it’s shit and it even makes Thanksgiving a little less special since we’d already be getting one game anyway so to add two more (where one game has to involve the Lions) does not whet the appetite one bit.


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