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Week 2 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Mike London’s Tears

No words can describe the sadness
No words can describe the sadness

It looked like the Virginia Cavaliers were going to pull off the massive upset. Then DeShone Kizer and Will Fuller had to ruin it with that last minute touchdown. Poor Mike London. This could have been the statement game that saved his job (at least for this season). Now he’s back to square one and still on the top of the hot seat since nobody’s friend Tim Beckman got shitcanned before the season even began. And hey the Illini are 2-0 to start the season. Yes they have faced basically nobody but considering what they’ve been through going into the season, I’d say that’s pretty good.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you but Bell did not do a good job with the specialty pack this past weekend. I will say this though…all the fault on this lies on Serena Williams (or Roberta Vinci). Let me explain. Originally, TSN had pretty much all their stations covering the US Open tennis women’s final on Saturday. The reason for this is that Serena Williams was slated to become the first woman in almost thirty years to complete the Grand Slam. So what happens? She loses to this Roberta Vinci chick who isn’t even ranked in a complete shocker. So what does TSN do? They decide, fuck it, we will take some of the channels and change it to college football. The problem is, when they do this, Bell (and I assume Rogers) is obligated to take these games off the specialty pack. The problem with this is that it creates schedule gaps and I know how Bell is with schedule gaps. They go nuts figuring it out and usually fuck it up. And they did. Some games overlapped so badly that you were joined in progress to the next game and they were already well into the second quarter. The worst was the late night game when the signal changed three times between the two games (despite the fact one was already on one of the other specialty pack channels). I know ESPN isn’t doing it since why in the fuck would they put ESPN2 stuff on ESPNU even by accident? Answer is they wouldn’t since they are two totally separate channels so that’s all on Bell. So in conclusion, thanks Serena.

Remember what I said about Week 2 being the worst schedule of games? It was, so of course, that meant that some of these games had to have some really good finishes. And they did. Here’s a bit of a recap:

  • Let’s go back to the Irish-Cavs game since something more major than the Irish comeback at the end occurred.  Another high-profile player has gone down to injury and will be out for the season.  Quarterback Malik Zaire had his ankle broken in a pretty gruesome injury and is done for the year. This may hamper the Irish’s chances at getting into the New Year’s Six.  And speaking of New Year’s Six…
  • Does BYU now replace Boise State as the predicted Group of Five representative in the New Year’s Six?  I still don’t think so although BYU has played much better than I had thought they would.  But the Broncos might not be the team now.  It’s a crapshoot as to who could replace them but don’t sleep on Temple doing some damage in the American conference this season (especially after their win over Cincinnati).
  • What in the blue hell happened to the SEC this past weekend?  Nick Saban has to be looking around thinking “what the fuck?”  To start, Arkansas was beat by Toledo. RANKED Arkansas.  Not that Toledo isn’t a good MAC team but that was painful to watch.  Auburn wondered what it would be like to be 2007 Michigan losing to Appalachian State.  Problem is, this year’s Jacksonville State is no Appalachian State and Auburn may be better than that Michigan squad was.  To go to overtime against the Gamecocks (no, not those Gamecocks) should eliminate any chance for them to get into the New Year’s Six or the College Football Playoff.  Just terrible.  Then Tennessee goes and squanders a lead against Oklahoma and loses in double overtime.  It would have been quite the statement game for Butch Jones.  Instead, they tumble back out of the top 25 (where they probably shouldn’t have belonged to begin with).  Finally, Kentucky beats South Carolina, probably completing the Gamecocks’ (yes, those Gamecocks) dive into the bottom rungs of the SEC.  What a disaster.  And through all this, Bama looks good enough against Middle Tennessee and Ole Miss plays Madden for a second straight week so those two will get all the headlines going into next weekend’s mega-matchup.  Wow, that was a lot to handle there.
  • And the game of the week lived up to the game of the week hype.  Oregon-Michigan State was a fantastic matchup. The Spartans have to be considered a possibility for the College Football Playoff and their game against Ohio State later this season could end up being a 1 vs. 2 matchup if things work out.
  • Finally, Washington State, after losing to Portland State last week (of all teams), comes out and beats Rutgers, a team in the Big Ten that made a bowl last season.  Crazy.

I’m not going to do any more analysis on this past weekend since I had to PVR a lot, the PVR’d stuff didn’t all work out and I really did not get much of a chance to watch a lot of game action (like I hoped I would) and instead had to rely on highlights and other’s recaps. I’ll try my best next time (or at least better than I did this time).

After the first two weeks created much opposing results I will wait at least until Wednesday to post the college football schedule this week. First week it was set up in a fantastic manner and this past week was a bit of a shitshow. As for the NFL schedule it’s always steady as she goes and will be up by Friday at the latest but my hope there is for Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Mike London’s Tears

  1. So often it is the case that what looks like a weak slate of games turns out to be a drama-filled weekend. And so it was.

    I was delighted to see the Vols go down. in the first quarter they had 4th and less than a yard for a TD and opted for the FG. Why coaches are still making decisions like this in 2015 is beyond me. Such cowardice always deserves to be punished – and happily it was.

    Really looking forward to the SEC West showdowns this weekend.

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