NFL TV Schedule

Week 1 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by All My Children, Days of our Lives, As the World Turns, etc.


Let’s just throw in Hard Knocks there. Wasn’t the whole off-season Hard Knocks? I don’t remember an off-season for any sport as ridiculous as the one the NFL just endured. The NHL went on strike and lost a season and that was more normal than what happened here. I am glad that they can get down to actually playing football now. It will kind of distract everyone (including the media) from the stuff they really want to cover.

It’s finally here people. Gambling season…..I mean, um, NFL season. Millions of people will now lose all sense of productivity on Sundays from now until late January. Most conversations probably go like this:

“Honey, can you mow the lawn please?”

“Fuck that noise. FOOTBAW is on!”

That’s if you are married or in a relationship. If not, the work just piles up and you feel shitty about it later on. But not during. Oh no. Your eyes are glued to the TV. I will say this though (and the same thing goes for college football to an extent). When my kids are with me, I watch less football (live). So my PVR goes somewhat crazy but that’s what it’s there for (I guess).

Anyway, enough with the rambling, on to the schedule for week 1!

1:00 Indianapolis at Buffalo CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener)
1:00 Kansas City at Houston CBS (BC, Alberta, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, K-W/Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa/Gatineau)
1:00 Green Bay at Chicago FOX (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Ottawa)
1:00 Carolina at Jacksonville No TV
1:00 Cleveland at NY Jets CTV (Montreal, Atlantic)
1:00 Miami at Washington CBS (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario)/TSN2
1:00 Seattle at St. Louis FOX (BC, Alberta)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta)
4:05 Detroit at San Diego FOX (Western Ontario, K/W-Cambridge, Guelph, Ottawa/Gatineau)
4:05 New Orleans at Arizona FOX (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston)/CTV2 (Vancouver, Alberta, Windsor, London, Toronto, Ottawa)
4:25 Cincinnati at Oakland No TV
4:25 Baltimore at Denver CBS (all of Canada)/CTV (all of Canada)/CTV2 (Atlantic)
4:25 Tennessee at Tampa Bay No TV
8:20 NY Giants at Dallas NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
7:10 Philadelphia at Atlanta TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
10:20 Minnesota at San Francisco TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Hey only three games will not appear in Canada (unless you have RedZone which sounds like it’s much tougher to get this season for some reason). That’s pretty good considering most weeks it’s anywhere from 5-7 games we can’t receive here. Hell, some viewers will even get Cleveland and the Jets. As you can see, Baltimore and Denver basically are monopolizing the late afternoon slot which makes sense considering the craptastic games going up against it. The early offerings are good and varied and nice for people who don’t have Sunday Ticket/RedZone. I, for one, don’t subscribe to either. Don’t get me wrong, when I watched the free preview of RedZone last year it was fantastic. But I have to draw the line somewhere and with $100 going to college football viewing for the season, I balk at RedZone or Sunday Ticket. Also it helps when I have a free weekend since I think I would feel like I had a major hangover if all I did all weekend was watch football (I should know, I have tried it before).

Straight Outta Vegas…North

I implore you all again. Don’t take these picks as good picks. They’re mine and, therefore, shitty. My hope is that one day my picks will somehow win a share of the ProLine NFL Pools prize. I’m not holding my breath. Here we go:

Indianapolis over Buffalo

Kansas City over Houston

Green Bay over Chicago (big since Chicago looks like it will be terrible this season)

Carolina over Jacksonville

NY Jets over Cleveland

Miami over Washington

Seattle over St. Louis

Detroit over San Diego (upset pick of the week I guess)

Arizona over New Orleans

Cincinnati over Oakland

Denver over Baltimore

Tampa Bay over Tennessee

Dallas over NY Giants

Philadelphia over Atlanta

Minnesota over San Francisco

For college fans, tonight there is one game on the specialty pack and then a crapload of games tomorrow. We are now into the time of year where football (college or pro) is on the majority of the days through to New Year’s Day. Thank god. This off-season seemed to go on forever (thanks to Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, Roger “Shitbag” Goodell, and problems with balls).

Update: Forgot to mention this but I found out this morning that there is a Sunday Ticket preview on this weekend for Fibe customers (and probably for Satellite and Rogers customers as well).


4 thoughts on “Week 1 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by All My Children, Days of our Lives, As the World Turns, etc.

  1. I am not sure about Bell Fibe & Rogers but Bell Satellite is offering a free preview of NFL Sunday Ticket & NFL Red Zone this Sunday.

    Here are my picks:

    Indianapolis over Buffalo
    Houston over Kansas City
    Green Bay over Chicago (how did Jay Cutler get a contract extension again?)
    Carolina over Jacksonville
    N.Y. Jets over Cleveland
    Miami over Washington
    Seattle over St. Louis
    San Diego over Detroit
    Arizona over New Orleans
    Cincinnati over Oakland
    Denver over Baltimore
    Tennessee over Tampa Bay
    N.Y. Giants over Dallas
    Atlanta over Philadelphia
    San Francisco over Minnesota

    1. No Bell Fibe instead gets a preview of TVA Sports this weekend. Yes, it doesn’t make sense to me either.
      I also don’t know how Cutler got an extension since he’s arguably the worst starting QB in the league.

  2. Wow. Consistency runs rampant at Bell. [sarcasm]

    You have to feel bad for those who are fans of the Chicago Bears. Maybe things will improve in the Windy City when Cutler gets released after the season.

    1. Yeah I don’t get why Fibe and Satellite would even have different schedules for anything.

      I think Cutler is done as a starting QB after this season (and maybe even during). It will be one of those long seasons that Bears fans have every 5 years or so.

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