college football TV schedule

Well, well, well…it’s that time again…COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Week 1 College Football TV Schedule


After what felt like an eternity, college football is back on the air. If you were lucky enough (and enjoyed parting with your hard-earned money easily) you saw a fantastic game during the FCS Kickoff this past Saturday. Future Mountain West Conference member North Dakota State lost a close one to other potential Future Mountain West Conference member Montana. These two teams would assuredly be at least in the middle of the standings in the MWC if not near the top.

So we start with some good news. Our friends (and I use that term very loosely) at Rogers and Bell have already come out with their schedules for week one……………………………..ok now that you have woke up from fainting I can continue. Believe me, I was shocked as well. Last year there were times it was Thursday morning and neither had schedules up for that night’s games. In terms of scheduling their respective specialty packs, Rogers usually does a better job than Bell. So, in conclusion, I am impressed…so far. Let’s hope they keep it up.

First off I will start with the almighty cable schedule:

FIU at UCF (Thurs) 6:00 PM CBSSN X
Duke at Tulane (Thurs) 9:30 PM CBSSN X
Colorado at Hawaii (Fri morning) 1:00 AM CBSSN X
Fordham at Army (Fri) 7:00 PM CBSSN X
Kent State at Illinois (Fri) 9:00 PM BTN X
Illinois State at Iowa 12:00 PM BTN X
Colgate at Navy 12:00 PM CBSSN X
Wofford at Clemson 12:30 PM WSBK X X
BYU at Nebraska 3:30 PM ABC X X
Wagner at Rice 3:30 PM MyTV X X
Auburn vs. Louisville (in Atlanta) 3:30 PM CBS X X
Florida Atlantic at Tulsa 3:30 PM CBSSN X
Virginia at UCLA 3:30 PM FOX X X
UNLV at Northern Illinois 7:30 PM CBSSN X
Texas at Notre Dame 7:30 PM NBC X X
Alabama vs. Wisconsin (in Dallas) 8:00 PM ABC X X
Ohio State at Virginia Tech (Mon) 8:00 PM TSN3 X X

This is Rogers’ bread and butter so to speak. Every possible game on cable this season will be shown for Rogers customers. They get CBS Sports Network and the Big Ten Network while Bell customers do not. Anyway, looking at the games, a pretty good spread over three days. Of course the neutral site games stand out since that’s what week one of any college football season now seems to be about. Plus we get a Monday night treat before the NFL season begins with tOSU and Virginia Tech squaring off. Not bad. And then of course the surprise CBS game during week one. Some good stuff all around.

Update: If you see this on time it looks like due to a weather delay, the Wagner-Rice game was switched to Old Dominion-Eastern Michigan.

Now let’s take a wee gander at the specialty packs:

South Carolina vs. North Carolina (in Charlotte) (Thurs) 6:00 PM SP X X
Oklahoma State at Central Michigan (Thurs) 7:00 PM SP X X
Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt (Thurs) 8:00 PM SP X
TCU at Minnesota (Thurs) 9:00 PM SP X X
Charlotte at Georgia State (Fri) 3:30 PM SP X X
Baylor at SMU (Fri) 7:00 PM SP X X
Michigan State at Western Michigan (Fri) 7:00 PM SP X X
Washington at Boise State (Fri) 10:15 PM SP X X
Stanford at Northwestern 12:00 PM SP X X
Richmond at Maryland 12:00 PM SP X X
ULM at Georgia 12:00 PM SP X
Penn State at Temple 3:30 PM SP X X
UTEP at Arkansas 3:30 PM SP X X
Bowling Green at Tennessee 4:00 PM SP X
Arizona State vs. Texas A&M (in Houston) 7:00 PM SP X X
UL-Lafayette at Kentucky 7:00 PM SP X X
New Mexico State at Florida 7:30 PM SP X
South Carolina State vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff (in Orlando) (Sun) 3:30 PM SP X X

And now we see Bell’s strength. Bell customers (like myself) will get ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and SEC Network games (and the odd FOX Sports Network ACC game). Rogers customers do not get SEC Network games which, on some weeks is fine and on others really sucks. TSN ended up showing a couple of noon SEC Network games last season so not all hope is lost. A boatload of Thursday and Friday action along with a healthy dose of Saturday games here. Highlight is probably the ASU-TAMU game in Houston which I see being a great one. Surprisingly, no late games really anywhere that we can see. Latest game will be Bama-Wisky on ABC for everyone. That changes starting next week I’m sure.

Games o’ the Week

Alright I did this in an earlier post so my choices haven’t changed. All I will do is list them here in order of importance:

  1. Alabama vs. Wisconsin (in Dallas)
  2. Ohio State at Virginia Tech
  3. Arizona State vs. Texas A&M (in Houston)
  4. Texas at Notre Dame
  5. Auburn vs. Louisville (in Atlanta)
  6. TCU at Minnesota
  7. Michigan at Utah
  8. South Carolina vs. North Carolina (in Charlotte)
  9. Washington at Boise State
  10. BYU at Nebraska

All in all, Rogers customers will receive 31 games from Thursday through Monday and Bell customers receive 27. That’s about on par with what we can expect each and every week (if you have one of the specialty packs). I’ve said it before but at least for Bell customers, the specialty pack is worth it. $100 for the year and you get all these extra games. I am waiting for them to jack the price and who knows what will happen once pick n’ pay is implemented but for now….WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Rogers is a little different since (as far as I know) they group all sports together in one huge premium package, which is ridiculous. Obvious money grab since I know very few people who will watch all sports. And by very few I mean none.

One last note. When I don’t have my kids (which works out to a little over half the weekends), I can be seen on the Twitter machine doing that live-tweeting thing. I spend all day watching college football and usually eat really shitty (health-wise) but tasty food. Good times. I pay for it Sunday but many people have that as a recovery day for various reasons. Anyway, where was I…oh yeah. My twitter handle is @LikeABauce1978. I know Twitter isn’t everyone’s thing. Some like Facebook. Some like that Instagram thing. Some just prefer browsing websites. I don’t think there is anyone (at least under 50) that doesn’t do one of these four. And if you say you are then how come you are on this site right now? OK this is getting way to philosophical (I think). Just enjoy the games this weekend and for the next four months. I’m looking forward to it.

Update #2: Well I knew it wouldn’t last.  Checked my guide (Bell Fibe) this morning and the tOSU-VT game tonight is not on TSN, replaced with Canada playing in the FIBA Americas tournament on multiple channels.  As of right now, it looks like it is still on TSN3 for Bell Satellite customers.  Rogers also looks like it has been replaced with the basketball game.  I’m not quite sure what to make of this because it also is not appearing on the specialty packages.  If this is the case I will have to talk to customer service because it is supposed to be on either one.  That’s the deal I (along with anyone else who has signed up for a specialty pack) signed up for.  Not impressed.  I will keep you posted as the day goes on.

Update #3: Ok now I am pissed off.  Talk to a CSR from Bell.  She says that it’s the NCAA that is saying this game can’t be shown in this area.  I asked her why it was taken off TSN in the first place and she said the NCAA has the right to remove the game from a specific viewing area.  I called bullshit on that and said that makes no sense.  One of the biggest games of the year and the NCAA (of all organizations) takes it off Canadian television (at least for Fibe customers from what I can tell).  She goes on to say the NCAA has control of the specialty pack.  Seriously?  Do you think I’m a fucking moron?  Bell has no control over the contract they have with ESPN as to what they put on the specialty pack?  If that’s the case, that’s like saying the NCAA has chosen not to allow FOX Sports One games in this area but allow ESPN games to air.  So basically the NCAA is colluding with ESPN to keep FOX out of Canada.  Uh, no.  There is no fucking way that is the case.  Basically this CSR is a dipshit (which most of them are due to complete lack of training) so I will try again later on this afternoon and hope things change.  FUCK!

Update #4: Finally.  FINALLY!  Someone with a bit of brains (and possibly training) has somewhat answered my question.  I finally decided to call in and ask what was going on.  The CSR that answered told me she saw it in the guide for tonight and double-checked.  Lo and behold it was there for her so it should be shown tonight.  She said sometimes with updates (especially modem updates), they don’t come out quick enough to update everything on time and that includes the guides.  So, from what she has told me, the Virginia Tech-Ohio State game SHOULD appear tonight.  My guess is that it is the same for Rogers and Bell Satellite customers.  Let’s hope that this is the case.  Fingers crossed.  Now unfortunately this does mean that it will definitely not appear on a TSN network tonight which sucks for anyone who doesn’t have a specialty pack.


28 thoughts on “Well, well, well…it’s that time again…COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Week 1 College Football TV Schedule

  1. Hey Bossman , I think the week one schedule is about as good as we’ve seen in terms of quantity & quality of games. Multiple TVs required. Looking forward to your pigskin prognostications this fall.

    1. Yeah compared to most years in the past this sets up quite well. Makes up for week two which will arguably be the worst week of college football this season. But then again it’s college football so we will watch it anyway.

  2. Appreciate all your work, Bossman. I read everything you write and enjoy it.

    Can you give more information on what this Pick and pay will entail in a future post? Will it be coming to Rogers or Bell only. (I am a Rogers subscriber).

    Enjoy the season!


    1. Thanks Gavin,

      As for pick n’ pay, it is mandated by late 2016 that all cable providers must implement it. It would consist of a skinny basic package (smaller than any basic plan provided now) that cannot cost more than $25, and then every other channel after that you would be able to choose. It is entirely possible (and has been done) that providers will group channels together (i.e. pick any 10 channels and it costs you an extra $20). I am sure some channels will be priced higher or in a different way. For example, I can see being able to get all 5 TSNs but it would cost $12 instead of $2/channel.

      As for the particulars, no one really knows. It sounds like Rogers is planning to do a test run somewhere in Canada by the end of the year to iron out the kinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if much of this coincided with next year’s hockey season (2016-2017) so that fans didn’t have any interruptions in viewing in the middle of a season.

      The other part of this is channels that will be dropped (Teletoon Retro, BiteTV, and a few others have already been dropped by Bell) and channels that may be added in the future. Who knows what will be available to us. The hope is always that we would be able to get the ESPN family of networks or FOX Sports One. A remote possibility but still a possibility (So you’re saying there’s a chance!).

      Hope that’s enough information for now since there’s not a whole lot more to go on. I will keep you updated as things progress with this.

      So basically for now, pick n’ pay is a wait n’ see.

      1. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds interesting and we can hope to get ESPN ,FS1 etc. Knowing Rogers, it’ll be a disaster.

        I am once again sucked into paying the $36 a month for their Super Sports Pack. You are right, I only really watch college and some NFL. I don’t need all the other sports ,nor do I have the time to consume that much.

        And I still do not understand why they cannot broadcast SEC Network games…very frustrating!

      2. I have said it before and I will say it again…the way Rogers sets up their Super Sports Pack is a bit of a money grab. It would be different if they paired leagues together (i.e. have a football pack with college football and the NFL). Bell does something like that and as far as I know it works for their customers (it does for me).
        As for the SEC Network debacle, I don’t get it. The SEC Network is run by ESPN, who is part of the original agreement. So why SECN isn’t broadcast on Rogers is a strange one. I have a feeling that will also change for next season.

  3. I’m the rare one who gets my moneys worth with the super sports pack. I watch college football and basketball, bears fan so need sunday ticket, Bruins fan so need center Ice and also watch some OHL hockey on it.

    I’m with Cogeco and they are charging 33.99 a month, so for me it’s well worth it. But I can see why it isn’t for most.
    And yes very frustrating not getting SEC network games on SSP.

    Cogeco has a bunch of different packages now which are closer to pick and pay then bell and rogers offer.
    But Ive looked and I don’t see any savings as a sports fan, would cost me just as much or more for less actual channels.

    Unfortunately I think with Pick And Pay it is the sports fans who will get gouged. They know that we are a captive audience with not really many other viable options.

    If I wasn’t a sports fanatic I’d have already cancelled my cable, it’s 80 percent of what I watch.

    1. Yes if there were options to watch live sports the way others can watch other programs (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), then I would have cut the cord a while ago.

      Pick n’ Pay will be interesting for sports fans, especially for fans like you who enjoy multiple sports. I can’t see any sports fans saving a whole lot of money. The reason for this is exactly what you mentioned about us being a captive audience. The wild card in this will be the current specialty packs. How will they fit in in a Pick n’ Pay universe? Do they stay the same? Will they cost more? Will they be structured differently? I think once the NHL goes into the offseason you will see all the shuffling done by Bell and Rogers in this regard. So sometime next summer I am sure we will know exactly what we are facing come next fall.

  4. Keep doing God’s work, Bossman. Thanks for doing it again this season.

    Love the effort you put in each week, from the Week 1 schedule to the Lundquist rating system for bowl games. Everything in life should come with a rating on the Verne scale.

    1. Thanks for the kudos. And no problem. It organizes myself as well. Especially when I have to beat my PVR into submission with double-digit recordings.
      I might come back with different rating systems as the year goes on. The Verne scale (along with the Mayock Draft Scale 1.0) were well received.

    1. Unfortunately no I don’t. It would be nice and hopefully some day (next season perhaps), FS1 games will be available here.

      From what I have seen FOX has gone all-in with this one. They sent about 85 analysts (including resident dickbag Colin Cowherd) and GUS JOHNSON! along with Joel Klatt. FOX wants the Big Ten BADLY and they are wooing them a bit with this game I think.

  5. For any Rogers subscribers who have access to the Big Ten Network, GOOD NEWS!!! The Michigan @ Utah game is available right now!

  6. Tonight’s game doesn’t appear on any of the TSN channels. On my satellite guide, it did not appear within the College specialty pack listings. They have to put the Canadian basketball game on FOUR DIFFERENT CHANNELS!? Then TSN4 was airing the U.S. Open Tennis coverage when TSN 1, 3 & 5 was airing the Eskimos @ Stampeders game today. What was the logic in TSN/Bell’s decision making? JOKE Hopefully the Ohio State @ Virginia Tech is available to you on Fibe with the College specialty pack.

    1. I was hoping the program guide just wasn’t updated and the game would actually be showing on the college sports package. But no luck. (I also have satellite). I imagine it is the same for Fibe…

    2. Nope we didn’t get it on Fibe. I am not pleased at all. I hate how they do that (put some things on multiple TSN channels when that is not the way they are supposed to operate). Then they don’t put them on the specialty pack. Fucking ridiculous.

      1. TSN’s decision is odd because of how much they promoted the FIBA Americas tournament over EVERYTHING including the U.S. Open tennis tournament which is usually a ratings boom. Dumb.

        Bell’s decision (and Rogers I guess as well) was messed and shows they don’t care about these specialty packs. It’s a ploy to make money and when you don’t have to give the service you are supposed to give, it borders on thievery.

  7. 1) Since TSN had the rights here in Canada to air last night’s game and chose to drop it at the last minute. 2) It was not available on the College specialty packs to Rogers & Bell customers. 3) Subscribing to Directv & Dish Network is illegal in this country. Given these three facts, does TSN’s decision to not show last night’s OSU-VT game fall under the definition of anti competitive behavior?

    1. I don’t know if we can go that far but it sure is a huge fuck-up. TSN started this shitball rolling by decided that everyone needed to see this FIBA Americas tournament. I know a few rabid basketball fans and for the most part, they could not care less about this tournament despite the fact TSN has promoted the shit out of it.

      As soon as Bell and Rogers knew that TSN wasn’t showing it, they should have acted quickly. They have a bunch of empty channels begging to be used. Find a way to get it on one of them.

      As I said before, if this was hockey, the TSN, Bell, and Rogers websites would have shut down due to the massive outpouring of complaints and the drain it would have put on their systems.

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