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Week 3 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Charlie Strong’s Tears (a little more bitter than Mike London’s)

charlie strong

What a way to lose that one. After that amazing comeback (and yes, Jerrod Heard is the real deal and the Horns will be much better with him next season) to fall short because of a missed PAT is excruciating. But that is the nature of college football. See there’s a reason very few kickers make it to the NFL. Can you imagine if they moved the PATs back to the 15 like in the NFL? The success rate would be somewhere in the 30% neighbourhood I’m sure.

In other big news, Ole Miss also looked like the real deal against Bama. Then again, the Tide made so many mistakes, I’m surprised Evil Saban didn’t stab someone on the sidelines. I would have been royally pissed if I were him. Combined with Ohio State’s lacklustre effort against Northern Illinois, there is no longer one or two standout teams and the rest fighting for scraps. It has opened the door for at least four or five more teams to have a legitimate shot at the national title.

More Recappin’!

We almost had our first Clemsoning of the season. OK I said Clemson would run the regular season table and win the conference championship. What they did Thursday night is not what I had in mind. They barely beat a pretty bad Louisville team (well, compared to normal UL and Petrino teams). They continue this and they’re bound to lose a game they should win.

I wanted to gouge my eyes out. That Florida State-Boston College game reminded me of the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest “scoreless-in-regulation classic” from last season. It was painful to watch. At some point I turned to the MEAC game for a good 10 minutes and also watched Idaho State-Boise State for another ten. So yeah, awful.

Yeah they beat Oregon but… Is it just me or did Michigan State not look that great against Air Force? I mean all the ESPNbots were saying how amazing they played. They won by 14 over a Mountain West team (no offense to Mountain West teams but hey). After their win over Oregon this felt disappointing. Let’s be honest though: they go undefeated and win the Big Ten they are in the College Football Playoff no matter what so who really cares if they win by 14 or 40.

What is going on in the Twin Cities? Minnesota looked flat-out awful against Kent State. And this isn’t Darrell Hazell’s Golden Flashes. This is like every other Kent State team in history as in not good. For the Gophers to win 10-7 is not good at all. Let’s hope (for their sake) that this was an aberration and not a sign of things to come.

Bobby. Why? Why go for a fake field goal? Why? The Huskies could have made it and pushed Mizzou to overtime, but no, they had to run the worst fake field goal ever. A bad high school team could have stopped that. Maybe they just felt the fans had had enough and wanted to end that nightmare of a game (to watch).

Yes Oklahoma’s offense is good. Baker Mayfield. Samaje Perine. Sterling Shepard. Yeah they have some weapons. Too bad Baylor, TCU and maybe even K-State and West Virginia are going to light up their defense to the tune of 50+ points. To let Tulsa score 38 is a joke.

Northwestern is 3-0. Think about that. Last year there were a few calls for Patty Fitzgerald to be fired. Now the guy has won the Brain Bowl (over Stanford or Duke…your pick) and has his team firmly entrenched in the top 20 and undefeated. Last year they only won five games and struggled in a few of their wins. They could make some noise in a decidedly mediocre Big Ten West division.

Virginia barely outlasted William & Mary. So I can be sure the second person on my hot seat list, Mike London, will almost certainly be shitcanned. I guess the question is will he make it through the season.

Kizer Soze. Wow, that’s a bad pun (among many bad puns I have written in the past). DeShone Kizer looked good in the Irish’s win over Georgia Tech. Other than the Clemson game (which should be massive), I can’t see them being an underdog in any game for the rest of the season. Perhaps an outside shot at the College Football Playoff could be coming their way.

If the Canes had somehow lost that game… I’m sure the fans (all 20,000 of them) would have hung Al Golden by his tie in the lights at Dolphins Stadium. Yeah, the U is 3-0 but they really aren’t that impressive. Brad Kaaya is coming along but he’s still a ways away from being a really good QB. That Yearby kid is pretty impressive though. And through all this, somewhere, Bo Pelini is smiling.

Leonard Fournette’s Heisman Campaign has begun. That was a dominating performance. Yes, Auburn isn’t that great but still…what Fournette did against the Tigers (the other Tigers) was damn impressive. If he continues this, he has to be given some Heisman consideration.

I’m sure the HBC made his team walk back to Columbia. Speaking of painful to watch, wow did Georgia lay a beating on the Gamecocks. It was not close at any point. I have a feeling we may see South Carolina fighting for their bowl lives later on in the season.

UCF lost again. And it’s not that they lost. It’s that they lost to Furman. George O’Leary can’t get into that Athletic Director’s chair fast enough.

Well that didn’t last long. Last season may end up looking like a fluke for Arkansas the way they are playing this season. First, a loss to Toledo, now they lose to an average Texas Tech team. Pretty big win for the Red Raiders and Kute Kliff but Bielema must be crying in his 4 gallon bowl of chili trying to figure out what has gone wrong.

Stanford is just baffling this season. They lose to Northwestern and look terrible doing it. Then they beat USC and look like world-beaters. I just don’t get it.

Hey maybe Toledo is that good. They just won their second straight game over a Power Five conference team. OK it was only Iowa State but still that was impressive. Unfortunately it guarantees them nothing playing in the MAC.

Surprises and Disappointments

Yes I know it is early but we can already see a few surprises and disappointments because college football is crazy that way. Let’s get the bad out of the way first.


  • UCF – This team is bad.  I could honestly see them not making a bowl this season.  Remember…they beat Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl just a little over 20 months ago.  How things can change in this sport.
  • Arkansas – They should be better.  Their running game seems to have stalled and really, that’s most of their offense.  Something has to change or Bret Bielema will have eaten his last cheeseburger in Fayetteville.
  • Nebraska – Sooooooooooo that Mike Riley hiring isn’t looking too great now isn’t it?
  • Texas – Not that I’m saying they should have been awesome but other than about 20 minutes this past weekend, they have looked average….for a Sun Belt team.  This kind of play will lead to no bowl and the need for a new head coach.
  • Louisville – Much worse than expected.  They have barely seemed competitive about 80% of the time so far this season.  Could Fun Bobby be axed?


  • Cal – Let’s just say they are better than expected.  Call it The Goff Effect.  Jared Goff has been outstanding so far this season.  The way they are playing there is a good chance they go bowling this season and that would be huge for this program.
  • Northwestern – As stated above, no one believed they would be this good.  Then again, the conference schedule hasn’t begun yet so we will see where they are around Halloween and make a better call then.
  • Texas Tech – 3-0 in non-conference play is exactly what this squad needed.  Now they can go 3-6 in Big XII play and still make a bowl.  I know 3-6 isn’t great but let’s set the bar low for these guys for now.
  • Indiana – It’s not like they were playing amazing opponents but they are 3-0.  I think it’s about time we started discussing what bowl the Hoosiers will get to this season.

OK if everything works out, the college football TV schedule should be out Wednesday. I noticed Fibe added a couple of games this past Saturday but for the most part, everything stayed the same. I hope the way it has been for two of the three weeks is what we will see from Rogers and Bell all season.


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