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News on CBS Sports Network for Bell Fibe subscribers


First off…MAN, it felt good to be watching college football last night. I guess my overall productivity (at least at home) will go down significantly over the next four months and I don’t really care because FOOTBAW!

Anyway, the news on CBS Sports Network comes from a conversation I had on Twitter last night (@LikeABauce1978 for all you people who like to tweet n’ shit). It was about CBS Sports Network and not being able to access it as a Bell Fibe customer (this, after I found out BTN was airing Michigan-Utah…not pleased at that announcement). I mentioned this and someone replied that they live in the Ottawa area, are a Bell Fibe customer, and just got the CBS Sports Network as a standalone channel for $7/month. I was a bit shocked to hear this since Bell made no bones about the fact that they removed CBSSN completely to “make room” for the TSN family of networks (TSN1 and TSN2 had some fun and had triplets, TSNs 3, 4, and 5 if you didn’t already know and that created some channel lineup issues at the time). So I checked with a Bell representative this morning and lo and behold this is true! So I have signed up and now have access to games on the CBS Sports Network. Now, Satellite customers still don’t have access to it (I don’t really know why other than they don’t) but hopefully they get that access soon. This means, at least between Fibe and Rogers, the differences are that Rogers has BTN (whereas Fibe doesn’t) and Fibe has the SEC Network games (which Rogers does not air for some reason).

So more good news (for some) on top of the fact the college football season has just commenced.

One last thing, a shout-out to 506sports for their Twitter mention of my blog.  And if you want to see coverage maps for NFL games, this is really the only site you need (plus they show all the announcers for every game which is pretty cool too).


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